Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhh...the weekend!!!

I actually didn't do a ton sadly. I managed to go my dentists appointment Friday afternoon, then I was out of it for the rest of the day, as I was sedated (they fixed my chip..again!). I went to sleep, woke up for an hour, then went back to sleep at 10. That was my Friday night.

Saturday, I slept in, hung out, then met up with the girls for coffee. I went to the library, I grabbed a few things for supper, and came home. I watched Eddie the Eagle, and The Light Between Oceans, while Anker watched stuff in the living room. We had chicken dinner from Safeway for supper.

Sunday, I went to church, then we had a potluck. I went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, and came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I managed to book a flight for hubby for next month to go to The Island (they have e-trasnfers now!), and then watched God's Not Dead 2, and The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. We had left over chicken dinner for supper.

That was our wknd! See, I told you I didn't do too much!!


From Sunday-Weds last wk, I went to the Ranch for a few days. I had initially thought about staying in the B&B, but it ended up being booked, so stayed in one of the guest rooms. It was a fun 3 days away, and I had such great time visiting, relaxing, and eating :)

I skipped church on Sunday, and left around noon; loaded with snack, movies, tv series, and magazines. I love driving myself; I don't have to worry about the traffic, I can go at my own pace, stop when I want, etc. I got in around 2:30. Mom, V and I watched an episode of Dateline, then I helped Mom out with some things at the B&B. Cadence came down, and we watched Safe Haven with Mom. I hadn't seen in awhile (I have the movie), and it was good to see it again. Then, after, C, V and I had snacks, and wine while we watched Frasier. I think we were up until 1:30.

Monday, we three girls visited (C stayed over), and we went about our respective activities. I helped Mom with laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. H came around noon, for the week, so I spent some time with him. I think Mom and I read some magazines together, and then H and I went feeding sheep. We came home and had supper, and V and I watched Big Bang, and then Frasier.

Tuesday, I helped out again, and watched H while Mom did some work. He and I played Lego, and we watched TV, and I read. I relaxed in the bedroom for a bit, and then we had supper of lamb and mutton. I visited with one of my aunts for an hour in the evening, and then V and I watched two episodes of The Crown. We both went to bed around 11...we were so tired!!! We ended up sharing a bed, which was kind of fun.

I didn't take too many pictures, but I did post some of them on FB and IG.

Family Weekend

The weekend of March 10-12, most of we siblings got together at my parents' place for a birthday/welcome home wknd for Vienna. Mom had planned it a few months prior, as it was a milestone bday for her, as well as her coming home after being gone for over 2 yrs (she did come home two yrs ago in June for a month, so I guess it was only 20 months that she had been gone). It was a wonderful weekend, with lots of fun, food, laughter, and family :)

I ended up taking the Friday off, which is was a good thing, as I hadn't done a thing to get ready prior, so I spent most of Friday getting ready. I packed, vacuumed the car, gave Mom lunch (she came over for a few minutes to grab lunch on her way to pick up my oldest/younger brother and his family from the airport), ran some errands, and picked up Grandma from the airport. It had snowed the night before, so I was very stressed on how the roads would be, but by the time she came in (her flight was delayed 2 times...another good thing, as I had gotten behind, and still had things to do), most of the snow had melted off the road, and it was really nice and sunny. The trip out was great, and we got there around 6. Anker and I stayed at the B&B, which is always nice when there is a lot of family and activities going on. Friday evening, we had a lovely HUGE spaghetti supper. That was just with the siblings, parents, and gramma. We spent the evening visiting and relaxing (if I can remember). We were all really tired, so I think most of us went to bed early (again, I remember what all we did, but I think that is what we did).

Saturday, the little kids went feeding the sheep with their dads and Grandpa. We all just hung out, visited, read, and did our respective things. We also started on dinner prep. We had mutton, lasagna, and two or three other main courses. She wanted a taste of Canada meal, so Mom had us make a few different things. We also ribs and taco salad/dip. See, that is what I like to take a picture of what I I can remember! Anyway, it was a delish meal, and we also had pie and cake for dessert. She also opened up her birthday gifts, and we all went around the table, saying what we missed most about her while she was away. There was plans to eat again around 7 (our meal was at 2), but we were all so full, that we just had snacks. Anker and I went back to the B&B for a bit. I actually napped a bit, and then I went back to M/D's and ended up visiting until 10 or so. We had a lovely visit, and when most everyone left, some of we siblings talked with Dad and Mom for a bit. Anker ended up sleeping all night (except to get up to stoke the fire). I also had a bit of a cold all wknd, but I managed to keep it (mostly) at bay.

