Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blogs: What Draws You?

I often wonder what draws me to follow a blog. I wonder what draws people to mine. I only have 31 followers, which is ok. I don't really mind the lack of followers; I just like to get my message of infertility out there. But when I go to check out blogs (for whatever reason), and I see they have thousands of followers, I wonder what the blogger has that I don't (or do). I DO know what draws me to follow a blog.

Here are a few...

Friends. As long as they update (I have had to delete a couple of my friends' blogs b/c they never updated, they get a follow from me. Hands down.

Canadian. If they are Canadian, I follow them. Hands down again.

Christian/Faith-based. I love me a Christian blogger.

Infertility. I have been looking up and following a few blogs who deal with infertility. I like seeing other ladies who are in the same boat as me/us.

Real: I love the ones where the ladies don't have it all; they have the messy house, know what it is like to not have money coming from both ends. You know..the real people.

Adoption: I will often follow adoption mama blogs. Although I find it hard to see them happy, and with their babies, I do love reading their stories.

Ex-Pat/Missionary Blogs: I have followed ex-pat and missionary blogs. I do tend to find that MOST EP kids are a bit spoiled to the lavish life, and are a bit rude (just from what I have read on their moms' blogs), but I do enjoy seeing different parts of the world. Missionary blogs (though not many around..sadness!) are awesome as well, as they provide a totally different way of seeing things.

Link ups: Ones who do link ups that are of interest of me are ones I follow.

Return Followers: Ones who follow me (usually) always get a return follow from me. That's just good manners. I also have that policy on Twitter (usually), IG, and Pinterest

Farmers/Ranchers: Anyone who is on a farm/Ranch will almost automatically get a follow from me. Bonus if they have sheep!

Home-schoolers: I was home-educated, so I love to read about what/how mama's today are home-educating their kids.

About the blog it self:

I look for blogs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I don't like when blogs are too "busy", but not too boring (ok, mine is, but I do try to sort of make it pretty). I like when there aren't a bunch of posts all over the blog. Not sure how to explain it, but when they are not seemingly in order, it makes it confusing. I like a more linear view of the blog. I tend to not follow style-only, food-only, or decorating-only blogs. They are too boring (IMHO). I also don't tend to follow blogs who have multiple writers/authors, though I am following a few. And obviously,  I follow them if they get updated fairly frequently. I like blogs that have good printing; if they are too small, then I tend to not follow them. Like at least once a month. If the blog writing is too...odd...too quirky, too satire, and just plain doesn't make sense (for me), I won't follow it. I also won't follow blogs where you have to join a Google Circle. What IS a Google Circle, anyway? I tend to follow blogs where/when they have a low-amount of followers.

So, that's what draws me to follow blogs...what about you?

Friday Link Ups

Happy Sunday! Yes, I am well aware that I am SLIGHTLY behind. Oh well.

Since I haven't posted my "favourites" in the last couple of weeks, I may have more than 5...soooo, let's get to it!!!

1. New "neighbour" Blogger:

I just discovered this today! Kara is a lady who I connected with on Twitter. We had a few tweets, and I discovered her IG account, and then I found out that she has a blog. Oh, and did I mention that she lives in the same city as me? I of course, added her to my long list of bloggers! (I follow WAY too many!)

2. AD. The Series/The Series AND Devotional:

First off..I LOVE the AD Series! They are on IG, FB, Twitter, etc. I think even Pinterest! I also saw the Dateline NBC episode when/where they interviewed Mark and Roma (you know, my friends, Mark and Roma!). (and yes, I could link up all those three, but I don't feel like it). Anyway... in partnership with Lifeway have created a devotional series. I am loving it.

Every week, in accordance to the episodes (at least that what I have observed), they bring out/up another devo plan. Love it. Even though I may be a bit behind, I am really enjoying it.

3. New Jammies:

Ok, they may not be TOTALLY new, but they are my newest jammies that I have. I love them...they  only have spent time in my drawer for a total of 10 minutes, they are either on me, or in my dirty clothes, or getting washed/dried.

4. New Make-up:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my friends, and had a Mary Kay facial. I wasn't going to buy anything, but I was about to get paid, and I love you know...
LOVE it!! I also got the eye make up for free, as well as the bag. I got the cream eye shadow, which I LOVE, and foundation, which I normally hate, as it usually makes me look like a corpse. I tried it, though, and I really like it. And of course, the good old Satin Hands cream is always a winner.

