Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guys Behind the Blog #3

Happy Tuesday! Yes, I am blogging two days in a row! Ha!

I am linking up with Heavens to Betsy for Guys Behind the Blog. Let me tell you...my husband LOVES this...ha! NOT! Oh well, I make him play, anyway.

Here are March's questions:

1 // Do you have a good luck charm or ritual? (like a lucky coin, or you always used to listen to a certain pump-up song when you played sports in high school or college?)
2 // What is your favorite dish that your wife/fiance/girlfriend makes for you?  Do you have any fun memories of a time when she tried to cook and it totally flopped or does she get it right every time?
 Stroganoff. Probably, but we can't remember. I (April) flop A LOT.

3 // What did you want to be when you were growing up?
 Something to do with electronics.

4 // Which of the five senses is your strongest?

5 // Would you ever run for president? (or Prime Minister, cause we're Canadian).

April's questions:
1 // Has Starbucks ever spelled your name wrong on a cup? If yes, what's the craziest way that someone has spelled it?
2 // Who would play your wife/fiance/girlfriend in a movie or TV show about your lives?
3 // What is your proudest accomplishment?
4 // What is your favorite holiday and why?
5 // What is your favorite breed of dog?  If you don't have a favorite breed, describe the characteristics of your ideal dog (or cat)!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Friday Link Ups/Weekend Wrap Up***And TToT***

**********Edited for TTOT on Sept 5, 2015**********

I thought I would link up TToT this week, but since I hadn't (yet) done a Friday Link up/TToT (just didn't get to it this week..I still might), I thought i would link up with an old Friday Link up post. I hope that's ok to do!! 


Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a good wknd. Mine was ok...I have a lot of things on my mind, which was partly why I didn't do the Friday link ups on Friday.

Warmer Weather: We have been having warmer weather here in BC, and I like it! Well, except for the other day, when it was FREEZING! I am very closet to getting my capri's and sandals out.

Starbucks Mug: I got a new Starbucks travel mug the other day. It was a great price, and it is huge...however, I am not a fan of the lid. It is a bit awkward to drink from/out of. Oh well.

Health System: I love (for the most part) Canada's health system. It is free! My mom was in the hospital on Friday (which was part of the stuff that's on my mind), and the doctor was so thorough, and wants her to go for more tests. But the part I am happy about is that it is ALL FREE! She didn't have to pay a dime! I love on how they are making strides health care. There are so many things they can do these days. It's awesome.

Hubby's Liver Levels: Anker went for a follow up to his doctor for his liver enzymes blood test he'd had the week prior. All but one level is NORMAL!! We are very happy! God is good!!

FRIENDS/Grey's Anatomy: I have been watching Friends lately, especially when I go to bed at night. I have all 10 seasons, and I LOVE them! I go through periods when/where I will watch them. And laugh. A LOT. I also watched most of Season 1 of GA on Saturday. Love it. I have a few seasons (not chronological), and I have been debating on whether I should get all 10, or sell the ones I have. I think I have decided that I will keep the ones I have, and continue getting them. But man, are they expensive!!!

...and a few Extra..just because I can...

Not Spending as Much: K, this isn't TOTALLY true...cause I spent a bit this wknd..HOWEVER..we are trying not to spend as much...and prior to this wknd, I actually hadn't spent a lot. I DID manage to put a few bucks into our savings..yay!

God is in Control: I am learning this. Like every day. Every, every day! I just wish that we would have more than a week or two when/where things would go smoothly, but sadly, that is not the case with us. Ha! So, when bad things happen...I get upset, stressed, frustrated...and mad. BUT I also know that God is there...right beside us. HE is in control, even if we don't feel it.

Good BGM's: Well, they haven't ALL been good, but most of them have. I am talking about blood sugars. I am trying (ok, not super hard, but trying, none the less) to eat a bit better. The one thing that I love about work is that we almost always have a salad. So, I will sometimes have two helpings. Yum. I also had veggies with my pizza the other night.

Family and Friends Who Care: I love that I can call on my family and friends to rant about what has been going on....which is what I did on Friday and Saturday. They all care and love me (us) so much. I heart them.

