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"You should Just" (Some of this is copied)

First off, when I joined with Kelly in her SUYL post, I had no idea that I would get the number of views that I did! I got 500+ views over the weekend (and counting!!). Most of those are from Kelly's page, too, which means that a lot of them were from the SUYL-infertility post. That means that people are reading (or at least just glancing at it). I had hoped to have a few more comments from the SUYL link up, but oh well.

I have come across a few new blogs re: infertility, and one of them Alice Anne's blog is one that I am now following. The post that I read was really good. I was perusing her blog, and she has a current post that I found amazing, and really spoke to me. I have copied part of it, but I also have thought of a few things of my own that I could add..

Here it is...

"You Should Just..."

Stop trying to adopt. Have your own babies.
(As if we're adopting solely for the fun of it.)

Adopt from foster care. Adopt internationally.
(Like we haven't considered all our options or like either of those options are easier.)

Use this agency, or that agency.
(Like there aren't a million agencies and many that require upfront or outrageous fees or only work in their local areas.)

Advertise yourselves more.
(I don't like the idea of having to pimp ourselves out.)

Try IVF. Use a surrogate.
(Hello, expensive. Plus, probably unnecessary. No one jumps right to IVF or a surrogate without exhausting other options.)

Try acupuncture, primrose oil, this that or the other that worked for so-and-so.
(Fertility is complex and personal and one get-pregnant-quick thing doesn't work for everyone.)

Relax. Have faith.
(Because it's my lack of faith that is keeping me from getting pregnant, right?

Feel lucky you have only one child. Because I have (fill-in-the-blank number of kids) and it's hard!

Be grateful you don't have to go through pregnancy.

Get over it.

( -_-

Don't you love people's comments?

I completely agree with these statements above..


Here are a few more that I thought of...

Adopt/Foster to Adopt
(We can't. We aren't healthy enough, don't make enough $$, etc.)

(We have thought of that, but neither of us want to go down that route. We don't want to love then lose a baby/child)

Enjoy being an Aunt or an Uncle (family or church family/friends)
(As if we haven't thought of that, and we aunt/uncle to a few kids in our church/friends, but we aren't super close with any of them. Also, it is pretty hard to be an uncle/aunt to your nieces and nephew when they live far away)

Work with Kids
(Gee, I hadn't thought of that. I have been trying to get work with kids. Nothing yet.)

Be glad you're alive (re: my health scare 4 years ago)
(Yes, I am very glad I am alive, but my heart still breaks)

Enjoy not having Kids
(Yes, a lot of the time we do, but there are times when I desperately wish that we had one)

Use a Donor Sperm (ok, granted, I don't think anyone has said this to us, but I am sure people have thought of it)
 (Sure, we would love to, but I due to my health reasons, I really shouldn't carry a baby, plus it's expensive).

Lose Weight (eat healthy, etc)
(again, I would, but what's the point if I can't even carry a baby?)

Fertility Drugs
(Really? I hadn't thought of that. Ever)

Have Hubby go and get checked out...(re: his SA results)
(He won't go. He now says he is too old.)

...and there you have it!

There are also things that you shouldn't say to an infertile women, but I don't know where it is now...(I saw it on a group somewhere).

Le'ts Be Friends Blog Hop and A BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

 Edited Feb 25/14

Yay, I found a blog hop to link up with!
Tiffany over The Dwelling Tree is hosting another blog hop!!! Go on over and meet new friends, check out new blogs, and have some fun!!

Original Post:
I was thinking about doing this during a blog link up (more exposure), but I thought I would try to do a give a away midweek:)

As you may know, my mom has a book out, Silk on Fire, which is intended for women, who are wanting and craving s*x with their husbands. You can purchase it on Amazon (both .ca and .com). But I am going to give away TWO copies to my readers/followers

I am going to give away ONE copy to my "followers"!!! When I reach 30, I will do a draw with the followers' names, and one of them will win. If for some reason I don't get contact with them within 24 - 48 hours (there are a few of your who don't seem to have a proper name/account with blogger, that are my followers), I will redraw.

The next book will go away to a person who comments. Please note, you have had commented ON MY POST in/on BLOGGER, and not on FB. Yes, this means that you will have to make an account with G00gle/Bl0gger if you don't already have one. If you are a follower and a commenter, you will have double the chance of winning the book!

