Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Lately/Wknd Update

I hope everyone had a great (Long) Weekend!! It was a Long Wknd here in Canada, and, as usual, it rained for most of it :)

So...I am sure you have all been missing my blog posts!! Like I said earlier, I am in a bit of a funk in all areas of my life lately..and that includes Blogging.  We are in a bit of rough patch right now...I know this means the God is carrying us, but it is hard during the said tough time. are a few highlights from LAST wknd!!

I went to Vernon to hang out with my brother and SIL, and her younger siblings (while her parents were away). It was a fun connection, and I got to say at N and S's house, which was fun. We grabbed coffee at a local coffee house, and then went to Kelowna on Saturday, and wandered around the mall. Came back around and ate a late dinner, and hung out, then I went back to their house, and relaxed, and went to sleep. Sunday, I went to church, then I went out for coffee, and ended up grabbing lunch for we three "older ones", and we watched Big Bang for a couple of hours. We went back to her parents', and I ended up staying over there for the last night. I watched Ricki And the Flash, which was dumb, and hung out and went to bed.

I got up early, and helped the kids get off to school, then drove back home. I had our girls morning group, then back home, then to an appointment, then ran a few errands....and came home at 4:30, and promptly fell asleep. I also went over to a friends house for a bit, as she is going through a tough time right now. I came home around midnight, I think.

Tuesday (the 17th), we hung out in the morning, and watched a couple of tv shows. I think we watched MOTIVE, and who knows what else. Dad took us out to lunch at McD's, and Anker and I went to see the item that he bought, and helped him strap in the back of the truck. We came home, and I did laundry, FB'd, and dropped off something that someone bought from me on one of the bidding sites. I went to the library, and then visited my former neighbour and (still!!) friend, and I bought something from her. I went to Tim Horton's for a quick bite to eat, and then to Bible Study. I seemed to a bit a grumpy, so I left right after, and went to my friends house, where I picked up a sheep that I bought from her. We visited for a couple of hours, and then I came home.

Wed (18th), I was half planning on going to morning coffee group at the church, but I slept in, since I had had a bad sleep the night before. I also was hoping to get a few things done, which I didn't end up getting done. I also am trying to limit the trips I make up the hill, which didn't work, anyway, since I ended up going up there for our girls BBQ evening. We watched TV (2BG, Y&R, etc). I ended up leaving around 1:30, and went to the library, etc. I met up with my Aunt and Uncle for a few minutes. I grabbed a few things for hubby, and then came home, got my salad, and went to the BBQ. It was a fun evening, with lots of food!!! I came home around 10.

Thursday (19th), I relaxed in the morning, watched TV, and also watched CONVICTION, which was very good. I left around 1, and went to Starbucks for my free drink, and journalled there for a bit. I went to the library, and then ended up grabbing McD's for supper. I came home, and we quickly ate, and then I picked up my friend from her Bible Study, and drove her home. We visited for a couple of hours, then I came home.

I will do this past wknd update in a bit....

But first, here are some highlights from TWO weeks ago.

Monday (9th), The only thing I remember was that I had an appointment at 11. I think I ran a few errands, and probably went to the library. Those are the only things that I remember. I don't even have any clues as to what I did on my FB feed, nor did I write about it in my journal. I think I probably went to the store, as we did have baked Tortellini for supper. I think we just watched tv, etc.

Tuesday (10th), Again, I have no clue as to what I did. I think I relaxed in the morning, and ran errands (library, etc) in the afternoon. There was no Bible Study, so I probably went to the library until it closed. I think I watched TV in the evening, and went through some papers.

Wed (11th), I went to the morning coffee group, and took a friend home, went to Wal-Mart, and visited with her for awhile after I dropped her off. I hung out in the afternoon (who knows what I aldo did...errands, library, etc), and went out with a friend for Chinese food. She was such a sweetie, and paid for me. We went back to her house, and watched STILL ALICE, which was really good.