Sunday was my worst day, and I probably should have stayed home from church, but V was speaking, so I wanted to go. After church, we all came home, and had ham, shepherd's pie and potatoe salad. We all went for a walk (there was a ton of snow, so the kids loved it), and then we hung out for a bit, and some of them checked out a few things on the ranch. They were all to have pizza, but due to not knowing on how the roads would be, and our wanting a bit of time to chill before I went back to work, we left around 6. The roads were great, and the trip was the best trip in awhile, as there was no traffic. Odd, I know. We ended up taking the pizza dough (homemade), and some of the fixings, and by the time we got home, assembled the pizza, cooked it, and ate it, it was around 9:30, but it was SO good!!! We have been having a lot of pizza lately.

So, that was our wknd!!! It was great to see everyone, especially my nieces who I never see. The wknd was wonderful, and I am glad that Mom organized it.

Here are some pics of the wknd:

                           I don't think that it has snowed this much around her birthday before.

                                            Vienna holding the hat that Anker had made.
 Every birthday, Mom takes a picture of the birthday child, with their siblings who were with them that day to help them celebrate.

                                                     The sibs and the out-laws.

                                        This is how we roll at our house. We just sit and talk.

So, a back story to this...Gramma had given the kids some Bunchems, not really know on how bad they can be if caught in your hair. My aunt decided to play around and throw one in her hair...which got caught, and they had to cut a bit of her hair to get it out. That was the entertainment for the evening.
 The kids on the walk.

Friday Things

 Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great wknd. We are on a two week spring break, so I am pretty happy about that. I am resting, reading, visiting family/friends, going out for coffee, errands, library, watching tv/movies, and I hope to get some cleaning done this week. Here are some Fives from last week.

1) Time with Family (During Spring Break)

I went out to spend time with my family over the first few days of Spring Break. I will probably blog about it this week. I had a great time, resting, visiting with family, and watching movies/tv.

2) Things for our Bedroom (sheets/duvet set/mirror)

After we got our Tax Return back, we decided to head on over to Jysks to grab a few things. We actually went to get a new cat tree for Calico (see below). I found a duvet set for $14! I actually thought it was $20, but when I got to the till, it was $14! Yay! The sheets were about $15 (I think), and I also found a mirror for $5. Cheap stuff FTW.

3) New Cat Tree

We saw a new cat tree in in the flyer for $80. I have been kind of looking for another one, since the one we had was getting old, gross, etc. I actually thought it had more room to sit, but it looks so nice. Calico says that the jury is still out on whether she likes it or not.

4) New Tablet

Mom gave me a new Tablet that she got with their new plan. I have used it to watch a few shows, but I still have to play around with it. I like it better than watching things on my phone, or even my laptop, especially when I am laying down. I will probably end up using it much more in the coming months.

5) The Crown

V and I started watching the The Crown while I was visiting. Oh, my goodness. I love this show! I was able to find a few more episodes on YT, which I have started watching (on the new tablet).

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First Day of Spring!

Spring is FINALLY here!!!!

I am at the ranch for a few days. I will blog more about it later (after my blog about the family wknd), but I wanted to stop by and leave you with a few pictures of when H and I went feeding sheep yesterday.

I will post more in the next day or so!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Here are just a few random things that I felt like sharing with you..b/c, well, I can :)

Our school dressed up in green and some of them had fun accessories. I just bought a school tshirt, which is green, and one of the teachers gave me stickers, which I used as earrings. Very cool. We didn't do a ton of stuff today, either, as we were all exhausted. I ended up bringing (as in buying) SPD mini cupcakes, of which the kids devoured.

After school, I was hoping to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Shamrock Shake with our dinner from McD's. I was very disappointed to find out that they were out. I almost went back, this evening, but I don't need it, but man, was I ever bummed.

I went to Starbucks twice this time was with our new neighbour. I went yesterday, and I got a peppermint frap (their version of the Shamrock Shake), which was good. I also go their SunDried Ethioptian Coffee, which is very good.

I watched Driving Miss Daisy for the first time ever this evening. It was slow, but really good. I am happy that it won Best Picture in 1990 at the Oscars.

I have not been eating healthy the last while. I mean, I don't eat junk food, but I am definitely eating not as healthy as I should. I think I will start again to eat a bit healthier.

I hope to get some of our guest room cleared out from under our Christmas stuff. Should be fun times, for sure.

Beauty and the Beast came out today (or yesterday, if you could get an advanced showing), and I am kind of looking forward to watching it. I might to with the sisters in the next week or so, but I may just wait until it comes out on DVD.

Speaking of DVDs, and Oscar movies, I put lot of Oscar-nom and Winners on hold at our library the other day. I am really looking forward to watching (most of) them. I really want to see Fences, Loving, Elle, etc. La-La Land looks good, too.