I just have one guideline, and that is to please visit the website and take a look around to make sure that this is the book for you! I don't want to give a way a book that you don't want or have no use for. When you leave a comment, just mention that you checked out the website, and that you are interested in the book :)

That's about it.

Comment and follow away!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

TToT (First of these in A While)

EEEK!!! I haven't done a TToT in, well, FOREVER!!! The last one I did was two TToT's in one, back at the end of December.

So, I am linking up with Liz for the weekly Ten Things of Thankful.

As some of you know, we are in a bit of a rough patch right now. Between work (or lack there of), finances, health issues, etc,  I am finding it hard to think of things to be thankful for. Well, not so much hard, as I am really having to find (and be conscious of) things to be thankful for. And now, it looks like our car will need work, too.

Ok, so here we go...

1. New Hair.

I already posted this on Friday, but bear with me, people. Who says duplicate things don't count? I got my hair cut last Tuesday. I love it!!! You can check my other post from Friday for pics.

2. New (to me) Wardrobe.

My friend and neighbour gave me about two garbage bags of clothes. I love them!!! Shirts, sweaters, and even some leggings and bras. I am so stoked!!! I think they look pretty good on me, if I do say so myself.

3, New Job (s).

I am working two (albeit) casual jobs. I love both, but I wish I had more hours. One is in a group home, and one is as a mother's helper.

4. Anker's Good (at least for now) Test Results.

We had no clue what was going on, but Anker has been sick since the new year. There were some markers regarding his liver, and he had another BT and an US, and so far, everything looks good. We are waiting to hear back from a GI specialist (we just can't make them ourselves in Canada), which we hope won't take too long. He also seems to have a bit more energy.

5. Friends.

A friend gave me season 4 of Downton Abbey. Another friend took me to lunch today. Other friends have taken us for supper and lunch, and given us GC's, and cash to help us out. Our Aunt and Uncle have also been lending us some money to help us along (yes, I consider them my friends, too!!!). We are blessed, even if it doesn't feel or look like it at the time.

6. Getting Closer to Spring.

Yah, it's still chilly out, but hey, at least most of the snow on the ground is gone (well, on the cement, anyway). I can't wait until I start seeing grass (actually I have seen a bit..yay).

7. The Friends I have made through Blogging, my FG groups and Games.

Ok, this is similar to #5, but please, give me a break:) I am LOVING all the new friends I have made through Fluff Friends (well, that game is gone, now, but I have kept a lot of friends), and Trainstation, and of course, from Blogging and my FB groups. I am almost thinking that they are my true friends as of late. They are the ones I often go to if I am having a bad day, or whatever. Love you all!

8. Family.

I am really missing my family lately! Esp the little people. I need some serious Skyping time!!

9. Canada Kicked Butt at Sochi.

I am SOOO proud to be Canadian today!!  We did well! 25 medals, baby!!! Not mention we took Gold in mens/womens curling and mens/womens hockey!!

10. Favourite Returning Shows.

Amazing Race and The Little Couple are back!!

Sunday Social Wk 2

It is Sunday Social time!! Oh, what a fun Blog link up!!! I am linking up with Ashley for

                                              1. What is your favorite breakfast food?
                I love peanut butter on toast. I also like waffles/pancakes/French Toast

2. What is the best way to spend a free day?
Sleep in, relax, maybe go out for coffee, then come back and do more relaxing. Spending a lot of time on FB.
3. If you had an airline ticket to anywhere in bathe world, where would you go and why?
It changes all time. Right now, I would settle just to go somewhere in any part of Canada and spend some time quality time with hubby (neither of us have current passports).

4. You can only leave the house with one thing...what is it?
My purse, which would hopefully have my phone, car keys, meds, etc it in. Also our kitty cat :)

5. How do you take your coffee?
I don't usually take straight coffee, but when I do, it is with cream and Splenda. But I usually have a Mocha.

 Next wks questions.
1. What was your biggest middle school fashion mistake?
2. Who were your best friends in high school? Pics?
3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five on Friday/SUYL/Random 5

Well, I am FINALLY "caught up" on posts, as of today :)

Yes, it is the little things, people!

I am linking up with the girls for this wks FoF. Yes, I could do a hyper link with all four, but since it has their blog names on here, well, you can find them. I link up with April, Liz, Darci and Christina.

