Friday, May 29, 2015

Canadian Infertility Week/We're the 1 in 6

Well, I thought I had better write something about infertility since a) we are infertile, b) it's infertility week, and c) b/c since we are infertile, and this is partly what my blog is is about!

So,'s Canadian Infertility Week May 19-28 (it was US's Infert week last month, and I had planned on writing something during that week, but I never got around to it, so, US friends, this is partly for that week as well).

First's a little factoid for ya..

I blogged this part earlier in the week, but I had to abandon to go to work, or whatever it was I was doing at the time. I do realize that it's now the 29th, but I still wanted to write what has been on my heart (or what I have thought about to write in the last 30 about this...

So..back to my post....we are the one in 6. I actually am surprised that the number is so high. I would have thought that the number would have been less.
 Here are few infertility facts:

Infertility can be traced to either the man or woman, or a combination of both:
  • 3 times out of 10, the cause is in men.
  • 4 times out of 10, the cause is in women.
  • 2 times out of 10, the cause is a mix of factors from both male and female.
  • 1 time out of 10, at first, no specific cause can be found.
Causes of infertility in women may include:
  • age (fertility decreases after age 35)
  • problems producing eggs (which shows up when she has no period/menstrual cycle, or no regular one)
  • having a sexually transmitted infection (STI), like Chlamydia (which can cause blockages in the fallopian tubes)
  • problems in the uterus (like fibroids or polyps)
  • problems with the fallopian tubes (like missing tubes or blockages)
  • endometriosis (excess of tissue that gathers around the reproductive organs)
  • hormonal imbalances
  • early menopause (before age 40)
    • 91% of women can get pregnant at age 30
    • 77% by age 35
    • 53% by age 40
     Causes of infertility in men may include:
  • poor sperm quality (their rate of movement and shape)
  • low sperm count, or lack of sperm
  • a history of sexually transmitted infection (STI), like Chlamydia
  • hormonal imbalances
Other causes of infertility in both men and women may include:
  • past treatments for cancer (like chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery)
  • some chronic illnesses (like diabetes), as well as their treatments
  • tobacco and alcohol use
  • being under weight or over weight.
...oh and only QUEBEC has funding for infertility treatments!!!

Infertility has become a dirty little secret. A taboo subject. Something NO ONE talks about. People feel uncomfortable about talking about, about being around people who are infertile. Heck **I** am uncomfortable with it. I think what bugs me most about is that the world thinks that adoption, IVF, and fostering are solutions to the problem. Guess what? They're not. They cost money. They have their own emotional ups and downs. Oh, and maybe the couple don't want to do it. Maybe they just can't. I consider Anker and I "truly infertile", meaning that we will never have way, no how.

People think that we have given up...that we don't want kids, b/c we are letting the fact that we don't have money stop us from adopting...or at least fostering. Sadly, there are more issues than money. If that were the problem, then we would have started saving (or at least campaigning) long ago. We have health issues..I can't carry a baby (ok, this comes under the IVF, etc route), hubby feels that he is too old to have kids...he doesn't think his patience can handle it....he doesn't think that he can give the child what they need, and he just is plain too tired. Am I upset? Yes. Angry? Yes. And not just on how he feels, either...I am sad and angry that I can't have a baby. But that's our life. If we were to get pregnant tomorrow, we would both be shocked and excited, and be on board with it, but sadly, that will probably never happen. It is what it is.

So, where am I going with all this? Mainly, to make everyone aware that infertility is ALL around us. Sitting next to you at/in church; in line at the grocery store; your co-worker. It's as prevalent as cancer, or ALS, or diabetes. It's not an obscure disease (and yes, I consider it a disease). I wish Canada understood this. I wish our medical system covered IVF (or at least some of it). It covers abortions and sterilizations, so why can't it cover a round or two of IUI, IVF, etc? Canadian government needs to be more aware that this is becoming an issue for MANY of us. There needs to me more research done, and more funding in this area of medicine. There needs to be walks, fundraisers, news reports on this. There needs to be more support groups in more cities. I am hoping to start one up here this summer. I am glad that more there are groups (and celebrities) that are taking a stand and talking more about this , but there needs to be more. I love Resolve and Infertility Awareness of Canada. They are awesome about spreading the news on/about this. They hold conferences, and are very vocal; they have a big internet presence. Some politicians (and big names in the medical community) are speaking about this...trying to make legislation to make funding more accessable.