New Stuffy: I have a thing for stuffies. I love them. I have had to throw a few away/give them away/b/c I simply don't have the room. Every Easter, however, Anker usually buys me a stuffed animal..be it a bunny, or a sheep. When I came across these little guys at Shoppers Drug Mart, I KNEW had to have one....(some of you may remember that I used to play a game on Facebook called Fluff Friends..after a few pets (you could change ever so often), I ended up with a Sheep (u). They had 4 or 5 different colours of sheep (u's) -they fake-named the animals-, and I got the Golden Sheep (u)), who I named Goldilocks. So, yes, that, coupled with the fact that I am from a sheep ranch, makes me LOVE SHEEP (and they make a great supper!)!
 I am going to name her Pink :)
My Sheep collection

Linking up with:

Weekend Wrap Up:

Friday, I woke up fairly early (for me), and hubby and I did hung out and relaxed. Anker and I also looked at a trailer that we saw online that was for rent. I got my blood work done, and then went to grab McD's for breakfast. Then, we went to see the trailer. We really liked it, but we didn't give them a definite answer, and someone came after us and said that they wanted it. Grr. I had my Chiro appt (it was payday, so I did spend a bit more than usual, plus my neck and chest were bugging me, so I figured that it was time to go for a tune up) , grabbed a pop at McD's, and read until I had to work. Work went well, for the most part...I don't want to talk about it. Lol. I had a HORRIBLE night's sleep on Friday; was anxious, etc.

Saturday, I slept in, and relaxed in the morning. I think I called a few family members, which was nice. I went out to the park and read magazines for a few hours, and then met up with a friend to watch Cinderella. LOVED it. Grabbed a few things from Superstore, and a pizza for us for supper, and watched hockey (VAN vs DAL...DAL won), and hung out in our room.on the computer..and I watched Grey's Season 1. I called my cousin, and we talked for over an hour. I stayed up late (until 2 am!) jounalling and watching GA SS1.
 I pretty much missed the sun, but I DID manage to get a bit of sun on my legs.

Sunday, I slept until 10 am, quickly got dressed, and went to church. I was a half hour late. Grr. Oh well. It was a good service. I met up with my friend at Taco Del Mar for lunch. Yum. Oh, and I may or may not have stopped at Starbucks for a steamed milk and oat bar. Maybe. She had to return something at a store, so we looked at clothes. I didn't know that they had large sizes...and I almost bought a top, but I can't justify spending $25 on a top. Went to Wal-Mart  ******I interrupt this blog post/update for a PUPPY PICTURE BREAK Let's take a moment to look, discuss, drool, over these ADORABLE puppies???********

These puppies were outside Wal-Mart yesterday. They are from a local adoption agency. We probably spent a half hour just drooling over and holding them. I held the puppy with the "All Girl" sweater, and I also loved the little guy sleeping. EEK! For $500, he could have been mine. 

****...and we now we continue with this regularly scheduled blog post.... ****

 and bought a few things...including a top that was $9...and came home. I ditched my poor friend who was in the bathroom, b/c I suddenly HAD to leave, since I wasn't feeling well AT ALL. I felt bad, but we talked it out, so it's all good. I came home, and had a nap. I was on the computer a fair amount this wknd. I went to church with my brother and his wife, since they had asked me/us to come with them. Anker was feeling horrible (which I didn't know the extent of until later), so he didn't do much this wknd. He worked on his bike a bit on Saturday. My friend texted me asking if I wanted her vacuum for $20, so after church, I grabbed Tim's, and went to her house (which is in our complex), and we hung out and watched two episodes of FRIENDS. I came home, Fb'd and read magazines, while Anker got caught up on Remedy on shomi, while I listened and read my plethora of magazines!

******I am doing VERY little cleaning/packing-though I did do two loads of laundry this weekend..that still have to be folded and put away-until we have a place, and have moved (and also because hubby is working in his bike IN OUR KITCHEN. Yah, don't get me started). I don't see the point! I AM going to do a bit of organizing of our stuff; throwing stuff out, donating, etc...to help us when we DO start packing! Although I have been doing this on and off for about a year, so that's good.**********

Other than stuff weighing me down, it was a good wknd.

Oh...and here is something that I found yesterday...it is on Global BC's website, but I found (like everything else) it on Facebook...this just breaks my heart...Just b/c we are infertile, it doesn't mean that I don't feel for pregnant ladies...and they (like everyone else) should NEVER be harassed..watch this, and see if you don't get angry.

Yes, this is getting WAY longer than I thought or anticipated...but here are a few pictures from the week...

 I met up with my aunt and uncle on Thursday for a visit and coffee...I had a hot chocolate with their apple chips..

 I made supper at home for the first time in AGES!!! Steak, potatoes and peas. Yum.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Major Randomness/Friday Link Ups/Let's be Friends Blog Hop

I am starting this on Thursday (that's today!!), so that I can link up for the Friday link ups...actually ON THE DAY that they start!