1. New (to me) Wardrobe
My friend and neighbour gave me a bunch of clothes the other night. I love them!!! Tops, pants, and some tank tops. I don't need to go shopping for, well, at least awhile!!! I will post a few pics sometime.

2. New Hair
I got my hair cut the other day. It hasn't been this short in forever. I happened upon some pics of when I got my hair cut last summer, but it wasn't that short...
Here is a little comparison:
June 2013
 Feb 2014
                                                        See? Shorter!! I really like it.

3. Roll up the Rim is back!!!
What Dunkin' Donuts are to Americans, Tim Hortons is to Canadians. As much as I love my 'Bucks, I love me some TH's FV. SOOOO good!! Plus each cup has TWO chances of winning this year.
4.  Canadians winning GOLD in Women's Hockey.
Yes, we won, but the Americans made us work VERY hard!!! It was a great game for both teams, ladies. But you gotta learn to be good/gracious losers!!! You all looked mighty ticked at the medal ceremony.

5. The Rest of our VDay Wknd
Our wknd ended up being ok. Saturday evening, hubby and I watched a couple of movies while cuddling, which was really nice. Hubby also bought me a few things on Sunday for Vday. I think we watched a movie on Sunday night, too.

                                          Yes, they are red and white candles for Canada.

                                              Linking up with Kelly for this wks SUYL.
This week it is on infertility. This SUYL was originally slated to be done last summer, but she completely forgot about it, and she decided to do it another time. Well, the time is finally here!!!

Here is the original post from June 2013 intended for that wks SUYL:

I am blessed to be linking up with this week to talk about infertility.
This has become a very real and sad reality for Anker and I. And this has a special place in my heart. I haven't really talked too much about our infertile journey, but there are a few posts in which I have highlighted/touched on it.

As some of you are aware, I have PCOS (if you don't know what it is, look it up), which basically causes me not to ovulate on my own. Since finding this out (for sure) in Jan 2009 (approx.), I have been on Metformin. It has eased my cycles immensely, for which I am grateful. After trying for awhile, we (or I) started wondering why I wasn't getting pregnant. We were going to get some tests going, when I got sick in March 2010. Fast forward to August 2010; we went to the BCWCH for me to get checked out and to see if whether my body could indeed carry a baby. I was thought that I was told that we could cautiously go ahead with getting pregnant. I was going to start on Clomid, but I didn't want to spend $$ we didn't have on meds, when hubs hadn't gotten some tests done yet. Fast forward to February of last year. Hubs got tests done...and sadly, we aren't able to have them on our own. I also found out that I have the CF gene (as does some of my other family members), and I am also diabetic, have high cholesterol, among other things. Doesn't quite make me candidate for mommy-to-be of the year, does it?

This past winter/spring, we started asking hubby about using a donor sperm.  Anker said that it would be ok, as long as I was healthy enough to carry/deliver a baby, and it is what I wanted. Adoption is not an option for us, and hubby doesn't really want to adopt or foster kids, which makes me sad. I don't know if I could foster kids, either. Anyway...I went to my OB/GYN, who was all for my going the SD route.  A couple of weeks later, I got a call from her, asking me to come back to discuss some things. I wasn't exactly ready for what she had to say..although I should have. She said that the doctors at BCWCH said that it would be a health risk for me to carry and deliver a baby, and my doctor said that in her good conscious and good health, she wouldn't be able to recommend me to a Fertility clinic, and for me to have a baby. This was disheartening, to say the least. I didn't cry, but I was upset. Another dream. Gone. Dead.

To be honest, I am done with even trying anymore. Life hasn't been the kindest to us (see the other days post), and we don't have the money for things a baby and child needs. I don't eve know if I would make a good mom. Anker is over 50, and has decided that he is too old be a dad, and I am too tired to try to convince him otherwise.

Everything in life (well, most things) have been a struggle. Not everything has come easy. I didn't get married at 19; I got married at 31. I am not super skinny, or even fit; I am over weight. I haven't (until now) had the best training; I went back to school at 36. I haven't really had a job where I have enjoyed going to; until now, where I am working. I love it. I have had some mean bosses (and I mean, MEAN); I would cry all the time, because I didn't want to go to work. So honestly? I am done with trying anymore...just done.