5. New Chatelaine:

Ok, so this (as well as the others that I have talked about) came a couple of weeks ago, but hey, it makes me happy.

6. Free Magazines:

This wknd, I decided to forgo my usual (but not EVERY week) stack of magazines. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and I saw their Free magazine, which is now being displayed in the aisle (as opposed to being on/at/in the chCanadian Health Magazineeck out). I love getting them. They are so interesting, and colourful. I also got Canadian Health Magazine, which I haven't seen in quite awhile (it's usually in most drug stores, and hospitals, etc). So, that was kind of fun.

7. Excellent Selfies:
 If I do say so bottom was taken two Sundays ago, and the top one was taken today.

8. Days in the Sun:
I have been able to spend a few days (even if it just for a half hour or so) sitting in the BEAUTIFUL weather. This was taken last week (last Tuesday) in our local park. It was such a beautiful day! Monday, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but I was too busy before work to enjoy it. Tuesday was almost as nice.

9. Greek Food (and date with Hubby):

Over a week ago, after looking a place, hubby and I went for Greek food.
It was ever so yummy. Then on Tuesday, after signing for our new place, we had Chinese food. It was very good.

10. Spanish Rice:

I made Spanish Rice for the first time ever the other day. It turned out really well. I even had to substitute some of the ingredients. I used this recipe, and I would defo make it again.

11. Lilacs:

The lilacs are out! They are usually out later at the ranch, so I am STILL not used to them being out in April. Love it. I picked a few while I was at work, and I put them in a cup. Such a lovely smell.

12. Lambs:

I got to cuddle some cute lil lambs a couple of weekends ago. I will do a post on our visit there soon...or never...depending on if I get to it. Ha!

Well, that's what happened in the last couple of weeks with us!!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Guys Behind the Blog/April

Linking up with Betsy for this month's Guys Behind the Blog.

 As usual, hubby won't participate, so I will be answering the questions to the best of my ability.

1 // Has Starbucks ever spelled your name wrong on a cup? If yes, what's the craziest way that 
someone has spelled it?
No, but other people have. Also, they usually ask on how to spell it, and/or I (April) usually have to spell it for them.

2 // Who would play your wufe/fiancee/girlfriend in a movie or TV show about your lives?
No idea (even I can't think of K, I am thinking now maybe Drew Barrymore? Hubby has always thought she was cute.

3 // What is your proudest accomplishment?
Probably making me his wife, and his bike that he is almost finishing.
4 // What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas...and probably Canada Day (July 1st), b/c it is warm.

5 // What is your favorite breed of dog?  If you don't have a favorite breed, describe the characteristics of your ideal dog (or cat)! Border Collies for dogs, and Siamese for cats.

May's Guys Behind the Blog is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 and will stay open through Friday, June 5.  If you want to get a head start, here are the questions:

1 // What is your favorite family tradition?
2 // Who's your male celebrity crush?
3 // What song best sums you up?
4 // What three things do you think of the most each day?
5 // What is your most embarrassing memory?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Quick Post

Yes, I am still alive! I just haven't been into blogging much...or too busy..don't know what to say, or just not feeling the blogging vibe! I will go through the blogs that I follow, to get inspired, and I WILL be excited..but then I decide that I don't want to do a post...I get thinking that I HAS to include pictures, blah, blah...! I know it doesn't have to be perfect, but, well, you know..I THINK it does! I have missed out on the last two Friday and Tuesday link ups, which makes me sad, but oh well, right?

We are doing well...we are in the throes of PACKING! We found a place! We are both so excited! Today was our first full (semi) day of packing. Anker has done a fair amount, which has been great. I have been either too lazy or at work to start. Ha! I am getting rid of LOTS of stuff. This week has gone by not so fast. Yup, just being honest. It's been ok, though. I worked Wednesday, and ran a few errands after, including a few groceries, and Anker and I had chicken dinner and watched TV, and then I met some friends for coffee at Starbucks, and wandered around Chapters. Waited around for a friend to get off work, so I could take her home, and relaxed and went to bed. Tuesday, I had off, and I enjoyed spending it outside, and also, ran a few errands, and saw the place again. Anker and I went for for Chinese food. Yummy! Monday, I didn't do a whole lot, but I did have to go to a walk in clinic to have my work-related (albeit stupid) injury. I decided that slicing my finger and thumb was a great thing to do. After that, I met my friend at the eye doctor, and drove her to a few places  (darn, those eye drops!) that she needed to go. So, as you can see, it wasn't that exciting of a week.

