Monday, August 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday-Guilty Pleasures

Linking up with Andrea for the twice monthly Show and Tell Tuesday! I have been missing/forgetting them the last while (sometimes, I don't participate, b/c the subject doesn't apply to me, or I don't want to show off my home). I had missed two weeks ago, where they talked about What was on your Phones. I nearly blogged about it anyway, and just put it in her comment section, but I never did. I still might do a blog post about that, though.
So this week is all about GUILTY PLEASURES!!!

What can I say? I have a few...:) Magazines...I have an addiction, that I am trying cure, but not super well, unfortunately. At lest I get most of them from the library. I love People, US Weekly, InTouch, and Hello Canada. As for mostly magazines, I love Good House Keeping, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Redbook, Prevention, Best Health, Health, Shape..well, you get the picture!

Starbucks...I love my Starbucks!! I love sitting and reading magazines IN/AT Starbucks! It is MY thing. Some people get their hair done, or their nails..mine is coffee. 

Sleeping....I love sleep. 'Nuff said. I could easily sleep in until 9 or 10 every day if I could. 

TV...I love TV/movies! I don't watch a ton EVERY day, but there are days when/where I will watch a lot, then there are days when I won't watch much at all. I also love Frasier (am working on that right now), Hallmark/Lifetime movies, and food/cooking shows. 

Food...yes...I love food. I can eat pastries every day until the cows come home. Cookies? Yah, no...I can make them, and then have them in the house for weeks, and only have one (usually). Pastries (donuts, pie, etc)...yah, I can't have those in my house. 

Well, those are some of my guilty pleasures!!! It is so hard to behave!!

A Day in the Life (Summer Edition)

It's Friday, August 11th, and I have seen a few people do a few Day in the Life posts for summer, and I thought I would join in. You know, with my life being so busy and exciting and all :) I will do it on Monday, I think :) I don't have anything, it should/could be interesting (boring)!

Well, it is now Monday at nearly 1 pm, and I realized only a half hour ago, that I was going to d a Day in the Life post..and I only took one picture...ha! Oh we go!

9:00: Alarm goes off. I press snooze, and go back to sleep. Anker wakes up and (I think) makes coffee!

10:00: Am up for the day (please don't judge me; I am summer holidays, and I have no other extra jobs or places that I have to be today). I think I play on my phone for a bit.

10:30: I decide to try to make eggs in my new Tupperware Breakfast Maker. They turn out really well (I ended up eating them cold, but that was my fault, due to finding something on TV first).

10:30-12:30: Play on my laptop and watch tv (my usual daily grind). Facebook, Blogger, the bank, the library's website, and email. I play my train game. I know..exciting stuff. I call my aunt for a few minutes, text a couple of friends, and I also call Tupperware about an order that has not shown up yet. Get frustrated with them. I watch a few cooking shows, and then I end my tv watching morning marathon with a thing about JFK that was on PBS awhile back, that I found rather boring.

12:30: Do dishes; figure what is for supper; look through and clean out the freezer. I SHOULD do a good thorough cleaning of that sometime before I got back to school. I did our fridge awhile back. That felt very good!! Meanwhile, Anker plays his games on the computer, and he starts on his model airplane project. We chat a bit about various trivial things. Meanwhile, I remember that I was going to do a DITL post. Start thinking of what I have done since I got up.

12:45: Start on this post.

1:00: Get dressed (again, no judging!).

1:15-3:15: I stop in at Starbucks to grab a drink, and read some magazines. I also peruse my apps: IG, and Pinterest for supper ideas), and though I don't find anything for my pork, I find a good-looking Parmesan Potatoe recipe. I pick up some decaf Pike Place Roast Coffee on the way out.

3:15: I quickly run into Shoppers's Drug Mart.

3:30-4:30: I hang out at the library for an hour, where I read some more magazines. #summergoals

4:45-5:15: I stop in at Save On to grab a few things.
I got exciting things, like milk, dill weed for pickling, and cranberry juice!