To be honest, infertility sucks. NO ONE understands what it means to have (what I call) TRUE INFERTILTIY; when you can't have kids, and aren't able to adopt. EVER. I love how some people THINK they understand; "it took us a year to get pregnant", "We stopped trying and BANG! we got pregnant"..."it was hard to get pregnant with my first, then BAM, we have 4 more with out even trying!!" People try to understand, but they can't. Some people are really good in trying to say something nice, and I really appreciate it. They try to encourage, and say they are praying for God's will for us, etc...which is very sweet.

In a world where Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are places where people put on their pregnancy announcements, (not to mention celebs getting pregnant every 5 minutes...yes, I am looking at you K&K!!),it is hard to keep from becoming bitter. I have had to hide my PG friends' FB posts from my news feed. I don't go to baby showers, unless I absolutely have to. There are days that I am ok, and other days where it just plain sucks.

Take yesterday, for example. I got into a bit of a bad mood. I have two wonderful FB/Blogging friends...One is a BLM, and one who is an adoptive momma. One who is still missing her girl she lost nearly 3 years ago (who has 54 others, and one on the way), and one who was talking about taking her babies on an outing. And I was sad:( I wish I could have the "problem" of taking out my 2 or three small babies, or missing my girl, while pregnant with another...I haven't even had a positive PG test! I have taken know..just in case:) It is always negative. I hate how I get upset and bitter at these wonderful people who are just going along on their journey.

I don't know what God has in store for us. I would love to go to Africa, or Asia, or somewhere, and work in an orphanage, and love on those babies and littles. I am praying that God shows me (us) where to go. I would love to work with kids in some capacity here as well. Which is probably partially why I turned down the job last week.

So, infertility is something that you deal with every day. Maybe not ALL the time, but yes, at some point in the day (at least for me), I think about it. There is some talk of our Health care system covering infertile treatments. You know what? I agree! Why? Because it is a disease of our Reproductive organs. Smokers who smoke for years, and get cancer get free health care. Why shouldn't infertile couples? Just my opinion. Anorexia is a disease; there is help. There is (AA)  help for alcoholics...anyway...that is a post for another day..:)

So, that is my post on infertility:) I would love to hear from any of you, especially if you are a Canadian Childless Momma!! totally unrelated news, my Alberta (and some of BC) friends in a flood, please pray for them today. The City and a lot of AB is underwater. Hashtag # yycflood, and you will get TONS of pics:)

I also did another post inspired from one of my infertility groups on FB. You can read it here.

I just saw that Nancy is doing R5F this week, so I thought I would join in.

1. I have way too many TV shows that I am watching. Just when one show is ending, another show is starting. Amazing Race, The Little Couple...Call the Midwife...geez. Thank heaven's for our PVR.

2. I need to clean my house. Like really clean it. Then I watch Hoarders, and realize that it isn't that bad. Then, I sit down and watch more TV.

3. I have had to start on my nerve pain meds as of tonight. I have had DNP for a year, and I have been kind of ignoring it, and hoping that it would go away. Then, I got the meds in November, and it seemed to clear up. The last couple of days it has been really bad. I have it in my feet. I need to get healthier. Sigh.

4. Wednesday, I had a day of nothingness, and I loved it. I did do a bit of clutter cleaning, but other than that, I FB'd and hung out. I only went out to get the mail. True story.

5.  I actually made a healthy meal last night. We had lamb meat balls/loaves. They were really good! Every once in awhile, I get the urge to make a healthy dinner. Tonight wasn't one of them.

5.1. I haven't been called to work at Job #1 since last Thursday. Thankfully, I have been working at job #2, which helps.

5.2. My computer is sick. It keeps taking me to Asian Beauties. Jeez, aren't I pretty enough?? Hubby needs to spend time fixing it.

Above all..I am thankful for that somehow we get by. God is in control, even though we don't always see it. I don't know how we manage like we have (well, I do, but I am still in awe). I am thankful

The Tale of 3 Baby Showers

I have said this before, but I really dislike going to baby showers, but I somehow got wrangled into going  to one, and then I felt like I had to go to the other one, then the last one I went to was last wknd, after our Church's Family Day Wknd Lunch after service, so I just stayed on.