So...what do I suggest? Yes, it is easy to do nothing (which, sadly, I am guilty of doing), but you can write an email to your premiere, Health Minister of your province, and of course, to our PM. American your congressmen, senator, and governor, and the president. Other countries, you can do the same. A lot of websites will have a template of a letter that you can send (which I may or may not have just discovered until now). Speak about in your church. If you are able to do a talk in your Bible study or care group, bring this up. Have everyone sign the letter. Ask your pastor to do a sermon (or, better yet, a series) on infertility. Are they doing a series on Family? Ask them to do a sermon on infertility (ok, this is more a spiritual, personal part about it here, but you get the jist).

Are you struggling with infertlity? Do you know someone who is? Here are some tips....

For those of use who are struggling...

Be kind to yourself.

Don't go to Baby showers if you don't want to.

Let yourself grieve.

Don't isolate yourself...

...but allow yourself to stay home if needed.

Don't feel the need to explain your thoughts and feelings.

...There are so many more I can post...but you get the idea...

For those who know someone who is struggling...

Let them grieve.

Don't pressure them to go to baby showers, etc...

..but don't presume they don't want to go, either. Invite them...they will go, or not go.

Don't ignore them (as in don't not invite them out, etc).

Don't automatically ask about adoption or fostering. It's not for everyone.

Don't spend all the time talking about your kids, and "mommy" things.

..again, there are so many more I could write, but those are a few .

So, there you have, folks! Just a few things that are going around in my head about this very sensitive and personal subject.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New House Pictures/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I have promised pictures of our new place, and I keep But I thought I would do a quick post on/about it.

We have been here for a month, and we LOVE it! I am finding that we do hear more "floor/wall" noise, but it has generally been quieter than our old place.

So, without further are the pics (please excuse the mess...we are not super-clean people, and we certainly weren't when these pictures were taken).

                                      I think I have posted this new favourite spot.
                         Our bedroom. Please excuse the creams and foot lotions. And the cords.
 Our bedroom is SO MUCH bigger...well, it feels like it's twice as big. Lots of room! And yes I forgot, to clean up a bit before taking this..just keeping it real, people.
 Anker found this wood futon frame on Kijjjji for $30. We had thrown our last metal one away. We love this one.
 Our spare room. Yes, it's a junk room. But at least we can close the door. And yes, we are planning on going through it while I am on vacay. Maybe. If I can fit it in btwn my lying around time.
             Our bathroom. We have since put up a shower curtain, and I have organized it a bit more.
                                                         Our kitchen. Lots more storage.
                                                                  Our living room.
 Our dining area. Still don't sit at the table for/during meals, but when I do sit there, there's lots of light.
                                                        The other half of our kitchen.
                                               The other half of our living room.
                                                                     Our yard.
Looking towards the road. I love on how the fence is so high you can't look into your neighbours' yards. The brick wall is the mini storage unit, which is right next to us.

So, there you have it!! I hope you have enjoyed the "tour".

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday Link Ups

Yes, I am still alive :) I haven't felt like blogging lately, mainly b/c I have been enjoying this weather, but also b/c I haven't had much to say. Shocking, I know! But all is (mostly) well in the W household.

Hubby hasn't been feeling well this week, so we have been kind of laying low. I worked last wknd (our holiday LW), and Monday, my brother and future SIL were coming into town, so I met up with them at A and K's house. H said some cute things. I love on how he is trying to figure out family; who is, and why. I got to read him a story, and we had a short visit, until I had to leave for work. Tuesday, I had a small procedure done at the hospital, and I relaxed most of the day. We made supper together, which was fun, and relaxed in the evening, and we got caught up on our TV shows. Wednesday, I mainly stayed home. I did run out in the morning to grab a few things, then I came home and made French Toast, and stayed home, lazed around. Thursday, I went out ran a few errands, and sat outside at McD's and read magazines for awhile. I came home and cleaned up, as my Aunt and Uncle were coming over to see our new place. They brought over ice cream treats from DQ. We had a nice visit, and they left, and we had spaghetti for supper, and just relaxed. Yesterday was pay day, and after doing my FB game, and doing who knows what, I went off to grab a weed eater for the yard, and dropped it off, then went back out to run a few more errands, then it was off to work! So, them there's the highlights of the week!!