5:30-6:15: Anker has started dinner by putting in the pork that I was defrosting in the oven with some BBQ sauce. I start on on getting the veggies ready; one beet from our garden, beans from our garden, one cob of corn (not from our garden), and I start in on the potatoes.
The beet (fresh) and beans (frozen) are form our garden.

I found a recipe (in my pins) for potatoes (I get tired of baked, boiled, and mashed potatoes. I grew up (and have made) rosemary/garlic potatoes, but when I saw this recipe that I had pinned (I have a habit of pinning things, and then never looking at them again), I wanted to try it. I liked it, Anker did not. To be fair, I think I used old spices, which altered the taste (yes, I tend to keep spices and other food for MUCH longer than I should!). Anyway, I will make them again, just with fresher spices. These Parmesan Potatoes really are very good. They are SUPER easy to make...even a 9 or 10 yr old can make them!!

6:15-6:30: In order to make my day more interesting, I decide to clean out the backseat of our car, and I start a load of laundry.

 Our dirty back seat. To be fair, this is mostly all my mess.
 You didn't think I was going to show you my dirty laundry, did you? We have a laundry room in our complex.

6:30: I finish the prep for supper, and I play on my laptop, and I watch Dr. Phil (one of the MANY shows...not that I watch them all...that I PVR!).

6:45-7:15: I serve up supper to Anker and I. He has started watching something on TV, so I take my supper into our bedroom, and eat dinner, while I watch a cooking show. I may or may not have had dessert after.

 According to our PVR clock, it was 7:15 when I ate/finished dinner and dessert.

7:20: I switch the laundry over, and I put away the dinner leftovers.

7:30: I call my Aunty June, to see on how she is doing.

7:30-8:30: I watch a couple of episodes of a cooking show, and play on my Laptop.

8:15-8:30: I continue on with this blog post.

8:40: I bring the laundry in, and have a short visit with our next door neighbours.

8:50-9:15: Have a shower.

9:15-9:45: I make our bed with clean sheets, with "help" from Calico. I watch "Beat Bobby Flay".  I call my dad and wish him a happy birthday!! I also chat with my sister for a few minutes. I update my day on my blog post throughout the evening. Throughout the day, I text my mom, cousin, and another aunt. I also chat with Anker during the day. He spends a lot of the day doing his model airplanes, getting the dill mix ready for pickled beets and pickles, plays his games, and gets dinner started for me.
Calico "helping" me make the bed. She takes this chore VERY seriously!!!

 The final result.
9:45-10:30: Finish blog post/start new blog posts for tomorrow, play on FB, watch TV, and power down for the night. I have to be up early in the morning (6 am!). Anker and kitty coming into bed, and we finish watching Judge Judy together, and talk a bit, and play with kitty.

11:15: I am STILL up...:) I ended up doing some blog posts, and doing some devotions really quick. I ended up playing my train game, going to the library's website, and deleting some pics.

My verses for each day (above), and one of my MANY devotion plans that I am doing (I have a lot!)
11:15: Get ready for bed; put water in my sleep machine, get my night guard, throw in a movie. Tonight it is Kate and Leopold.

11:30-Get into bed; lights out!!

....and that's all she wrote, folks!!

I just realized that I didn't take a selfie today! Oh well!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday/Ten Things of Thankful

I am linking up with some of my favourite bloggers this week for FoF!





I cannot believe that summer is nearly over!!! I also cannot believe that there are poor children already going back to school!! I know that they are done earlier than we people in Canada are, but still..Mid-August? That's still Summer!!! That being said..there are LOTS of BTS sales happening right now!!!

Here are my fave from this week:

1) Being Kept Safe (yes, again):

While it it is STILL VERY smoky around here, we in town are relatively safe. Yes, it is always good to be prepared, and I am keeping ahead of the laundry, incase we have to pack up and leave in a hurry, but for now, all is good.

2) Our Car Has Stopped Leaking:

The fluid that was leaking has stopped, and our car is still working. I am sure that that it should get a check up soon, but that will probably happen after I get back to work.

3) Easy Baby Siting Job

I am looking after a 1 yr old boy, C a few times this summer, and he is the EASIEST baby. Ever. For real. He rarely cries, and we just generally hang out and play. It makes looking after him so much easier, and fun.