Thursday (12th), I relaxed in the morning, and picked up something from up town, and went to a park to hang out for a bit. It was a lovely day. I ended up helping my friend to pick up something, and drove her home. She treated me to an iced cap. Yum!!! I came home and watched the Thursday night line up, and who knows what else afterwards, and hung out. are some highlights in our life lately....

Our garden is growing quite well. Our strawberries are almost ready. I had one this was DELISH!

Our kitties are nearly ready to be re-homed. Two were supposed to go today, but they are going tomorrow instead. They are so adorable, but very crazy/busy!

A, K, and H are home!!! All is right in the world again!!! A month is too long for them to be gone.

Anker and I doing ok...we are having some tough moments, which have been, well, tough, but we try to do things together, talk, and try to enjoy the good things in life.

I was actually a domestic diva the other day...I made muffins, and crisp...AND supper...and we actually made supper at home two nights in a row. Shocker, I know.

I am still heavily into magazines...but thankfully, most of them are from the library..I have been really doing well at not spending money on magazines lately.

I bought two t-shirts today. I NEEDED them. They were only 16 bucks altogether. You can't go wrong with that.

I haven't been enjoying our yard lately, but I did today (will write more about it later). It was heaven.

I don't think our neighbours are moving out now. Boo. Oh well. At least they have been a bit quieter.

I have been selling a few things on a few of the bidding sites. Not a lot of money, but enough for coffee, etc.

It was Canadian Infertility Week this past week, and I hope to write something on it.

Oh yes..ANKER WENT TO CHURCH for the first time I don't know how long. He has gone to the one at my parents, but that is all. He also helping with VBS (see below). on to this wknd..Yes, I know..long a$$

Friday, I actually got a lot of things done. I made phone calls, did some research, etc. I ran a few errands, including going to Wal-Mart, where I went in and out, only to realize that I was to buy some pet food and litter there. So, I went back inside. I also grabbed an outside chair, since Hubby broke his old one. I probably went to the library, then back home, where we had pork chops for supper. I watched Pioneer Woman, and JJ.

Saturday, my friend and I had plans to go out and check out garage sales, but it was RAINY, so I stayed home and watched two episodes of Dateline, and played on the computer. I went back out for awhile, and I went to the library, and then grabbed some groceries. I came home, and started dinner, and made rhubarb, strawberry crisp. I also watched another epi of DL, and DWTS( I have no clue on who I want to win...either Nyle or Ginger). We cleaned up the house in preparation for my brother and SIL coming. I went to my friends house for a couple of hours, then came home and went to bed.

Sunday, we went to church, and then to a friends house, where we talked about VBS. They have recruited hubby to help. He was so excited by the end of the meeting, and it made me very happy. We came home, and S and N came about 5. We visited, and S, N, and I went out to Shoppers Drug Mart (where they bought us each a Starbucks drink!), and then came home and watched Big Bang Theory, and ate left overs for supper. They went to bed, and I watched Y&R, and JJ.

Monday (today), we had a nice sleep in, and we made brunch, then N and I went to pick something up that I won on the bidding site. Came back, and waiting for my friends to pick up the kitties, and they ended up deciding to come tomorrow. N and I went back out, to hopefully check out a make up store, that ended up being closed, so we wandered around Chapters, and she bought me a Starbucks. We visited outside for awhile, and then found out that the store was closed, so we went to Wal-Mart instead. We looked at the make up for awhile, and I ended up buying two tops. Came home, and they left around 4. I went outside to enjoy the sun, yard, and swing, and read magazines, and called people. I came back inside, and just hung out for the rest of the day.

And no/ pictures!

There you have it...our lives in a nutshell from the past two weeks. I will probably write a bit more depth on a few things later in the week.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Things

Yep...still here! I just haven't felt much like blogging in awhile. Lots of things going on, etc. I was hoping to get a post for Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, but I never got around to it...however, I will try to get one done over the wknd.