I am actually not feeling well at the moment...I was going to call in sick, but, there isn't any coverage, and I worked an extra shift and a half this pay period, so if I don't call in sick, I will get more money! Oh, and I actually want to go :)

This will be a MAJOR random post...I hope you are all ok with that...

*********It is now Tuesday, and I am HOPING to finish this post TODAY, plus I will now be linking up with the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop as well.***************

Last Weekend: Well, it would not be considered two wknds ago! Ha! So, TWO wknds ago, I decided to go out visit the parents. Anker wasn't feeling well AT ALL, so I went alone. It was actually a fun time. I don't have ANY problem in going and doing things alone, even if it means doing something (going somewhere) out of town. First though, on Friday (again, two wknds ago), I hung out with Krystle and H for a bit. I took H to Tim Horton's and drove him home, and hung out with them for a bit. After going to the library, I went to work. I worked until 11, and came home. I know, exciting and wild. I didn't know for sure until I was leaving until the very last minute, cause I am very indecisive that way. I waffled up until the very last minute (do I stay home and watch TV/movies all wknd, read mags, etc, or do I visit with family?) I am SO glad I did. After grabbing a few groceries for Anker, and dropping something off, I was on my way. I had a bit of an adventure, as there was a delay for a couple of hours. A tree had fallen on a power pole, causing all traffic both ways to stop. Thankfully, I had my phone, and magazines :) I had a great wknd; Mom and I went for lunch after church, and we had a great visit; probably one the best in a long time. I had short visits with my aunt, and spent time with my "little" brother. We four watched The Gathering Storm (very good), and started watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and thought it was horrible, and we turned it off. I think it was the first time that it was just Dad, Mom and their oldest (that's me) and youngest (Isaac) child were together. So col! Mom and I even read some magazines together while I was there (see below)! So fun. I had a nice visit with Cadence on the way home. It was a great wknd, even though it wasn't super-relaxing. I picked up a shift on Monday (well, they called me a few days prior asking me), (which was part of the reason that/why I was waffling, cause I had one less day to, well, relax), so I left around 10 and visited Cadence on the way. I grabbed A&W along the way, and since I had a few minutes to kill before going to work, I grabbed a Tim's coffee and donut and sat in the sun. All in all, it was a great wknd. I didn't take ANY pictures (not even of our yummy salads!), which kind of made me sad, but I also didn't want to spend a bunch of time taking pictures, either.
 The delay at Barriere. 2.5 hours of waiting. Thankfully, my purse was very understanding.

I tend to overpack. Just a tad.

Magazine Addict:  I have loved magazines for as long as I can remember. I blame my mother. Ha! When I was young, she would get Good Housekeeping (among other magazines), and she would store them downstairs in the sewing room and I would sit for HOURS pouring over them again and again. As I grew up, I started getting my own magazines, based on my own interests at the time. I have had TONS of magazines in storage that I only just gave away in the last few months. I only keep a few good ones in our bedroom closet. In case you haven't noticed, I am a bit of a magazine addict. Like, I seriously have a problem. I think it's getting worse. I buy some of them, but I get A LOT of them from the library. I have always loved People, US Weekly, and Woman's World, but I also love RedBook, Cosmo, Glamour, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Canadian House and Home, Style at Home, and tons more. The problem is me getting them, and not reading them, for like, well, ever. I will USUALLY read People and US Weekly (the new issues) as soon as I get (buy, borrow) them, but the older they are, the longer they tend to go unread. It can be for a number a reasons: Working, Blogging, Facebook, watching TV, spending time with family, hubby, etc. At any rate, I have way too many lying around, spend too much time reading them (I know I should be reading the Bible, and other good-for-you books..hey, even a novel-something I haven't done in a LONG time...just can't quite get into them lately-would be a good change), though I try to not make myself feel too guilty about it, since I DO work, run errands, etc. And no, I would not switch to e-nook. or whatever they're called...I love the feel of them...the shine, etc...plus, reading on a screen for too long of a time hurts my eyes

Going/Coming into Town: I was thinking about this the other day as I was driving from one end of the city to the other. We live in the town that I grew up coming into town with my family to do major errands/appointments, etc. To be honest, even though I LOVE this town, and I really don't think I would want to move anywhere else (unless we were called to, of course..cause you can't argue with God!), it has lost some of its magic (granted, I think A LOT of things lose some of their magic as/when we grow up...don't you agree?). I remember coming into the "Big City" (which btw was only made once a month), and getting out of the car, and smelling the sulphur air (I am probably the only person who loves that smell, btw), ad being SO HAPPY that we were in the city; and then into the first store, or place of business and smelling the wonderful smell of paint, tile, fabric (many an hour were/was spent there, let me tell you. That was back when Mom sewed WAY more than she does now). We BEGGED our parents to have lunch, probably way earlier than we should have. Going into the restaurant, which was fast food, or family-style, where they had the all-you-can-eat buffet, and then it was off to the next place. I always hoped that we would stay for supper, too, and quite often, we would. About twice a year or so (not including other holidays we would take), we would come and stay in a motel/hotel. It was the best, let me tell you! All those memories are firmly etched in my mind. Fun times.