 To be perfectly honest, I think it is odd to have a baby shower before the baby is born. But I guess that is the way the people are doing it these days. I just think it is odd not having the baby there; like having a birthday party for someone, but the guest of honour isn't there. Or, "I want a baby shower, but I don't want the baby here". I guess people do it so that they have the stuff when the baby comes home from the hospital, and also so that she isn't tired, and doesn't have to get out? I don't know. I mean, what happens if there is a problem? But hey, that is just me, I guess :) I have to say, that all three showers were kind of fun. I loved chatting with the ladies, the food, and the babies, and even seeing the gifts as they go around. The games? Not so much, but they were fun, too. I am not going to camera dump all the pics on/of all three showers, but here are a few...

                                    The first one I went to was for Brittany. She is/had a girl!!
                         The ladies in our church that are pregnant. Sadly, I didn't get the memo!!
                  A friend in the church makes these as gifts for the moms. A cool idea!!!
                                                        Brittany (momma to be)

The shower (1 of 3) was actually kind of fun. Brittany was so gracious and thankful. She has since had her girl, Matea!!

                                                              Pink juice for a girl!
                                                       She got a ton of gifts!!!

 This is me holding baby C. I missed her shower, since I was doing my first aid that day.

The next shower I went to was for Stef. She is STILL waiting for her baby BOY to arrive!!! I took these with my phone, so they aren't great quality, but her are a few, anyway...

 One of the games we played (well not really a game, but activity) was we had to put advice on diapers and put roll them up, and put them in a plastic container. We called it "Daddy's Tool Box.
                          The lovely thank you gifts. C's momma planned Stefs ENTIRE shower!!!!
                                                             The mommy to be!!!
                                                                       Her gifts!!
                                                      Blue Juice!! It was really good!

                                                               Cs Mom at work again!!!

The last one I went to was last (well nearly two wks ago, now I guess) Sunday. This lady, AG, is fairly new to our church. They are from Africa, but prior to moving here, they had been living in Ontario for years. She has a two yr old boy, who is adorable. She named her little bundle of PINK Jemimah!! It is quite common in Africa, and it means beautiful. And she is!!! Again, I took them on my phone...but here are a few...

                  AG opening my gifts. I gave her very practical things. She got a TON of clothes!!
                                                         Jemimah. Isn't she adorable!
                                  C's mom did another one!!! I don't know how she does it!!!
                                                        A picture of the gift table.

By the time AG's shower came around, we were all a bit tired of playing games, so we just sat and visited, ate food (not that we needed it, we were full from lunch), and enjoyed baby J and the gifts.

New Job and a Weird Sickness

Yes, I am falling behind in posts :) Just been watching the Olympics busy with life., and really not into blogging much lately.

That being said, I thought I would do another short update on what we've been up to.

First, in case you missed in my last post, I got a new job!! It is only casual for now,  but I am hoping to get more hours SOON, and come May, I will be probably be begging for days off. I love it! I work in a group home, with great people. It almost doesn't feel like work. I am actually sad when I am not there, and wondering how and what everyone is doing . I already got my first paychq!! I have been debating about getting another job to help fill the gap, but I want to be ready in case they call me. I also do have a mother's helper position, which is a few hours a wk. It gives us a bit of extra coffee and gas money, which is nothing to sneeze at. This is another job that really doesn't feel like least most of the time. I get hang with the kids, and chat with the mom, who has become my friend. Plus it only takes me 5 minutes to get there.

Anker hasn't been feeling well for awhile. Since Christmas, really. His testosterone is fine, and thyroid, etc. He did some blood work in January, and they found out his liver enzymes were elevated. Our doctor was great to get on it, and send him for more blood work. We checked for hepatitis (negative..yay!), among other things. We thought it had something to do with his liver. He then got him to an ultrasound of his liver, which we had to wait all last wknd for. Monday, we found out there was NOTHING wrong with his liver/GB or kidneys. It was a relief, but also it is a bit frustrating. He is now on the list to wait to see a GI specialist (in Canada, you have to be referred to ANY specialist - unless you go to ER/hospital, and even then you may still get referred at a later date-that is how our heath care system works), which I will try to get a hold of tomorrow. We think it could be ulcers, as the pain happens after he eats. He doesn't have his energy back at all. He just does what he has to do, then he comes home, and has a nap. He hasn't been ANYWHERE much lately. We did manage to get out on Sunday afternoon for a few minutes, where he did manage to get me a few Vday gifts a couple days late.  Anyway, at least we know it isn't cancer or some other deadly disease, but we still don't know exactly what it is. I hope we find out what it is SOON!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