Here are some of my fave things from the last couple of weeks:

1) Solo Trip Alone/Family Time

I haven't done a solo trip alone (other than to the ranch) in YEARS, and last week, I went to Vernon to hang with my brother and SIL. We had a fun few days. I love the drive is SO beautiful!!! I had a fun time getting to know my SIL, and her younger brothers and sister. And speaking of family..S and N are coming this wknd to spend a night with us. Cannot wait!!! A, K and H are coming back tomorrow!!! K and H have been gone a month, and A has been gone just over two weeks...I think it is bc I have been off that it feels like it has been forever!!! I cannot wait to see them!!!

2) Feeling Accomplished

I actually got a few things done this week. Phone calls, meetings, etc. I love feeling accomplished. I find that I get more done (usually) when I make a list. It helps me to see what I need to get done. I also made muffins tonight, and they actually turned out pretty well.

3) Infertility Friends/Blogs/Groups

I love my Infertility Friends! I am trying really hard to keep up to date on their blogs, and hang out in the groups, and it does provide support. Speaking of blogs, the Fertility Matters website is up!!! And, so is my blog post!!! And yes, I am also happy that there are Canadian groups/friends/blogs involved.

 4) New Sleep Machine

Not sure if I wrote about this before, but I got a new BiPap machine a couple of weeks ago. He is lovely, and I have named R2D2, since I got him on May 4th!! He is so much quieter!!!

5) Finales!!!

Grey's was quite good, though I am sad that Sara is leaving. I hope Jackson and Avery get back together, and i hope that Jo can get her ducks in a row, and figure out what she wants. Big Bang was good...I thought that it was a new one last night, but I guess it was the week before. Anyway...that, 2BG, and The Odd Couple were good. Oh, and so was Amazing Race...haven't watched Call the Midwife, nor have I watched DWTS yet.

I am sure that there are more...but I am too tired to think of any :) It is a Long Wknd in Canada, and I am sure that there will be lots of BBQ's around town. Have a great wknd!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up/Calgary Trip/Mother's Day Wknd

Yes, I am writing this a week later. I just haven't really been into blogging this week. I am a in a bit of a funk. Life is just really getting to me. was last wks update. I am going to start on Thursday, since that is when I went to Calgary.

A week or so ago, Mom came to me and asked if I would like to go to Calgary with her and my Aunty to go to their Aunt's memorial service (she died April 6, but due unforseen circumstances, the service was delayed a month). I thought it would be fun to go, since I hadn't been to Calgary in 5 years, and 2 years prior to that, and prior to that, not since I had moved, back in 2004. I also hadn't seen my grandparents in 2 years, and since they have both given us all health scares in the last year, I knew it was important to see them. And hey, anytime is a good time for a (girls') road trip, right?

We left early Thursday morning, and picked up my aunt in Salmon Arm. I had bought a few snacks, but btwn Mom and S bringing food, we really didn't need it. They had packed lunch, snacks, etc. Yum!! We made a few potty stops, and got there around 5 AB time. We had a lovely supper, and visit, and I went to bed late, as usual.

We all hung out the next morning, and visited, and enjoyed the sun, and had a nice brunch. The service was at 2, and we go there a bit early. I saw a ton of people who I hadn't seen in 12 yrs. I had barely stepped foot in the church where I went for 5 years IN 12 years. It had changed SO much!!! The service was nice, and there was a nice tea afterwards. I may or may not have gotten in a Starbucks run while I was there!! We went back to my G-parents (they live with my aunt and uncle), and visited for an hour or so, before going to the family dinner. We had lasagna and Caesar salad. Yum!! We stayed until 8 or so, and had a visit back at the house.