Other than work, and our getting ready to move, there's not a whole lot new in our little world. Anker hasn't been feeling that well the last few weeks, but he is being a trooper and helping me pack. I just realized that I hadn't yet blogged about our trip to the ranch. I will try to do a few blog posts this wknd. I also see the GBTB is up :) We had a beautiful few days here this last week. Sadly, I had to work most of them, and the only nice day off that I had was Tuesday, and it was cloudy at times, and windy, too. Oh well. I spent a few hours outside, which was nice. Monday, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Like, seriously. I wore shorts for the first time this year. And today, it rained. Awesome. Actually, it wasn't that bad of a day for the most part. But defo not short/capri weather.

Well, that is all for now...will fill in a few blanks this wknd! I have a few pictures that I will be sharing, too.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Views and Thoughts on Easter

I hope you all had a good Easter Long Wknd. Probably yours was better than mine! I had to work it all but Friday. Ha! Actually, it wasn't all bad. It wasn't that bad of a weekend, actually, though I did wish I was at my parents', and outside more than I was. Oh well.

Friday, Anker and I went to our church's Good Friday Service. There were actually 12 churches that came together, so that was fun. It was a full house. I am SO GLAD that we got there early, so that we could get a parking space, and a bum space. Adam and Co were there, so that was fun. H hung out with this during the last half of the service, and he ate chocolate eggs and Tic Tacs from my purse. You do what you can to keep them quiet, right?

Afterwards, Anker went to CT while I just stayed in the car. I dropped him off, and went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, including magazines and movies (more on that in/on my previous post). I went to Starbucks and I just chilled for awhile. I got a text/FB message from my friend saying that our ladies coffee group was meeting up at 3 at McDonald's. At first I wasn't going to go, but I thought I should, since I was off. I had a nice time with them, and my friends grand-daughter, Evelyn! She is PRECIOUS! I came home and hubby was working on something that a friend had given him to try to fix. I got caught up on show on our PVR. Grey's was good (though not the greatest episode) and Y&R. And I am sure more, but I can't remember. I also made Resurrection Buns. Well, the short version. They did not turn out well, but they tasted awesome, so who cares, right? I went to bed late, as usual.

Saturday, I worked a 12 hour shift. It was good, though..and fairly relaxing. We got to sit outside for 2 hours at a friends birthday party (it was gorgeous ALL WKND), and then we had Chinese food for supper. Yum. Sunday, I worked another 12 hour shift. I went to Wal-Mart with a client, and we enjoyed a snack and McD's (if you aren't hungry, but want something small, order the Happy Meal. I have done that a few times, and I LOVE it. And yes, if the toy is good [which it wasn't this time, so I didn't get it], I do get it. Cause you have to have the whole experience, right?). We washed, gassed up and vacuumed the van. It was a lovely day for a drive, so I didn't rush back. I grabbed Tim Horton's on the way, b/c I was needing a French Vanilla. We had our turkey dinner at 5:30, which was yummy. The rest of the night went well, but I always come back VERY tired! I actually came straight home and laid on the bed for about 15 minutes.

So, that was our wknd. I know...exciting, right? But you know what? Other than being sad that I didn't get to go home and see my family, it wasn't a big deal. As I have said before, Easter has always been a funny/awkward holiday for us. Because it usually falls in April, my family haven't done much, since it is the busiest time on the ranch. The sheep are having their babies, so everyone goes full-tilt.

**********This next part was written on April 14/14, I was hoping to get this up in time for last weeks Tuesday Link up, but I didn't end up getting up there in this will be up on/in this weeks Tuesday Link what if it's a little late, right?**********

So, back to my thoughts...Spiritually, it has/is VERY important to us, as Christians. It is the day when Jesus rose from the grave. So, please don't get me wrong when I say it hasn't been that big of a holiday. It is just that it has always been a busy month. We never had Easter Egg hunts, a huge dinner, special/fun outfits, etc. It was never important to us. My parents always told us that Easter was about Jesus, and NOT about the Easter Bunny, eggs, etc. Though b/c it does usually all in April, during the lambing season, there is always NEW life, and yes, the we would often have baby chicks, so that was find of fun. Sometimes, we would have a ham dinner, and in later years, especially when it fell in March, Mom would make a Seder supper, and we would sometimes have a lamb dinner.