4) A VERY Short Visit with Family

L, A, and their girls were coming through town on the way back from Alberta, so they had messaged me to see if we could maybe maybe it. In the end, it was a bit of a bigger deal than the original plan. Our other brother S and his family arrived, as did my mom and dad. We met at A and K's so the little girls could have a place to play. I got to see K again. She is so sweet!!! Because of a meeting for Tupperware that I had in the evening, and b/c L and A were only going to be an hour or two, I was only there for an hour myself. It was quick, but nice to see them.

5) Meeting My Childhood Bestie for Lunch

I met up with my childhood friend (I think she is my longest-running friend!) and her parents for lunch on Thursday. We met at The Noble Pig Brewhouse in downtown Kamloops, and I had only been there once or twice before, and Anker had been there once or twice in different occasions (he didn't come, but I am just putting that out there). I really enjoyed the food this time, and it wasn't even that expensive. I had their Cheeky Sandwich and fries!! Anyway, C and I met in school. We were neighbours and Farmers' kids along our back road. We are only two weeks apart. We grew apart when we were in high school (I was home educated from Gr. 5 on), but then became close again for a few years. Sadly, she moved out to AB 10 yrs ago, and even with SM, we haven't been in contact as much as I would like, but life happens, and we do try to see each other once year. We hadn't seen each other for two years, as she didn't come out last year. It was great to see her (and her parents who still live here) again. We could have chatted all afternoon!! It was great was a great 2 hours, and I am SO GLAD that we met up!!

6) Lots of Veggies

We have picked 10 zucchini's and 100 tomatoes. I can see a lot of salsa in our future. We are also getting beets, and pickling cucumbers.

7) First Tupperware Order/First Recruit

Ok, it's not a big deal, but I did my first ever TW order ON MY OWN (ok, with help) the other night, and I also got my first recruit!!! I am on my way to getting my free car, for sure!! The first order that I did was actually done by my up-line after my (first) online party, so this was the first order that I had done on my own. I also did do a warranty order, but I don't count that.

8) Getting to Hang W/ H

I am going to baby sit H this evening. I think Aunty needs to take him on a Tim Horton's date after his swim lesson this evening.

9) New Shows/Fall TV

Ok, this is VERY frivolous to be thankful for that, but I am trying to make 10 items here. Work with me!!! Since Baby siting C, I have started watching Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray again. So, I am not PVR'ing them. I am also starting to watch some shows that I used to watching on Food Network, which are Chopped, Chopped Jr, and Chopped Canada. I also like Beat Bobby Flay. I am also looking forward to my/our Fall TV. We are in the middle of watching the last episodes of Saving Hope. We started last week, but we haven't been able to finish them. Hopefully we can finish watching them on Sunday.

10) Thankful

I am just thankful that God has us in the palm of his His hand. Everything from keeping us safe, to little bits of blessing. I am thankful that we were able to keep afloat financially this summer. We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we are able to keep food on the table, gas in our car, and (mostly) keep up with our bills.

...and for TToT (which i decided to do half way through my blog post):


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BC/Civic Day Long Weekend

In BC, we call it BC Day, but the rest of Canada calls it Civic Holiday. At any rate, it's a long weekend! Ok, that really doesn't matter for me during the summer, but hey, it's still worth blogging about, right?

Friday, Anker and I had appointments, cause we are old and cool like that (more on his appointment at another time). I dropped him off, and I went and met my sister at the mall. We had fries, and then browsed the book store and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond! My friend gave me a GC to/for that a couple of weeks ago, so naturally, I HAD to spend it. I bought my SIL some of her bday gift, and I bought us some hand soap (honey!) and 5 hand sanitizers (is anyone else bummed that they changed their hand sanitizer containers?). I may post a picture of them later. I still have $5 left to spend! We both had appointments, we parted ways. I went to the hospital to get my yearly Pulmonary Function Test. I usually have it in Vancouver, but I had asked if I could have here, so I can save money for a hotel, etc (it is usually a two day affair when we go down; it's nice to get away, but it is an expense we would like to avoid, if at all possible). I hadn't really been in the hospital's new "digs" yet, and I have to say that they were really nice! Lots of bright windows, and very airy! After my breathing test, I went to the library, the dollar store, and a few other places, and then I came home for an hour or so, until I went to a friend's baby's 1st birthday! I am doing a bit of babysitting for them this summer, and they have become really nice friends (and they live over the fence from me!). We had a lovely evening, and I may or may not have had a glass of wine! We had a lovely meal of salad and hamburgers, and of course cake! I am glad I went, as I was the only friend there. I got to get to know his grandparents a bit more, which was nice. I saw him smash his cake, which was really sweet. He loved his gifts, and he was partied out by the time we all 8:30 (cause that's how we all roll!!).