I am heading to my parents' place sometimes during SB. The plan was originally to Chill and Grill at the B&B, but that won't work out, so I am going to hang out with Vienna (and Mom too...maybe.ha!). We are going to have a sister's suite all set up with movies, magazines, and wine. I am actually liking this plan much better, anyway.

Speaking of sisters and plans, we are both hoping to head out to our cousins wedding (our first cousin once removed, but, same thing) in the spring. This is hoping that I have money, and a few other logistics.

I started this wknd/SB with watching two movies (well, three, but I am not really watching this one...I have it on as I am blogging). One that I won't say here (it wasn't horrible, just not great), and Driving Miss Daisy. I can't blv that two movies took me nearly hours to watch. Weird. And no, I didn't even use the new dvd player...I just put them in my laptop. Now THAT is weird.

I have PVR'd a few "new" shows yesterday. I won't necessarily watch them all, but I am getting tired of my regular shows that I watch, and I am wanting some new ones. A few of them I have never heard before, so I will see if I like them. I also need a series to binge watch soon...any ideas? Or maybe I should just watch all those movies I have on hold!!

My (one of many) brothers and his wife are having their baby girl in three months!! I am so excited!!!

I still haven't read a book. I am still only reading magazines. That being said....I still do LOOK through books..I just tend not to read them.

Our snow is gone...GONE, I tell you!! Tho, the Coque is supposed to get up to 20cms this weekend. Glad I don't live there. There have been a lot of storms on the East Coast. I am glad I don't live there, either. That being said...we Canadians know how to hold up in the snow, and they took it like champs.

I got a cold while I was away; it actually started Thursday night. I thankfully was able to enjoy the weekend, and not take another day off, but I sure was feeling punk a couple of days.

I am trying to think of some thought-provoking post to write...but alas, I am still in the thinking stages. One day, I will get around to writing one worthy of your eyes and thoughts.

I am "making" new IG, FB, and Blogging friends (following) in the last few weeks. I have about 240 blogs that I follow, and countless people I follow on IG and Twitter.

One of my blogging/Fb friends celebrated her girl's 7th birthday in heaven on Thursday. Hannah is both a Facebook/Blog and IG friend of mine, who had her baby girl, Lily 7 years ago (about the same time I was in the hospital for my heart/lung issues) who was stillborn. If you feel led, head on over and say hi.

Speaking of Lily, our Daily Lilies are coming, up, and I took a picture and posted them to her wall, in memory of her girl.

Calico cracks us both up every day. I take way more pictures of her than is probably allowed, but she is so adorable, I just can't help it.

My former co-worker/friend's dad died the other day from a sudden heart attack.  I will probably go and spend some time with her tomorrow for a bit.

Well, I think that is enough random-ness for now!!!

Five On Friday

Top O' the mornin' to ya!! I am still around. I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. All is well, though, I promise. I actually had this ready to go for LAST week, but I never got around to it, so I thought I would post it this week, since they are/were the same, anyway (save for the popcorn/spring break switch out).

Here are my faves of the week:

Spring Break!!! 

We are officially on Spring Break for then next two weeks. I am very excited! Oh, don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I am very much needing a break. With only one PD Day btwn NYD and end of Feb, we are all feeling it. I DID take two days off (one each time), which was wonderful, and that really did help, but I am still exhausted, and needing a break.

Sister Arrived Home Safe

Vienna arrived home from The Philippines on March 6th. We are all so happy to have her home. 

Family Weekend

We M family had a lovely family weekend last wknd (of which I will blog about), and it was wonderful (save for the snow). My brother and his family flew out, so it was wonderful to see them. AND my gramma came out for the wknd as well, which was a bit of a surprise to/for V, and it was great to have a visit with her.

New Necklace

A and Co went to T&T a few weeks ago, and bought me a lovely necklace. I was hoping to have gotten a picture of it, but I haven't yet. Hopefully, soon.


Anker has fixed my computer, yet again. He also made lovely meatloaf, AND is cleaning out our storage in the back yard. 

Unfortunately, I don't know on how to do an actual link up button. But, you can type in their blog addresses, and head on over (yes, I could type out each individual one, but I don't wanna).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Five on Friday

Hope every had a lovely week! Our went by really well, and quite fast, thanks to the 4 day work/school week!

K, this was to be put on TWO Fridays it is a bit out of date...but it is still relevant.

So, here are my fives for the week:

1) A Great Score on a DVD/VCR/Flat Screen TV
A couple of weeks go, I went on a few FB ISO/Classified pages, and asked around for a flat screen tv and or dvd/vcr machine. I ended up getting both for 60 bucks. My old tube tv looked like there was angels on it all the was much too white, the colour was off, and it was really getting on my nerves, and I was getting tired of it. So, I decided to do something about it.