I think that Easter has become too commercialized. WAY too much. I don't like on how it has become about gifts, chocolates and eggs, and bunnies. Yes, Christmas has become too commercialized, too...but at least there seems to be a message, even among those who aren't Christians. And at least there was a Santa Clause. Too many kids think that Easter is about the egg hunt, and the Easter Buny. Case in point: My nearly 4 yr old nephew thought that Easter was about the Easter Bunny laying eggs. My almost 3 yr old niece, a couple of days after Easter, went to go out to look for chocolate, when her mom, said that Easter was over, she promptly replied "then I'll go look for Easter". Cute, but way off.

***Clearly, I am too busy to have finished this! It is now April 16/15***

Well, it is now two days later...and I am STILL working on this post. I have either been too busy, or am just not into it. At any rate...I think I have said what I meant to about Easter. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the physical part hasn't had much meaning, and is being focusing WAY TOO MUCH on silly things that have nothing to do with Easter. I also find it funny that it used to be initially about fertility! Ha! At any rate....those are my thoughts.

Monday, April 6, 2015

An All Over the Place Post/Friday Link ups

This post is going to be all over the place. There are lots of little ITTY BITTY thoughts running around in my head, and instead of doing a bunch of tiny posts, I thought I would do a long(er) one.
(I know that normally, people..myself about what happens BEFORE..or at least ON Friday, but I started Friday, and I just finished April 6 at 12:24, well, you know....who cares)

Good Friday:

Watch It's Friday, but Sunday's a Comin. This was posted on one of the blogs that I follow;Kelly posted this this morning...and I had seen it before, but I always love to watch it again.

Resurrection Buns:

Every year for the last few years, I have wanted to make Resurrection Buns. My mom made them a few years ago for children's church, so they are sort of for kids, but who says that kids get to have all the fun? Well, since I don't "do" (aka: bake) bread, and I have to work all weekend, I sort of went on Pinterest to see if there was any shortened version (ok, I don't know if I actually went on looking for a shortened version, but when I typed it in, this recipe came up. Well, I JUST NOW made them.

Pinterest's picture:
 ***********this next part was done today April 5.******* How mine turned out: Eh..good enough. They actually tasted quite good. Hubby had more than his fair share. I think I need a new baking pan. I had bought one, but it was too big for our oven.

 Cadbury Creme Eggs:

Can you blv that I have only had ONE large (I have had a few small ones) creme egg this year? And it was VERY good! Don't you all just love their new wrapping!!??

Turkey Dinner:

We had our Turkey Dinner on Friday night...thanks, Hungry Man!

Magazines and Movies:

I bought this week's rag mags (I don't do that every week, due to finances, etc), and April's Good Housekeeping. I also found and picked up for $10 a pack of four movies from Wal-Mart. They are Biblical-era movies, including THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. I am watching it now as I type.

There's a Motorbike in my House!:

I am probably THE most tolerant wife around, cause there's a motorbike frame in my kitchen. Normally, I WOULD NOT put up with this..BUT since we are moving (hopefully to a place with a yard, or least another room that he can work on/in) in a few months, I am letting him do it. Besides, it gives me an excuse not to clean or cook, right?

 Yes, that's our kitchen and kitchen table.Thankfully, we never eat in there.
Spend-free Days:

There were a few days this last week where I didn't spend ANYTHING (other than gas). I am trying!!!

Great Friends, Great Conversation, and Great Food:

I visited with my friend the other day. We had a lovely visit, and she gave me yummy gingerbread cake. With rum sauce. And Ice Cream.

Down One Follower:

I am down one follower. Boo. Only 31 followers. It does make me a little sad, though. Oh well.

Am I doing the right thing?

I constantly (as in every day, every hour) ask myself and the Lord if I am doing the right thing. Work, life, etc. The next big decision is where/when to move. Should we rent? Buy? SO many decisions. I guess this means I am a grown up. I am always worried that I am doing the wrong thing. I am worried that I will make the wrong decision. Even semi-big desicions, like, should we go to Vancouver (well, more like when), and how and where/when to spend our money. But mainly, it is the work/moving ones that have me always mulling things over.

Well, that's the way I/we saw the world this past week!

(I don't know if I will do the weekly updates. I know you're all missing them, but I tend to blog enough, especially on/for the Friday Link ups and the Weekend Wrap Ups that I think that I update everyone enough with our mundane life).