Saturday, I stayed home. All.Day. I hadn't done that in AGES! I liked it, but I know now why I go out every day. Ha! I watched Amazing Race (x2), a movie that I had recorded on W (it was weird), 3 episodes of Saving Hope with Anker, a few episodes of Judge Judy, two episodes of Frasier (season 9), and 1 episode of Y&R. Then I had a nap. And, I even managed to clean up the living room a bit, and go for a walk. I also read some magazines (more on that in another post). I met up with my friend for a few minute walk, and then I came back and had an online Tupperware party. We had leftovers for supper.

Sunday, I slept in (ish) until 9. I relaxed, ate my breakfast, and then went the church where some of my friends go to. I even met another friend who was there, too! I went to Starbucks and journaled for a bit, and then I grabbed a few things from the grocery store. I came home, and watched a movie called Jewel (not Danielle Steel's Jewels), which was good. I did dishes, did a load of laundry, chatted with the apartment manager, tried to clean up a HUGE spot where our car is leaking probably tranny fluid (fun times), chatted with my aunt, and my dad, texted various people, and watched Frasier (on YT, cause the library doesn't have in for me yet). I did not get said HUGE stain from cement were said fluid is coming out. Ugh! I did, however, use a bath scrub brush for said stain. LOL. I think it will be off to CT tomorrow to find something to clean it, or we could be getting a huge bill for them to redo our parking spot. Grr!! Tonight, we had chicken pot pie and macaroni salad. Yum!

The smoke here is STILL really bad!!! I can't even go out in it for very long. At least last night, it cleaned for a bit, so the walk wasn't so bad. It was actually really nice on Friday evening.

Well, it is now Wednesday, but I wanted to finish this up about the weekend...

So Holiday Monday, I slept in until a ridiculous time, played on my laptop, then baked cookies with my respite client/friend, and visited with them for a bit, then came home and watched Dr. Phil, and then went to CT to get a few things. I tried to clean up our spot from the leak, then we had supper. I went to visit a former co-worker, and we had a lovely chat. I played on my laptop, and I watched TV (though I can't remember what), and I remade our bed, and I had a shower. So, that was our weekend!!

Here are some pictures:
                                                The birthday boy and I :)

                                         The fun things that I bought at Bath and Body Works.

This was the red sun on Monday night.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Best $30 I Spent This Summer

I think I have blogged about this before, but I wanted to talk about the BEST $30 I spent this summer! Now, I don't claim to be a fashionista AT ALL! I am sure that I could be a candidate for the "What Not to Wear Show " (though my mom spent $$ on my LOVELY wardrobe last that is excepted)! I rarely buy brand (or big) name clothes/shoes/jewelry/purses. I rarely wear make up, but I will wear jewelry on occasion. Basically, I am not
"cool". I really don't know why I am saying some of you may know, I have bad feet. I wish I could be all cool and wear the funky shoes that I see people wear, and see in the magazines, but sadly, I cannot. I HATE socks in the summer; I usually wear flip flops or sandals in the summer (well from April until the snow flies,, as my feet get very hot in runners (though I can wear flats/"ballet"-type shoes, but my feet get hot in those, too). ANYWAY....I only really had a couple of pairs of summer shoes (one 3 or 4), and one set I could no longer wear, and the rest were flip flop-type sandals (or just flip flops). When I was at my parents' on my Bday Wknd (I think?), I went to Field's with my SIL, Cadence, and I was looking for sandals, b/c the ones I have/had aren't really good for school and life. Well, lo and behold, I FOUND THEM! They cost me $30, but they are/were worth every penny!!! They are VERY comfy; I can walk quite a ways/while in them (even at school!), and they don't hurt my feet!!! I wear them ALL the time!!! They go with EVERYTHING!!