SO MANY Blog Link Ups, SO little time....! Sunday Social #1 (for me)

There are SO MANY Blog link ups that I have come across lately! There are a few that are no longer going on, so I am going to try to link up with a few new ones. So, I guess that I means I have to add more blogs to my reading list, and add the blog link up buttons :)

So, I am linking up with Ashley for Sunday Social

1. What are your favorite things to do on a lazy day?
Sleep in, stay in my jammies until at least noon, and then maybe head out for a Starbucks. I would love to do with my hubby, but it doesn't always work out. I love going out alone, though.
2. What is your tv guilty pleasure?
I got into the Bachelor this season. I FastForward through half of it, though. I also like 90 Day Fiance, and I started on Scandal but I stopped half way through the first season. I also am into My 600 lb Life.
3. What is your favorite road trip music?
Celine Dion, Country Music, pretty much anything with a beat.
4. What are your favorite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around?
People is my absolute favorite! I also love US Weekly, and Woman's World. I also like Glamour, and well, pretty much any other magazine. I love Danielle Steel books, and Francine Rivers.
5. What is your favorite snack?
Popcorn. And Chocolate. I love M&M's

Your turn! Answer the questions, grab our button, and link up with Neely and me!

Next week's questions

1. What is your favorite breakfast food?
2. What is the best way to spend a free day?
3. If you had an airline ticket to anywhere in the world....where would you go and why?
4. You can only leave the house with one thing...what is it?
5. How do you take your coffee?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

As to not inundate my blog readers with MANY posts, I will try to combine a couple. This will not be one of those posts :)

(I am also going to work back chronologically in my blog posts...not sure if you will notice or not, but since I started with FoF, and BBTB...which the link will be official next Thursday...I will go back most recent to not so recent).

It seems in the recent years, that Vday has become more of a kid/family holiday. Another holiday that makes me sad, b/c we don't have any children to share it with. It would be different if I had a couple of kids (nieces, nephews, etc) we could make Vday's for (and I have in the past..last year was kind of fun, b/c I made VDay cards for the kid in my practicum), or take out or whatever, but since we don't have that, well, it makes for a bit of a sad holiday. Just another reminder that we don't have kids. I have seen A LOT of bloggers/blog post post about VDay, and most of them (I think) revolve around their kids, and how they all celebrated it as a family.

So, considering how our last few VDay's have gone, this last one wasn't so bad. You can read about the disastrous Vdays here, here, and here. Actually, last years wasn't that bad.

Since Anker wasn't feeling well (more on that in my next post), I wasn't expecting much to happen. In the past, I have kind of left it up to him to do, which, to be fair, isn't always a good thing. I tried to sleep in, but I woke up at 7:30 am, and I hung out, and then I went out for VDay SBX (see my FoF post on that). I had them made me a pink hot chocolate, and read my mags. I was going to my other job as a mothers helper, so I decided to just stay out. I ran a few errands, and I bought hubby dollar store gifts (aren't those the best kind?) and a card, along with getting the kids I help with a few gifts, and then headed off to my job. I thought I would come home to bed, but I got a second wind, so I went to the library, and came home and relaxed.

 I knew by this time that Anker wasn't going to plan anything, nor had he got me anything (ya, don't get me started on that), so I decided that I would make something happen. I went and got Chinese food from our favourite place, brought it back, lit candles and we ate in the living room. We watched the news, and some of the Olympics, and by then, Anker was feeling horrible. I didn't take any pictures (I did take one of gifts, just today), b/c I kind of forgot. There wasn't much to take of, anyway.

My friend/neighbour came over for a minute, and we talked about getting together, so with Anker's blessing (he was going to bed), I hung out with her for the rest of the evening. We watched a show on NF, and then went to WM (because that IS our weekly routine, it seems..I know, we are wild and crazy). We came home around 10, and watched more shows, ate popcorn, and read magazines. It actually wasn't a terrible day, and we had a fun time catching up.

So, that was our VDay 2014!!!

