Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Family's Sheep Ranch...

I had a great 48 hours at my family's place Sat-Mon. Sadly, hubby wasn't feeling well, so he decided to stay home. I had fun seeing my lil niece, and my parents were looking after Bebop over the wknd, so he was there, too. I wish the weather was warmer, but we had fun anyway. I thought I would post a few pics (if it would let me!!) of the beauty that I still call home....
The Sheep in the field.

A Momma and her baby.

The green is begnning..finally
The orphan lambs:)
My Lil Niece...
Looking towards my grandparents (now my aunt and uncle's) house. I love this scene.
Looking West. I love Sunset shots.
Well, I could upload tons more, but I have lots to do do today:) If you are my friend on FB, come and check them out.

Friday, April 26, 2013

SUYL-Girls in their 20's/Married with no kids.....A bit (more) About Me..

I wasn't going to link up with www.kellyskornerblog.com this Friday, as it is about College girls/girls in their 20's , but then she also said that she was also highlighting girls who are married, but who don't have kids....sooo...I thought "1 in 3 aint bad, right?".

So...a little be (more) about me!

I won't say my EXACT age, but I somewhere between 29 and 49...maybe:) I got married to my man (whom I met online!!), nearly 6 years ago. We have a 15 year old kitty (Siamese), who I "adopted" as my own when I met my hubby. I am not a cat person (or I wasn't) until I met him, well, now that has changed. I love my kitty-child:)

We live in a 1 bedroom apartmen, and we have been here since we have been married. I hope to move this summer..hubby would like to say where we are at....we shall see:)

I am the oldest of 7 kids, an aunt to 3 (I have bragged a bit about them on here), and a daughter to two WONDERFUL parents! My dad is a pastor/sheep farmer, and my momma stayed at home with us. She homeschooled us all, is writing a book, is a farmer/preachers wife, and manages the ranches books and day to day living.

As I have stated on the side of my blog that I LOVE Starbucks, shopping, blogging, people watching, going out for dinner, hanging out with family and friends, watching tv and movies. My faviourite TV shows (right now) are Grey's Anatomy, Judge Judy, Bake (with Anna Olson), and Best Recipies Ever, and I also like Amazing Race. I also like My Crazy Obession and My Crazy Addiction:)

We are always struggling for/with money, but we never struggle for need/want. We LOVE Jesus, but like many people struggle with having a full time relationship with Him. I am ALWAYS praying to Him, though:) I KNOW he is carrying us..both in good times and in bad.

I just finished doing a one year program in Community School and Support (allowing me to work in the school system as a Teachers Aid, and to work with some agencies in town).

Oh, and I love Pinterest:)

That is all for now:) Happy Friday!
Me, Taken on April 17, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cooking with a 2 yr old...

There are simply no words...I don't usually post pictures of Bebop on here...but I had for the sake of this post...he helped me bake cookies last night....and by "help", I mean he tasted the batter and licked the beaters...he had fun, though...here are a few picts from last night
Licking the batter...

Mixing the choco chip into the dough

He helped himself to a few extra cookies while we weren't looking.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Here is the picture that wouldnt upload when I was trying to write the post:)

I also came across my FB friends page today..and her blog post...I had to post it...http://theinformalmatriarch.com/when-pinterest-goes-wrong/

Also..have a mentioned that my new job is fairly close to my house?

ARRRGHHH!!! Some people (no, MOST people) just Don't get it!

Last night, I posted this picture from yesterday's post on my FB profile, for a bit of a joke, a long with the status "We would like to announce that we are not pregnant". I did this partly as a joke, but also, partly because I wanted people to try to see our side of things. Some people were nice about it..and pretty understanding, but someone else said this:

 Well, yes you can April! There are kids all over the world waiting for you! If you really wish for a family all you have to do is move forward and step up! I am lucky enough to have four naturals, one foster, (actually fostered four) and five steps....second generation is wonderful...you want family....go get family!