Saturday, we left at 8 sharp!! The trip was BEAUTIFUL (compared to the rainy, cloudy trip out), and I got to drive a fair amount of the way, which was fun. We stopped at a few places, to grab a drink, snack, and of course, bathroom. We also stopped at D Dutchmen Dairy, which I have heard about, but I have never stopped at. We were a bit disappointed, but it was still good (esp when Mom and I switched cones!!). We dropped S off, and made our way back to town. Got in around 5 or so, and hung out for the evening.

Sunday, we left around 10 (I know, super late), and got into church at 1130. Oops. We had a lovely brunch, and walk, and we had a nice visit with the siblings and their SO's. Anker and I left at around 5 or so, and met up with S and N at DQ in CW. We grabbed a blizzard, and had a quick chat in the parking lot, and we got home around 7. We just hung out for the evening, and I watched some of the shows that I had missed while I was away, and went to bed late. All in all, it was a nice few days.

As for my feelings for MD this year, they weren't quite as sad, which was great. Of course, I wish we had kids, but the downtrodden feelings I usually get weren't there, which I guess means that I am growing up!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10 on Tuesday- 10 Classic Shows That I Love(d)

 Linking up with Karli for this weeks 10 On Tuesday!

1) The Cosby Show (yes, I will always love that show, please don't judge me)
2) Full House
3) Family Ties
4) Family Matters
5) Alf
6) Degrassi Street (then Jr and Sr. High)
7) Little House on the Prairie
8) Who's the Boss
9) Growing Pains
10) Home Improvement

We also would watch Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes, and The Wonder Years. I am sure that there were more that we watched, and those don't include kids shows/cartoons, but those are the ones that I remember most. This list also doesn't include shows in the late 90's (see this post), or specials.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Happenings In Pictures

I have been lacking in posting pictures on the old blog lately...I know on how much you've missed them!! I will try to be less wordy, and more picturesque in this post...but before I do...I think I posted that I was my parents' for a couple of days last wk. We needed to get our car looked at, and tires changed, and we don't really have a good mechanic in town, and it was an excuse to get away for a couple of days...hubby stayed behind on kitty (and garden) patrol. My parents were also way to AB, which was perfect...I slept in their house, and ate their food!!! are some pictures of our life lately....

 The kitties started getting mobile a couple of weeks ago. They soon could not be stopped.
 This little one decided to start exploring!!
 Our Suitcase Wall did not hold them in for very long (for a few days) adorable are they??

 Sahara chose to move them into the living room. She knew she was fighting a losing battle.
One of the kitties fell in the knitting basket. Don't worry...he made it out alive!

Let us not forget about Calico!! Her nose is a bit out of joint with the kitties...she has hissed at them a few times, and doesn't seem to tolerate them very well, especially when they are all on the ground!! It is actually kind of funny.

 This was taken a few days ago...she was looking at the kitties, and she didn't seem too impressed!
 She also has started jumping up on our entertainment unit. Bad kitty. LOL.
We can't have children...Nuff said.

I mentioned that I dog sat my friends dog last wknd...
How adorable is he? He was a great help in keeping me company!!!

I visited my friend a couple of weeks ago, and I took some pics from her balcony.
                                      I love this city!!! Downtown is to the right, where the sun is.
 The picture below is looking towards "The North Shore" area of town. Just below the mountains (Mt. Peter, and Mt. Paul) is Hwy 5 that runs through from Vancouver up the valley. Kamloops is a hub and connecting point to the Okanagan, the Coast, and other parts of BC.
The sunset just outside her house. I gotta say..I do miss seeing the sunsets just outside our house, like we had (though covered in trees) at our old place. At least we drive towards the sunset (eek!) on our way home....and that is when I can a good look at it!

Our garden has started sprouting!!! Save for a few things...everything has started to grow!!! I could def. see a difference when I came back on Thursday.

 We bought some pansies last wknd. Sadly, the sweet peas didn't sprout :(
 Not sure what is growing here..garlic, and a few other herbs, I think.
 Strawberries! Last year, we had two...we hope to have more than that this year.