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Friday, April 3, 2015

We're the 1 in 6

A while back, I came across (again) this video  on someone's blog.  It is Kelly Coffey's "I Would Die for That". I had seen it before, and I LOVED it, and as I listened and watched it again, there is a part where the couple is holding a sign, and that says they are 1 in 10 couples who are infertile. I decided to find out what the stats were of infertile couples were in Canada, which I found wer 1 in 6. Imagine the irony, then, when, the other day, I was up late (as usual), and was trying to find some info on infertility bloggers and (if any) infertility photographers, when I stumbled up Infertility Awareness Association of Canada's website (which was probably where I got my information, and when I had posted-but not started on-the title) only to then go to their FB page, where I FORGOT that I had "liked it", AND then to discover that they are doing the #1in6 Campaign! They are doing the hashtag on ALL Social Media, to bring light to infertility. It is also (which I had no clue) is Canadian Infertility Awareness Week May 19-28th. I had the above picture as profile picture for a day, which is now changed for the Easter Wknd, but I will have it back up after, where it will remain until after the 28th (ok, I may take a break and switch it up for awhile..cause I get tired of seeing the same profile picture). I thought that it was funny that I had named this post the 1 in 6, and then to find out that they are doing a campaign with the same name. How cool is that? :)

I could bring awareness to infertility, and try to get Canadian Health Care to fund IVF, and other procedures, as well as get more funding for adoption for couples all I want (which is wonderful and MUCH NEEDED), but I think what ALSO needs to be talked about is how MANY couples (such as myself) will never be able to have a bio baby, nor will they be able to adopt. Simply put, you have to have money, and health to adopt a baby. Yes, my brother and sister-in-law did it, and that is wonderful, so please don't get me wrong, but unless you have at least $10K, health, etc, it doesn't happen. So, what I want to do, is yes...bring awareness to the fact that costs thousands of dollars to even ATTEMPT to have a bio baby (cause let's face it...IVF, Donor eggs/sp**m, IUI doesn't just happen on its own!), but also to shed light on the fact simply put, there are lots of couples that for health (like ours) reasons (as well as infertility) just won't be able to have a baby. It's that simple. I am wanting to bring awareness of the HURTING, and LONELINESS, ISOLATION that infertility can does bring. Hubby and I do talk about these things, but I am sure he doesn't tell me everything (nor I to him) on how he is feeling/thinking.

Chances are, there are couples in your circle that are dealing with this. Even if they don't talk about it openly and outright.You don't see them crying at night. You don't see the hurt in their eyes every time there's a baby dedication or baptism at church, the agony of going (or not going) to a baby shower, the sadness that each holiday brings. And don't let the fact the IF they have adopted fool you; yes, they have had a baby, but they still struggle with those thoughts and feelings. Believe me. It may not be as prevalaint, or as near the surface (or maybe it is), but it is there. Adoption is no easy task, either, and I am not just financially. It's a whole other gammit of feelings...feelings I don't even know exist. What really bugs me about infertility is that NO ONE talks about it. Yes, there are some great groups/websites out there, and that is awesome. And it is getting more press/social media time, but there still needs to be more, and I don't even know on how/what it would look like. I would love to do a run/walk to raise money for research, and for couples who are trying to have a baby. I would love to talk about it to family and friends more. I wish I was brave enough to start something and/or speak about it. Truth is, I think a lot of people shut down when you bring it up. Even **I** shut down when someone asks us about having kids (though most people don't..just people whom I have met). I don't want to talk about it; mainly b/c I know that they will not want to talk about it after I tell them we're an infertile couple Just like cancer, and other diseases that were hardly talked about even 20 years ago, we NEED to talk, to learn, TO LISTEN, and gain understanding about this disease, and yes it IS a disease!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Infertility Boxes

I was inspired by Stacy and Hannah (both BLM's) when they mentioned on their blogs about giving away "BabyLoss Boxes". At first, I thought that it was a bit silly (sorry, just being honest here), but then I got to thinking..."if baby loss families could get boxes, what about infertile couples?" I have mentioned on here before, that infertile couples (especially women) find it hard to let go, to grieve, in part because we don't have anything tangible to remember our loss (yes, it a loss, and don't anyone else tell you [not] otherwise). We don't have a grave to visit. We don't have the clothes we bought for them to wear for their first/last pictures (and depending on when/how they died, brought them home in). We don't have special toys, etc. We don't have the shadow boxes. And that makes me sad.