2) A Busy Social Calendar

A couple of weekends ago, I was super busy over the wknd. It was actually a bit too busy for my liking, but I did enjoy spending time with my friends. I blogged about it in this post, so you can read about it here. I also had wings with my friend last Tuesday, I had coffee with the neighbours on Saturday (I have decided that we will be BFFs with them), and of course, seeing my sister home/visiting with family on Monday. Last Thursday, I visited K and H, as they had been away for two weeks. I had a nice 1 hr visit with them, and I looked at their pictures.

3) Spring Break is SOON!

Spring break is just over a week. We are all very excited!

4) Organizing
I did some organizing in our bathroom a couple of weeks ago..I put some of our powders, perfume, etc in two baskets, and organized my make up. #organizinggoals

5) Mutton Chops

I was hankering for mutton chops the other day, and I asked Anker if we had any, and we did, so I made some for supper on Friday. They were DELISH!

So, even though this is late, these are still some of my faves!!!

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She's Here!!!

After nearly 2 years in The Philippines, my sister arrived home last (Monday) night. We had big plans of all going up to my brother and SIL's house after picking up said sister for a quick bite to eat dinner. Well, life doesn't always turn out the way we hoped, planned and wanted. Her plane got delayed (get this), 3 times! Yo...I didn't know it was even POSSIBLE for planes to get delayed FROM Canada (she was coming from YVR) that many times! Poor thing had been there for 7 hours, and had been travelling for 48 (or something). Well, Anker came with us to see her come in, and then we dropped Anker off (he nearly came with us, but he was too tired), and I drove up the hill to A and K's. Yes, we had a huge supper at 9 pm. It was actually nice. Mom, Dad and V left around 9:30, and I stayed until 1030. Yes, I was out/ up late on a school night. Yes, I paid for it today. Oh well. I am glad that I got to hang out with her for a bit. We are having a bit of a welcome home/bday party for her this wknd. It should be fun, and I am looking forward to it. Anyway...we are very happy she is home, safe and sound, and I am glad to have my sister back.

And yes, I got her flowers :) Thanks, Mom, for the dumb picture of me :) The other one she took was blurry. I had tried to take some pics of her coming off the plane, and her coming into the airport, but they really didn't turn out.

So, that's the latest and greatest in our neck of the woods.

PS: Winter can leave ANYTIME!!

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope you are all having a good week. Today felt like two days in one, but, at least tomorrow is Hump Day, and it is a 4 day work week for me, so I am happy!

Here is last wknds WWU:

Friday: After work/school (it was a great wk, btw), I ran a few errands, tried to find a tax program, and then came home. I was hankering for mutton chops (no nasty PETA-related emails, please), so I cooked them, and then Anker and I ate dinner (he had veggies and potatoes), and watched the news. I ended up making cookies and banana muffins. The cookies turned out well (I had made the same recipe a month or go, and they turned out really chewy...Anker liked I decided to make them again...and they turned out I made them wrong last time, or I made them wrong this time..anyway..they turned out well), the muffins did not. I had a bath, and then watched Nine Lives (funny movie), and of course, did my FB, etc. I actually went to bed at 11-1130, or some such silly early time (for a weekend).

Saturday: I woke up at 8 (EIGHT AM!) and I scrolled through my phone, and relaxed in bed for awhile. I watched Dateline and20/20, and toast for brunch. I hung out and then I went to/for coffee with the new neighbours. Her hubby came along, too (I think they thought that both of us were inviting them), so it was nice to get to know both of them. She and I went to the library, and ran up the hill to Walmart to grab the tax program. That's when the day got weird. Anker started on the taxes, while I hung out in the bedroom, watching tv, etc. At around 7, I went to our other neigbours to visit with her while Anker finished. He ended up taking until 9:30 to do them. That's right...over 6 hours to do taxes. Ugh! In the end, it had something to do with my EI that I received last summer. Anyway...I ran out to get something to eat, and then watched Love Story. I actually had started to watch Manchester by the Sea, but it was so boring, and so full of F-bombs, that I just quit watching it. Life it too short for bad movies!

Sunday: It decided to snow. Awesome. I nearly didn't go to church, but I kinda wanted to go, so I went. I ran a couple of errands, then came home and did dishes. I watched W/Hallmark movies from about 130-9. It was SO FUN! I had PVR'd them awhile back, and I thought it would be fun to watch them. I went to bed around 10, and laid in bed until midnight. Ugh. Anyway...that was my/our wknd.

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