Can't remember what is in these boxes...but carrots, beets, and peas, are some of what he planted!

And last, but not least...let's end off with some baby lambs!! These pics were taken when I was at the ranch last week.

 The orphans. Aren't they adorbs? I even got to feed them one morning!!

                                                       A mama and her triplets!!!
                                                 Love this never gets old!!!

                        I seriously didn't do a filter-thing with these pics!!! Love this one, too!!!

I moved one bunch of sheep from their daytime field back to their nighttime field one evening...I hadn't done "chorin'" in a long while (and no, we don't call it that...we aren't total hicks!!)!! It was actually kind of fun!!!

Random pics...

 One of the walks I like to take near our house....this was nearly a month ago now.
 Love this picture.
Ok, so these two lilac pics were taken while I was at the ranch...but I thought I would put them here...anyway...the lilacs there are almost a month early. The lilacs here in town are almost all gone!! I had to take some pics. Love me some lilacs!

I have walked along this park trail a few times, and last wk when my friend and I went for a walk and chat, I saw a marmot for the first time...when we went today, we saw 10!!! I also heard someone shout that they saw a marmot while they were walking yesterday while I was there yesterday. It is funny, on how I hadn't seen any, then I saw/heard them three times in a row!

Well, I could post more, but it is almost 1 am, and I am sure that I have bored you all to tears already. I may try to do another picture post later in the week.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weeked Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a lovely wknd. Mine/ours was ok..nothing fabulous...but it was ok :)

We had BEAUTIFUL weather all wknd, which was great. Friday, I watched Amazing Race from two weeks prior, and part of the Thursday night line up, as I was at a friends all Thursday evening. Anker and I left at around mid morning to get a desk that I got for free off/from one of our local bidding sites. When we got to the place to pick it up, the lady's mom couldn't get it out of the room that it was in. We tried for a few minutes, but decided that it was too much work for us to take it apart...and it was too heavy, anyway. Came back home and watched more TV, and then a lady who is going to take one of the kitties came by to visit them again. After she left, I met up with my friend (and I also ran a couple of errands), and I got my Avon order. I went to the library, then the park (I think), then came home...only to turn right back around and go to the store to grab something for supper. We also invited my brother, since he is batching it for two weeks..which meant that we had to clean up our place a bit. We had salsbury steak..yum!! We watched May Day, then he left around 9, and I finished watching Y&R, and then had a bath, I changed our sheets, and I put on our new (to us) duvet cover, and FB'd, then went to bed. I think I also spent quite awhile moving a bunch of pics on my FB over from the Mobile uploads section to a current (or I made a new) named folder. Cause I am OCD like that. Or, maybe I am just bored!!

Saturday, we went to Kamloops' first annual Green Expo. I had actually seen it advertised while at Starbucks one day, but I totally forgot to tell hubby about it. I was wondering on what we could do this wknd, and when I got home, he brought it up, so we both decided to check it out. It was a great first time ever effort on/for this event. I think they could put a few more vendors in there, but we loved that it wasn't super busy (it also helped that it was a lovely day...most everyone wanted to be outside). The fact that it was free, wasn't lost on us, either. We got a few free items, and then came home. I FB'd, and watched an episode of 20/20, and then went to coffee with my friends. I went to the library, then I went to the park. Hubby and I thought about Pork roast for supper, so he was in charge of putting it in. I sat in the park for probably a couple of hours, watching people, and reading magazines. Yes, I should have been exercising, but I wasn't! Had supper, while I watched Frasier, and SISTERS. It was an ok movie...but not great. I had great hopes of going to bed "early" (aka: before midnight), but I ended up watching a little girl's memorial service online (she was a little girl who battled cancer for nearly two years..and was a bit of a local celebrity in town, her gramma and I worked together 8 years ago)...and after I did my SM check ins, and updates, I went to bed around 2 am.