 Now, please bear with me, this is a new thing (I am sure). I have NO CLUE as to where I could go with this. WHO would I give it to? Would they even be received? Where I would I deliver to? Doctors' offices, obviously, but who/where else? Infertility clinics? Churches? Counsellors' offices? What about baby showers, where we would KNOW that a childless mama would be there? What about to/on any awareness walks/events, like RESOLVE, Endometriosis, PCOS, etc. What would go in them? A verse (Bible and/or not), maybe some figuring/decoration/Christmas ornament, maybe the infertility ribbon (there is one, isn't there?), and maybe a gift card to a nice restaurant, and/or to a photographer (I think Hannah had put a pamphlet about NILMDTS), that could do some sort of a infertility-related photo shoot, the list goes on (or not...I seemed to have run out of

I am not sure if I will even get to it...but maybe something that I could do for my own friends/people that I know who are struggling..just a thought...what do you all think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where has God Called YOU?/Let's be Friends Blog Hop

I have a few blog posts running around in my head, and a few of them even have a title to them, and are saved as a draft. That is as far as I have gotten. I know...lots of ideas.

Lately, I have seen people's posts about being "called" to go here, and/or do this. That's lovely. For them. I wish I could go to Africa and love on some babies in an orphanage. I wish I had a job where was working with kids. That is why I even went into this field. Clearly, however, it was hard to get a job working with kids. When I got the job where I am now, I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. A few months into, it, however, and I started to really love it..and I knew that that is where God wanted me to be.  Sure, it's not that glamourous of a job. It is a tough job (though not so very hard), I am not gonna lie. But I think this is where I am to be right now.

Because of health reasons, we can't go to other countries. But we can stay here, and we can help those right next door. We will never be able to foster and adopt, also due to health (and financial) reasons. And, we certainly will never have bio babies (yes, I do realize that miracles DO happen...and that we shouldn't put God in a box, but I am also being a realist). That isn't our calling. I am not even sure if my/our calling is to "love on" other foster and adoption families. Anker is battling a chronic illness, and I am working, so that really limits on what we can do. I feel that my calling is, at least for now, my job. I think our calling isn't so much a "what" or "where" as it is an attitude (k, i find this funny, b/c the last statement was totally random...and not thought all...but I blv it to be true!).

I also believe that it is my calling to blog...not just about our daily lives, but also to put a voice and to shed light on / to infertility; to reach out to those who are hurting...and not just in infertility department; lesser known chronic illnesses, less-than-perfect lives (finances, etc). And not just in our blog...on Facebook...and in the real, work, family, etc. I believe that God wants us (well, me, since Anker is definitely not "there" right now), to give a voice to these issues. And guess what? I think that's pretty darn cool. I'm ok with that!!!!

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Yes, my name is a month (and it's annoying) !

In case you don't know, or have missed it, or really haven't cared to check/find name is April. Yes, I am named after a month. No, I wasn't born in April. No, I wasn't named after anyone. THEY JUST LIKED THE NAME,  PEOPLE!!

I actually don't mind my name (most of the time); it is unique, not everyone has it, and (most of the time) everyone knows how to spell it. I have seen some odd ways of spelling it...Aypril. Aprile., Ayprille, Aprille....the list goes on. I am not even kidding. How and WHY would you mess like a classic like that? Anyway...I wish I shared my name with someone cool, but I don't (though Avril Lavigne is ok..and there's always April Wine).

But there are times when I really don't like it. It is a PAIN. Every year around March, people start talking about the month of April (scheduling, etc)...and I ALWAYS turn my head, cause I think they are talking to me. It's annoying. People make fun of my name ALL THE TIME. Especially during the month of April. I see my name EVERYWHERE! Especially since in the month of April, my family's sheep have their it is a VERY busy month. Quite often, I will say "My name is April, but I wasn't born in April", Just to get it out there, and done with. And yes, I have heard it all. It is actually really frustrating, and even a little hurtful at times. It just gets old. It was really bad when I worked in the calling industry (made phone calls, rec'd phone calls). I would say "My name is April", and they would make some joke about it. And don't even get me started on the mean names they would call me (yes, even my siblings, but they get a free pass, b/c they are supposed to do that). And there is my middle name. I only tell a few people, b/c the name has been ripped apart. I hate it. I don't mind the name as much now, since I have gotten older, and also, cause I visited the castle of the same name. My aunt is named June (which was why I wasn't named June...the month of my birth), and she was born in June. I am pretty sure that she has bared the brunt of a lot of jokes. It is funny, though...b'c sometimes she and I will be together, and someone will say "we have an April and a June, now we just need my aunt May." Yes, yes, hilarious...can you tell I am laughing?

Anyway..just a funny little rant about my name :)

Happy Hump Day!