Here are a few things that I am loving this week...

1. Warmer Weather.

That's hit 31C the other day. We have brought out the fans, as well as the cold packs. We're happy little campers.

Here are just a few of screen shots that I got of the temps

2. Things for our House.

Hubby and I found a really good (at least we think so) deal on a weed eater (does anyone else think, when, they hear/say wee wacker/eater, they immediately think of what's his name from Over the Hedge saying "The Weed Wacker, Vern". Cracks me up, every.single.time)! Hubby played with it yesterday, and he says it worked really well. I also bought a faker Swiffer from Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday. Anker just quickly used it for a few minutes last night when I got home from work, and he says it worked great.

3. New Clothes.

Well, ONE clothing item. My aunt gave me money for my birthday (it's next month), and she knew I wanted some capri pants, and the best ones (though they are expensive) are at Penningtongs (aka: the fat ladies store), so I went up there (it is now up, since we have moved down to another area of town...they used to be down from us) to find a pair, and I LOVE them!!! I very nearly bought a t-shirt that I LOVED, but I couldn't justify paying $26 for one, when I could buy a $7 one from Wal-Mart. So I just settled on/with/for the pants.

4. Watermelon.

I don't usually buy watermelon, b/c they are usually so expensive, and I never know if they are going to be any good, but I bought one last week, for $6, and it was the best $6 I had ever spent. It was SO delish!

5. New Recipes.

I had a small procedure done at/in the hospital on Tuesday, and while I was having it done, hubby was looking through a Canadian Living Magazine and saw this recipe for Kale and Potato Cake recipe. They were SO good!

There is also a paprika and mayo sauce, which was delish, too.

Then on Wednesda, I made Crumpet French Toast. It was VERY GOOD!

Well, that's what happened in our little world this week!!

****Regarding what has happened with the Duggars in the past 48 hours, instead of judging them, let's try to remember them in prayer****

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Wknd/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good wknd! Mine/ours was...well...interesting!

Friday night, I worked, so that was pretty much moot. It was a good shift though, and they have hired another person, so that's good. It was a pretty relaxed shift. I came home and relaxed all evening. During the day, which was pay day, I relaxed in the morning, and ran around and got the newest magazines, and went to the chiropractor. All before work.

Saturday, Anker and I went to the Farmers' Market and met up with K and H. We got some plants for our garden, and bought a few things. Then we went to to Jysks to grab a shower curtain and a few things. Came home and relaxed and did a few things. I ran back out and met up with A, K, and H for a few minutes at Big Little Science Centre where they were holding a Mining Day. It was actually kind of interesting, but since I went alone, and I had other things to do, I didn't stay long. I went to grab a few things, the library, and came home and relaxed in the sun. I went back to try to return something, and then went to look after H. We had a lovely dinner, and watched his favourite NF show; Paw Patrol, and Puss in Boots. I just chilled and Facebooked.

Sunday, started out VERY interesting! Anker came in all in a huff, b/c he had tried to pick up something that he had found Kijjiji, but he couldn't remember the address, and he had forgotten his phone. I went back up with him, and then we came home and relaxed. We had brunch together, and just tootled around here. I sat outside for awhile, which was WONDERFUL! (I may have done that yesterday, too). Oh yes, that thing that Anker bought for us? It was a wooden futon frame! We ended up putting it together, which took about 45 minutes. After that was done, I decided to grab some Screamers (slurpees with ice cream mixed in), and some makings for nachos. Yummy! We had a nice night; watching/catching up on Call the Midwife. Oh yah, and I called my mom :) I was feeling kind of guilty that I wasn't there with her this year (it has been the first in a few years since we haven't been there with her for/on MD), but she told me she was getting her new fridge, so I felt less guilty! But it sure did feel weird not being there.