The Boys Behind the Blog

  I am joining in again with Mal for her monthly BBTB post!
The Boys Behind the Blog #9 QUESTIONS:
1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
 Hawaii/Polynesian islands, etc (warm!)
2. Sand or snow?
3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?
Curling or Luge 
 4. You're cooking a romantic dinner- what is your go-to dish?
Spaghetti with special sauce.
5. Fill in the blank: This year, I gave (your wife/girlfriend/fiance's name) a ____________________ for Valentine's Day?
Nothing (he is in the dog house a little bit about that) 
EDITED: Feb 20/21..we did go out on Sunday, where he grabbed me a few things :)

Five on Friday/Valetines Day/Wknd Edition

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all had a great wk! Ours was pretty good. Hubby is going through some health concerns right now (I will update you in another post), and I seem to be really tired from my new job (another blog post), and our house needs a good cleaning, but we are doing ok, I am behind in DA, CTM, and other shows, as we are watching the Olympics pretty much 24/7, but those last few things are very tiny

Most of what I have for FoF this week is Vday related, which is why the title.

1. Valentine's Day Cookies at SBX.

I got a couple ystrdy, in hopes that hubby and i would have them last night for dessert, but we didn't feel like it by the time we were done our supper. So I took them today when I met up with my sister, and Uncle (at SBX, of course!). We all three shared two. They were pretty. good.

2. Valentine's Day Socks.

Yes, I got two more pairs. I think I have 5 or 6 now. I am slightly addicted to pretty socks!! I am wearing the pink ones right now.

3. Custom-Ordered Pink Hot Chocolate (yes at SBX).

I asked them for pink hot chocolate. They said they could put raspberry flavouring in it. Yum!

4. Pay Day.
'Nuff said. I may or may not have gone and got a few weekly magazines :)

5.Brioche Cinnamon Buns (yes, at SBX).
They brought these out in the New Year. YUMMY! I have had more than my fair share of these. They are amazing heated with butter.

6&;7. Coffee Dates with Sisters

I had a coffee date with my SIL the other day. We had a short but nice visit. I also got to see my sister today too for a bit. She had to come in for an eye appt (she is fine, but she was having a really sore eye this past wk, and our uncle offered to bring her in), and Mom sent us some meat, so we all met up up for a quick snack. Good times.

 ..and just because I can...

 If you have a great soup recipe (which I don't, bc I don't make them), visit my friend Kelly's blog and join up for this wks SUYL and share it there.

You know who I link up with every Friday (I really don't feel like posting four links today)!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Voice 4 the Voiceless and WIPHAN Shoutouts

Happy Sunday!

I am sure this finds you watching the SB, even we Canucks:) I missed the half time show (more about that later), but I like to watch at least a bit of the SB, you know, so that I can be in the know. Also, the Seattle Seahawks are playing, and since they are close to Vancouver, well, I thought I would watch.

I don't normally do "shout outs" to/on/for certain blogs, unless it is a link up day, but I was on my friend Brantley's blog the other day (she actually has two, this is her newest and most current one), and I went to her V4V site that she and her hubby created. I just felt compelled to mention it on here. As some of you know, I would LOVE to go to Africa; for short or long term, and work in some capacity with kids. I have been feeling this tugging at my heart for a few years. I don't think it would ever work out, as I have health concerns, and unless someone paid my way, and living expenses (or if it was a paying position), finances won't allow us, however, the yearning is still there. I think that will be the closest to having kids as we will get. Of course, we are aunt and uncle to MANY of our friends and family's babies, and if I work with kids, that will be great, but as far as "living" with them, that will be it. Anyway, back to V4V. They have gone to Uganda at least once, and I think they will be going again. Right now, they are doing a Brick 4 Brick campaign, called BUY A BRICK, BUILD A HOME. If you would like more info, please go here for more info. I wish we could help. Maybe one day we will be able to. You can also go and shop and buy really cool stuff in support for V4V.

Another friend of mine Andrea who is actual FB friend and her husband are in WIPHAN; who cares for WIdows and orPHANs. I don't know a ton about this, but I do know that her heart is never far from this organization. She is a momma to 5 kids under 10 (I think?), and is amazing!! How she dose half of what she does is beyond me. Oh yes, back to WIPHAN! Go to their website (and their FB page), and take a look around. They have child sponsorships, similar to Comp@assion, and World V1sion. I wish this was something I could do, but I can only read and pray, and wish that some day I can do something like that.

Happy Sunday!

Go 'Hawks!!