I have never heard of Key West Sandals, but I will be looking for them from now on. I wonder if they are sold at/in Wal-Mart? These shoes have made my summer!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tenth Anniversary: What We REALLY Did

Yes, Yes, I am sure that you are all DYING to know what we did on/for our 10th anniversary. Well, I wish I could say that we went to Vancouver, stayed in our little B&B, attended my Dr's appointment, had a lovely drive there and back, and maybe did a side trip or two on the way back. Sadly, that was not the case. However, if you want to read what really happened, here it goes:

Every year, we (or I) go to Vancouver to see my specialist for my heart/lungs. A couple of weeks before we were to go, I got this inkling that we weren't supposed to go. It had a lot do to with (lack of) funds, but there was a non-peace that I had about going. It also had to partly do with the fires happening around our province (would the road be safe from smoke and flames, there would be lots more traffic, etc). At any rate, I rebooked the appointment for October. I know I will have to miss a day of work, which I don't like, but at least it's only one day, vs the two days that I usually do (I asked them to please have me do the tests here in town, and they said yes!). At any rate, we didn't go.

Our anniversary was Thursday, July 27. Of course, neither of us had really gotten each other gifts, though I had gone to get a few things from Winners and Jysks the day before. I had bought a few fun things at Winners, including a plaque (which I am now selling on/in one of the bidding sites), honey, and Ginger Beer. Then I went to Jysks, and I found a duvet cover set for $15, and a picture for $5. Around 1130, I headed out to the library, etc. Our road is being worked on (redoing a sewer line), and the flagging lady stopped me and said that my tire was very low..I thought that she was being overly cautious, but I stopped on the side of the road, and call Anker. He ended up coming out and we pumped up the tire, and ran a few errands. We ended up buying gifts for each other while we are together/there, cause we are weird like that. So, I dropped him off, and I went to Starbucks, where I blogged, and wrote on FB what happened. My aunt (who is in town for awhile...long story) called me and said that I should probably go to the tire shop and get them to fix it. I ended up going, and I will spare you the long-drawn out conversation that I had with the tire people, but suffice it to say, I had a lump in my driver's rear tire, and the rest were pretty much crap (which we knew). They were originally going to let me leave without changing it! They just kept saying to keep it pumped up, and to get it changed in a few days! I was a tad annoyed, but I think it's because I am a woman. I kept referring to "my husband" they wouldn't think I was this dumb single lady who didn't know about cars! They finally told me that I really shouldn't be driving on it. Gee, thanks for letting me know! I nearly drove off with two really bad tires that could have burst! Not sure if we will be going back to them again! Ugh! Anyway, got said lumpy tire changed, along with the other front tire. I went back to the next day to get the other two changed. I am thankful that I was kept safe! I drove to and from my parents' twice in July, and my tire could have burst, causing who knows what to happen! I am thankful that I had had the premonition to not go to Vancouver, and I am also very thankful that my aunt and uncle are in town, so they could help us out with the tires. I am also thankful that I pushed and pressed harder to get answers....

Well, after the tire-changing fun, I went to the library, and then Anker and I ended up having supper at a local Mexican Cantina, SeƱor Froggy. Both Anker and I love it, and we always get a lot of great food for a great price. After dinner, we came home and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

I found this picture at Jysks for $5. I really like it, and Anker does, too. And we have even put it up on our wall.

I found this at Winners (no, those are not our wedding pics!). I didn't think we would use it, and I didn't think Anker really liked it so, I have sold it. I will try to find something similar. I do have a lot of wedding pics that are in frames that I could (and should) put up.
 I found this at the dollar store. It's a chalkboard sticker. I haven't used it a bunch yet, but I think I could. Maybe.
                                                      Our suppers were SO GOOD!!