Taxes: We did our taxes (which only took hubby like 12 minutes to do), and we got over $1000 back. We were SO happy. We put some extra money on bills, and Anker got his bike frame (more on that later), and the rest we are wanting to save for moving, etc.

Date Day with Hubby: Last Wednesday, hubby and I had an impromptu date day. It all started with our getting our blood drawn together. I know. We live such wild life. Then we ran a few errands (can't remember what they were now, but we had stuff to do, that I know), the bank (we got our tax refund the day before), and hubby got a much needed hair cut, we got groceries, and I even dragged him to Starbucks. We came home for a bit, and then went out that evening for dinner at White Spot. I was given a GC from my prayer sister, so I wanted us to use that. We each had the fish and chips. Neither of us were feeling great, and that just put us (or at least me) over the edge. We went to Wal-Mart, and I nearly fainted, I was feeling so bad. I came home, and went to bed almost immediately. But, it was a fun day, anyway!

Now for this Past Wknd: On Friday, Anker and I drove to Williams Lake to grab a bike frame that he was wanting that he had found online. Again, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but I went anyway, so we could spend time together (you would have thought that I would have read a TON of magazines that day, but I didn't). It was a great trip (3.5 hours EACH way!). He had never been past 100 Mile House (where we went a few years ago), and I hadn't been up that way in AGES! It was a fun (even though tiring) trip, and I even took a few pictures. I wish I had taken more. We went to the motorbike shop (yawn!), and I had a nice chat with the owner's wife, so that helped ease the wait. I did sit in the car and read for a bit, and took pics of the bike graveyard, so it wasn't AS boring as I thought it was going to be. We met up with someone else who had a part that Anker wanted. We grabbed McD's on the way out, stopped at the place where my aunt and uncle are staying, and got home at around 9:30. I worked Saturday and Sunday, both 12 hour days, which actually went quite well. It was fairly relaxing, which was good. I bought a Bissell vacuum for work, which we may end up buying from them, since they don't think they want it, so that actually makes me happy. I also went hot-tubbing with one of the clients, which was just fine with me. It was a beautiful wknd, and I was actually kind of sad that I was working, but at least I got out, which is good.

Kamloops Lake

 There's copper in them there hills.
 Do you see the red?

A few pictures of our day trip: In the Cariboo.

And a little something - something to make you Smile: Please check out this video of some of our family and friends' cool dance moves. The first guy on there is my brother, and the last guy is my dad (by the tractor). I expecting Beyonce to give them a call real soon! This was made by Shannon Lyon who was renting my family's cabin for a couple of years, which he also turned into a studio (who was the person who ended up saving my husband when he fell off the quad last year). I hope you get a few laughs from watching it (it was also filmed on/near my family's sheep ranch).

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five (plus a few more) on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday/Friday Favorites/Friday Favorites

Well, I am pretty late in post for last Friday's link up, so I thought I would start up a post for this Friday's link ups! I am meeting someone for coffee, then it is off to work, so Friday will be pretty busy, so I thought I would start one up now :)

I have found 3 more link ups, which is totally cool! I love me some blog link ups!!!

SO...I will have a few more than 5 things :) I will also keep adding on UNTIL Friday makes an appearance!!

1) New Car!!!

Our Alero has been giving us problems for, well, ever..!!! We finally had to bite the bullet, and spring for a car that is safe on the road. We found through word of mouth about a Ford Taurus 2001 with 95K KMs. After some initial issues with the battery, then the starter, we got it on the road! We love it!
We borrowed the month from my aunt and uncle, which was very kind of them, and we love having a safe and reliable car. Oh...did I mention that it was only $900?

2) Old Car!

We had to say good bye to our Alero yesterday. So sad! We were able to get a few bucks for it, which (as always) will help. It was sad saying goodbye to our car! She will be parted out.
 Me saying good bye to Ally :)

Bye, Ally!