Well, I can definitely understand where she is coming from, she didnt understand my situation. If only it were that easy!!! Adoption is not an option (as far as we can tell) for us. First of you all, you need money..and yes, we could foster to adopt from the province (which would be free), but we aren`t healthy enough to be raising kids, and hubby is getting older (his words, not mine), and I think he has given up the idea on having kids. I would still like to have them, but we would need at least a three bedroom place, for which we don`t have the money (yet) to rent or buy. This is sad to realize..I wish things were differnet, I wish hubby would be a bit more open to this concept, but I think he just plain doesn`t want them anymore. I was having a bit of a hard time even this morning reading someone elses blog, wishing that we could have even just one baby, but sadly, that dosn`t seem to be what God wants for us right now.

So, going back to the beginning of this post...Adoption isn`t easy. It can cost (at the very least) 10 Grand, and that is for domestic adoption. So, try to be sensitive when someone talks about not having kids (or never being able to). You don`t always know the whole story.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ramblings and good news....

Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday, I wrote my final test. I have NO CLUE as to how I did, but I don't think I did well. I hope I passed, though. I am fairly happy with my (so far) final marks. I got home yesterday afternoon, and hubby and I went for ice cream at DQ. So good!!! I then met my SIL at Ch@pters/SBX and we had a nice visit. She left, and I ended up wandering around the store, which was fun. I came home and hung out, watched tv, and went to sleep. I had a hard time fallin asleep, which happens every once in awhile. At least I got to sleep in this morning. I woke up not feeling well..kind of crampy and just plain gross...I think it has worked itself out..maybe? I went to SBX again, and looked through magazines and I journalled. I met my SIL at the mall, where we wandered around, and I grabbed a snack. I got some groceries, and on the way home, I decided to stop in at our (fairly) new Christian Book Store to see if she had I got my resume. But first...a bit of a back story...

Our city has struggled (like most) to keep a Christian Book Store, especially in the last few years, well, with the digital age, eBay,e tc. When one opened up, I was estactic!! I had gone in and chatted with her a few times, but I had also gone a few times, and they were closed. I was wondering if they needed someone to help them out. Well, I was able to talk to her a couple of weeks ago. I chatted with her about what she may want to have in her store, some movies, books, etc. She said that she thought that I would be good to have working there, since I knew the products, etc (I don't know about that, but that was nice of her to say, anyway). She said to send me her resume, which I hadn't even done up yet, and we would talk from there. I sent her my resume the other day, and I decided to and ask her to today if she had gotten it. She had, and asked me when I was able to start!!! NEVER had I had a job that quickly!! I am soooo happy, and thankful to God that He provided me something. It is only part time, but I need some more money coming in (we are very strapped, atm), and it will be fun for me, anyway. I start this week!!!

I came across this blog (sorry, I don't know how to do a permalink-thing) a few days ago, and I have added it to my blog readings (k, that sounded weird). I saw this post yesterday, and I quickly read through it, and I was very moved...I reread it and I commnented on it today...it sums up what I feel sometimes...here is the link http://www.laurencasper.com/2013/04/22/can-you-imagine/. Yesterday, a homeschool-friend of mine who has three boys announced her pregnancy on FB. With a picture of her positive pregnancy test, of course. While I am very happy for her, a part of my died inside...I don't want to delete her, because she is a friend, and we kind of grew up together. It is just a bit hard to see what she will be going through with her pregnancy, etc. I just wish I was able to be able to experience all of that, too.
Love this!!!
On Saturday, I met up with K and Bebop for a bit, and we hung out the the fair that came to town. Sadly, he was a bit small for the rides, but he did play one game, and we had mini-donuts and chips:)He seemed to like the fair, the rides, the people, etc. I get to see Rosebud this weekend. We are going out to the ranch to see L, A and Baby Girl. We can't wait see them, as we haven't seen them since October.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Tale of Two Movies

Everyone once in awhile, you come across a movie that scars you. You know the one. The one where the images haunt you late at night, you just can't get them out of your head. But then, every other once in awhile, there a movie comes along and changes you. Or at least makes you think. You can't get it out of your head. You want to go out and buy it, or you want to buy the associating book. I have had/seen two such movies.

The first one I watched a few years ago. I heard that it was "SOO GOOD" by people..and by 'people', i mean Hollywood. Well, that was back in the time when you could still rent movies, so one wknd, while Hubby and I were at my parents' place, we started to watch it. It was called Ch@ngling. Let me tell you, that it was one of the most horrible movies that I had ever watched. Never mind that it was a true story, and the murderer was probably related to my Gr. Aunt (on her mother's side). Anyway, I just remember, a few of us watching it. I think mum wasnt even there. Anyhoo...I have to admit, that Angel in a J ol ie did an amazing job in her role (that wasn't the problem), but I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it (especially if you are a mother). I won't even waste my time describing it to you.