****Friday, August 4th: I have decided to link up with Tiffany @ The Dwelling Tree for this weeks Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Five On Friday

I haven't done a FoF post in awhile....thought I would link up...

1) Celebrating our 10th Anniversary. 

Ok, so that was last week, but I am including in this week. So there. We had a very interesting day, but it ended up well, so that is the most important thing. We had dinner at a local restaurant, and then came home and relaxed.

2) Trips to the Ranch

I went to the ranch (aka: my parents') twice in July. Once over the Canada Day Long Weekend, and then once towards the end of the month. My sister and SIL and I had a nice girls' evening on the Thursday, and then I stayed at the cottage alone for two days. It was bliss!!!

3) Being Kept Safe

As previously stated, I had a lump in my tire. I could have very nearly died (or at least gotten hurt) if the tire had burst. I am SO thankful that God kept me/us safe.

4) Anniversary Gifts

I will probably post some pics, but I went to Winner's, and I ended up getting a plaque-thing to attach pictures on it. I am actually selling it, b/c I didn't think we would use it, but it's very nice. I might use that money to go and something else for our wall. I also got some REALLY Ginger-y Ginger Beer, and some honey. Then I went to Jysks, and got a picture for $5, and a duvet cover for $15. Anker and I also went to the dollar store, where we gabbed a few gifts for each other. I got chalkboard To Do List plaque to put on the wall, and Anker got a colouring canvas.

5) Frasier

I TOTALLY am into Frasier right now. I started watching it from the beginning to end awhile back, and I have started back watching it. I am in the middle of season 8. I love my Frasier and Friends!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I love me a random/one liner post. They are easy and quick!!!

So, it's been a month since I have lost posted (not including today), here are some updates:

I took a POPARD Course the week of July 10-14, and I really enjoyed it.

I also house sat that week, and it was great.

I joined Tupperware. I love their products.

Our garden is growing beautifully.

I have had two babysitting jobs this summer. God is good at providing me some money for the summer.

I went to the lake in Chase with a friend a few weeks ago, and loved it.

I went to my parents' twice this summer. This last time, I spent in our old B&B Cabin, and loved it.

I am still only reading magazines. I should probably read a book soon.

I am still watching too much tv. Ha!

B.C has been hit with a TON of fires! Thankfully, we haven't been put on evacuation alert, but there are some places near us that were. There are now two fires really close to us, and one fairly close to us. We are praying for rain.

I met up with a friend who I met off of FB. We had a great visit, and could have chatted on for hours.

I really should clean up our house. Like, for real.

I have been watching lots of movies lately. My favourite has been The Zookeeper's Wife.

That's the Reader's Digest version of my/our summer! Hope your summer has been amazing!


Yes, I do realize that this old blog has been lacking. Again. I have been busy doing courses, babysitting/respite, going to my parents' for a few days, and meeting with friends and family. I will try to do a quick update in the form of randoms and one liners, but for now, I thought I would do a short post about our anniversary! It is our TENTH!!! I cannot believe that we have lasted this long :) Ha! Seriously, I super proud of us for sticking it out, and I think that if we can do it, anyone can (**cough, cough** Brangelina, TomKat, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, well, you get the idea).

To read what we did for our past anniversaries, you can read them in order:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

We have been through a lot. Infertility, financial woes, 4 diagnosises, 1 move, three cars three cats, 1 fish, 1 major hospital stay, countless trips, lots of anger and frustrations, loss of Church life (mostly Anker, but me as well), lots of Volunteer and ministry experiences, lots of new friends, loss of friends, death of 2 friends, death of 4 close older people in our church in town, lots of tears, even more laughter, three TVs, tons of cell phones, 6 job changes (me), 2 job changes (Anker), 3 MLM companies (me), countless computers and laptops, 1 year of school (me), 3 sibling weddings, 4 births of nieces and nephew, more friends' weddings, 2 cell phone carriers, 2 internet/cable carriers, debt, 1 student loan, and well, more things that I cannot remember :) Our marriage hasn't always been easy, but I am thankful that God gave us to each other. We are a funny little couple; we do things that "normal" couples do, but for the most part, it works for us. We actually went to bought each other gifts together...we have done that even for Christmas, and we actually kind of like it. We often eat separately, and will watch different shows on our own TVs, and sometimes even watch the same show on separate TVs (ok, that is weird), and I will go on my own holiday. Anker doesn't like going out and seeing people, so I will often go alone. I know he loves me, and I love him, even if our marriage isn't "conventional". We are thankful for the last 10 (11) years together, and we are hoping for many, many more!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition (from 2.5 weeks ago!)Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Well, I realize that this is from 3 weeks ago, but I did want to do a short post about it, b/c it was a nice wknd.