Sunday, I got ready for church, then ran a couple of errands on the way to church, went to church, had lunch alone (I was totally fine with that), then I met up with Friend 1 at the park (I may or may not have gotten a FROSTER on the way), and we chatted and walked for over an hour. I met up with Friend 2 and McD's (where it may or may not have been my second time there that least it was at a different location!!), and I had a snack, and we chatted for a couple of hours. I came home, and I watched a couple of episodes of 20/20, and my brother called, so we talked for awhile, and then I went to visit my neighbour (the nice one!!), and then came home, and watched MOTIVE, and blogged!!! So, there's our wknd. Anker spent this morning fighting with his computer, and spending time outside.

How did you spend your wknd?

Let's Talk: Hair and Make up

Linking up with Andrea for this (or is it lasts?) months topic of "Let's Talk". This week they are talking about Hair and Makeup..something I really am not super savvy in..but, you know on how I love me a link up :)

I am VERY low-maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup. I love getting all glammed, just like the next girl, but I often don't have the know-how, or want-to, to do it. Or, I sometimes just forget (esp when it comes to make up), or I don't have enough time.

That being said, is my (sort of) routine.

I rarely brush my hair..I's sad. I will (fairly) often shower, and then just leave my hair down...and it does look very nice, if I do say so, myself! I will have it up 95% of the time. This drives my younger brother crazy...just last week, while I was out there, he said "why do you have your hair up so much?" I told him that it was because it was cooler (I have super thick hair), which is the main reason that I do it (to which he said,,"well, it's your hair", which totally cracked me up!!)...and I also tend to play with my hair...and it gets in my face...which are the other reasons. As far as hair product go (other than shampoo and conditioner), I don't use much at all. I don't even use hair spray on/in it...which perhaps I should probably do more often, as I have a lot of fly I don't use any curling product, or mousse...(see, I told you I was low-maintenance!). So, as far as my hair is a very easy routine. Does this mean I don't care? Maybe, but I do like to have a good hair day...and I don't like it when I AM having a bad hair day, either...but, you know...what can I do?
                                             This was right after I got my hair cut in March.

                                    I am not sure when I took this...I think around the same time.

As far as make up goes, I am the same way..very low (or no!) maintenance! That being said, though..I have WAY too much make up!!! Here is a picture that I took back in September, and since then, I have thrown a few things away, and added a few things, so it isn't overly current, but here is a general idea of what my make up bag looks like...
Yes...I have a few too many! I don't really stick with one brand...though I do love Avon...:) I also have a few MK products, which I really like as well. I also like FLOWER, and WET N WILD. Again, I don't much of a routine...I can go weeks without wearing (and yes, sadly, without even foundation, or any skin cream, and worst part of all, no sun screen...buut I think I want to get better at doing that!! I don't even wear lipstick/lip gloss/glazewear every day..isn't that sad? At any rate....when I wear make up, I usually will put on a bit of MK foundation (love it!!), and/or Avon's Magix Cream...I love smells great!!! Then I put on eye shadow, eye liner (bottom only), and mascara...I have just started to only put it on my top lashes, as per my mom. Then, the lipstick!! I put make up (only half of what I usually put on) this morning, including a new eye liner I got from Avon (Smoky Grey). I actually got 4 for $10, so I know have all their eyeliners (except the liquid liners, I don't like those). If (I mean WHEN) I remove my make up, I will either use the MK make up remover, the Avon makeup remover, or a drugstore (dollar store?) brand. I know I should do the hyperlinks to/for these brands, but I have done it before in the past, and you see them in my other posts.

So, there, you have hair and make up routine...I exciting!! Oh, and as far any skin creams, etc...I don't even use any cleanser (in our bathroom don't use them much anymore...but since I am turning a certain age this year...I should probably start using them more :) I did use Avon's 30's -line of (Anew) products. The sad part is that I still have them..but again,,still in our bathroom drawer...:) They used to be in blue packaging, but I just checked the brochure, and they have changed it to pink...:)