3) Date Days & Nights

We dulled the pain with a trip to McDonald's; where we had the Shamrock Shake. Yes, it is very sweet...but it is SO GOOD!!! We also shared a large Fries. Yum!! Tonight, we are off to a Blazer's Hockey Game! They have beat the Washington teams the last two times, and tonight, they are up against the Prince George Cougars. If they win, they will get a spot in the WHL Playoffs! We are going to grab supper before we go.

Our snacks from yesterday...

I have already written a post about this, but a week or so ago, Anker and I went to the ranch for the day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we had some lovely time together, and with the family. Plus, I got to play with fire!! You can read about it here. For a belated VDay dinner, Anker and I went out the day we got the car going (two Monday's ago, I think?) for DQ. So good, as usual!

4) Time with Family & Friends

On Saturday night, my friend/neighbour had her 40th Friend Bday Party! It was a blast! I felt bad that I had to bail early, since I had to work the next day (bc my position started on Sunday, I only had Saturday off, and not the entire wknd). We went to Carlos O'Bryan's, and as always (ok, I have only been there a couple of times, but I have gone to their family restaurant a few times) it was yummy food! I had their Pachos and Crab Sticks. Yummy! I didn't take any pictures, but it was good.

Before work on Monday, I met up with my SIL for "coffee", but since I had slept in to a ridiculous hour, I hadn't eaten, it turned into lunch. Red Beard is a great locally owned coffee shop in town, and they have recently re-vamd their menu. I am actually not sure if I like their new menu or not, but I did have their sandwich; The Vegentary, and it was VERY good! Almost worth the $6 that I pd for it.

Monday after work, a friend/co-worker and I met for a drinks at a local watering hole, Bailey's Pub. I had 3 Virgin Ceasers for the price of one, and we shared a plate of onion rings! Yummy! I got home around 11.

5) Time with Myself

This never changes! But I haven't gone out and had "coffee" and relaxed for awhile. I particularly enjoyed last night...eating popcorn, watching Judge Judy, and blogging :)

This afternoon, I picked up a few things, and stopped at a local store/coffee shop. I wouldn't go there again for coffee, but I went partially b/c they do have AWESOME merguines, and hubby loves them, so I bought a few for him.

6) Starbucks

They have a new menu, and their Maple Macchiato is back! My friend and I went there a week or so ago (March 3, which was when they launched their new menu), and it was fun to try a seasonal bevvy, and try some new food items. I tried their chocolate croissant, and it wasn't bad.
7) New CD

I bought Katy Perry's new CD PRISM on last pay day. I love it..I gotta say!

8) New Purse and Wallet

I bought a new purse and wallet last pay day...mainly b/c I needed one. I love it...I got it at T@rget for a few bucks off, which was nice (all Target's are closing in Canada this June).

9) Pinterest!
I have been back into pinning lately! I have also been updating my boards, etc. So fun.

10) My sister is coming home in June!

Very happy to announce that my sister is coming home for a month this summer! I will say more when she arrives...but suffice it to say, I am very happy! We have been chatting on FB lots, which has been nice.

11) Gift Cards

We have had a few gift cards given to us in the last bit. I have already used the Bed, Bath and Beyond card (it wasn't so much a gift card, as left over from a gift that Mom got Anker for his birthday). We hope to use them up SOON for some date nights!

12) Warmer Weather

We reached the high of 19.9C today! This was the highest in the country!! Love it!! I wish I had taken a screen shot of the temp today, but this was from the other day...it was 10C, and still quite nice.

I think I will be breaking out my Capri's and sandals soon!

13) Better Eating, Better Blood Sugar's, more Exercise
I have been trying (ok, not too hard, but still...I am trying), to not eat as much sugar, and generally just eat healthier. I don't always succeed, but I do try...and I have been a bit more diligent with taking my blood sugar readings, and they (for the most part) have been pretty good. I also found out that my 3 month A1C was 6.8, which is good. My doctor is happy, and so am I! I have been getting more exercise at work, which is good :)

14) Spring (Blog!) Cleaning!

The other day, I deleted a bunch defunct blogs, and/or ones that I don't follow anymore. I also ended up adding a few more. Ha! Oh well. It's fun to find new friends, right? I think I follow 180 blogs. Sad, but true.

15) Childless Support Facebook Groups

There are actually a few more that I belong to..not just CS ones....and let me tell, they have been such an awesome support for me. I love these ladies (I know there are a few men in them, too...but I just end up chatting with the ladies).

It is now Thursday night...and I have added a few more things to my list :)