So, that was our wknd.

I was going to write a whole post on/about what I feel on Mother's Day, but to be honest, it gets tiring, it's depressing, and it is pretty much just the same stuff over and over. I WILL say that it was a little harder than some years, though. I was a bit emotional in the morning, but I tried not to dwell on it too much. I got a sweet text from my SIL, and a few people on FB said some nice things, which was nice. It would have nice if Mom had acknowledged or said something, but sometimes, it's just nice when no one says anything.

Here are a few things that I found/were posted on m page, along with some that I have found/remembered reading and I bookmarked them (though some of them are from blogs that I follow)....

In Case Mother's Day is Hard on You. Read it here
For those Who Hurt on MD. Read it here.
An Open Letter to Pastors. Read it here
I Could Have a Baby, but She Could not. Read it here
For those waiting to be Mothers. Read it here
Imagine you are Infertile. Read it here
Why I hate Mother's Day. Read it here

...and now for the pictures...

                                                 The new magazines that I bought.
                               This was me pretty much all wknd. Well, parts of the wknd.
                                                         Nacho night. Yummy!
                                                       The Shower curtain. Love it.

                          The garden hubs is putting in. Things are starting to come up already.

                                            The temps were pretty much like this all wknd.
                                                            The fans have come out!!

On Monday night, my girlfriends and I met at Starbucks for our semi monthly coffee date. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I saw on their menu board that they had Razzle Dazzle...I asked what it was a Frappicino on their secret I got it. It was good, save for the chocolate chips that were in it. I would just ask for no CC's next time.
                                                      I love their new oat bars. Yummy.
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Link ups

Happy Friday!!

Wow...this week has been busy..and then not, then busy again! I am SO glad that I have the wknd off!

Here are a few of my favourites from my week...

1. Dollar Drink Days are Back!

$1 drinks are back at McD's. Happy girl, am I.

2. I got the weekly magazines, and a monthly Mag...

I had to...well, with my friend Kate and her babies on the cover and all...and I also got May's Cosmo.

3. My Yard.

Have I mentioned on how much I love my yard. I spent two hours in the sun yesterday. LOVE it.
4. Frappy Hour!

It's been Frappy hour for over a week, and yesterday was the first day that I was able to participate in it. I HAD to participate in it at least ONE day during the 10 day promotion. I met up with K and H yesterday, and we enjoyed sitting outside, enjoying our drinks.

5. Superhero Party.

I got to host a Superhero Party for a certain little someone. Since I couldn't participate in H's birthday fun that they had last wknd, and since they had had us over for supper last Friday, I thought it would be fun to have them on H's birthday! It was a fun evening, and I think he really enjoyed it. I went all out and got Spiderman decorations, and plastic plates and cups. And maybe a streamer or two.

Here are some pictures...Sorry they aren't in order, but I didn't feel like re-ordering them.

Btwn him loving Superman (which sadly, isn't that popular right now), and him wanting, mac n cheese, salad, pineapple, and waffles, here is what I came up with...

 Marvel Mac N Cheese.
 He wanted waffles, and I was thinking shortcakes, so I combined the two. It was a hit.
 The table all ready and waiting.
 The Happy Birthday Streamer.
 A close up of the table.
 I wrote Happy 4th Birthday, Hayden on the balloons.
 The party started at the door.
 H's birthday shortcake.

We also had Superhero (which I changed to Superman) Shortcake, Spidey Salad, and Superhero Juice. I know Martha won't exactly be pounding on my door begging me to be part of her empire, but I think I did ok :)

6. My Fave Spot.

Well, I actually have two; our table which is now by a window (where I actually will eat breakfast), and this...

Love it, people!! It is almost TOO bright in the morning.

Well, those are my five fave for this week (plus one more).

Yes, I will still put up pics of our house, and our trip to the ranch soon. Hopefully this wknd.