A number of weeks ago, Mom and I had talked about my birthday weekend, and what I would like to do...she suggested that we come to the ranch, as they would be having H for the wknd, and before we all left, we could go out for supper. It was such a good idea, that I went for it!!

Friday was my actual birthday, and I was greeted at school with cards, gifts, and coffee! It was a lovely day, and we had two cupcake parties (another student in our class has the same birthday as me), as I brought cupcakes to share. Right after school, I went downtown to pick up my Steaped Tea order, dropped them off with my friend, came home and got Anker, finished packing, and then headed on up the hill to White Spot for supper. I kind of wanted it semi kid-friendly, as Mom and Dad were looking after H that wknd (b/c SOMEONE got married on my birthday, after they forgot that a certain sister had a birthday that, I won't let them ever forget about, as A and K were away on their anniversary wknd. No matter...we all still had fun without them!!! From Mom and Dad, I got a lovely set of SKORTS and a beautiful pink top. A and K gave me a gardening set (planter basket, gloves and stepping stones). H insisted on giving me this funny talking monkey that he found. Mom may or may not have given me a kids activity sheet that comes with the kids menu. I may or may not have done it :) I have always loved doing them...not sure why..probably because I got bored waiting for food, and I love to doodle..and that was pre-phone era. After dinner, we all car pooled to the ranch. We were so tired, that after a short visit, we all went to bed (Vienna is in the States finishing up her midwife training, otherwise she would have been involved in my birthday shenanigans). Isaac was there when we got home, Aunty June and Uncle Ted were around, and V and J were in ON, so I wasn't able to see them.

Saturday, I slept in, and we all hung out for the morning. I made scones that I got from Steaped Tea, and they were really good. I did dishes, read magazines, and watched the rain come down. Poor Mom was planning on us helping put up their new pool, but the rain didn't let us do it. Dad also wanted to move sheep, and we were all going to be involved in/with that, but the rain didn't let us do that, either. Mom and H coloured/painted and drew a picture, and I read. Mom and I helped C clean out one of the cabins for an hour or so. Then we headed back. Anker and I went for a walk, and he helped the guys change the oil in one of the quads. Dad and I went to check out the sheep, and I wanted to see the new guard dog, Max. OMGoodness, he is SO sweet!!! We came back, and had supper, and then we watched a girly (Hallmark) movie. I love Hallmark movies!!! I went to bed around 11.

Sunday was church, then C and I went to Clearwater to grab lunch, and to do a bit of shopping. I found my sandals at Field's, which I love, and a few other fun things. She dropped me off at June and Ted's, and we had a visit, and then June drove me home, and Anker and I got ready to leave. We brought H home and met his parents on the highway (don't worry, we stopped before letting him out!!), and came home and hung out all evening. It was a great wknd, probably the best I had had in awhile. I loved that my mom had the idea of me coming out there for my bday! She has such good ideas, that mom of mine!

Here are some pics from the wknd! Most of them are also on IG.

 My co-worker gave me these Color By Amber Bracelets. (skinnies? Thinnies?) I love them!!!

 Color By Amber
                         The gifts I got when I got to work. I have the best co-workers!! I also got another GC to/for Starbucks on the Monday after my birthday.

I bought myself some sushi to have for lunch on my birthday!

Supper at White Spot. Yum!

It was so cold, that I made a fire..A FIRE, PEOPLE! Nothing says June like a roaring fire!
I did manage to make and keep a fire going. Twice. You're welcome.

The scones that I made...yum!

 Isn't Max just the cutest!!??
And what is a birthday post without a birthday (wknd) selfie?

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