The next movie I watched was over the wknd. It was amazing. I love WW2 movies. This one was no exception. It was called S@r@h's Key, and it stars K risiten S co tt Thomas. I am not a huge KST fan, but she did amazing in this film. It goes between present day and 1942, and it is sub-titled (which I normally don't like) through out most of it, as it is taken place in France. It is when the French rounded up the Jews and sent them to the Veldedrome in Paris. Without giving much away, it is about KST's characters family going back to the apartment that they had bought in 1942. She discoveres a secret, and digs deeper to find out what exactly happened. There is no swearing, and no bad violence (you only see what happens in the concentration camps), and although it is very sad, it definitely made me thank Jesus that we don't live in a place where stuff like that happens anymore. I KNOW there are countries where children are made to fight, and that makes me very sad, and I know there are places even in this country where kids are under horrible circumstances. But for the most part, we live in a good place and time.

Happy Sunday

Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Trip, The Blogging World, and things I don't understand!

I was going to link up with Kelly's Blog with her weekly SUYL, but it had to do with kids crafts, and I really don't have anything exciting to share, so I thought i would do my own thing this week:) But, if you are interested, her link is www.kellyskornerblog.com.

Well, if you noticed I did a few lil changes to our blog the other day. I wanted to look a bit more inviting. I hope you enjoy the changes! I also am wondering what other blog sites there are other than blogspot.com. I know of BlogHer, and that is all...anyway..just am wanting some more inspiriation for my blog, and BS doesn't let me do too much.

Speaking of blogs..wow..there is SUCH a HUGE blogworld out there!! I thought of titling this post "so many blogs, "so little time". I added a few more the other day, and there are still a few that looked interesting that I thought of adding. But honestly, why? I can barely keep up with the blogs i DO read. Do you you "rotate" your blogs? How do you keep with your blogs that you frequent? Do you add them to your faviourites, or do you add them/keep them organized in your blog or G00gle reader? Ok, enough of this blog talk:)

So, on Wednesday, I accompanied a friend to Vancouver for the day, as she had to pick up a few things. I had an awesome time. We talked nearly non-stop all the way there and back. The weather was great there and back, and the roads were bare. I took some great pictures (for me) of the mountains..and the GREEN!! I never can quite believe how early the West Coast gets their spring. I nearly everything was an emerald colour. So beautiful!!!
Near/around Hope, BC

The New Port M@nn Bridge

I think this was going into Vancouver.

Not the best picture of me:)

 I was reminded that Canada is a beautiful place. I LOVE where we live. British Columbia is an amazing province, and if you haven't been, you should really visit, and DON'T just visit Vancouver, either. (although you have to go there for a couple of days) Where we live is amazing (and yes, I am a bit biased). Lots to offer everyone. Where we live is very desert-y, but we do get our fair share of rain (not like the coast, though). Our winters are fairly mild, and the scenery is amazing. The drive from where we live to my parents is so lovely..even on yucky days, it is a nice drive. I was reminded on how little of Canada that I have explored. There is still SO MUCH of BC that I haven't even been to yet. We live in a beautiful country, and I want to start travelling it more. I don't have a passport, and even though it is a bit inconvenient, I am reminded that I don't need one to explore Canada:)

Ok, back to our trip. We went to the Abbotsfor/Sumas border for her to pick up a parcel, I just sat on this side of the border and stared longingly at the sign:) We went to BC Pl@ace to pick up some things she needed for the S@n F@n R@n. We did a little walk around, and found a place to eat. We went to the C@ctus Club C@fe, which was noisy, but had amazing food!
My quesedilla and salad...they were So good!!!
Chilliwack, BC.

See, I told you, green!!!

See, I told you, desert.

Near Merritt, BC
Now on to the last part of my post. This isn't to sound negative or anything, but I don't understand some of things things I read in the blogging world...maybe it is because I am Canadian, and don't have kids, or I don't want to be busy 24/7...anyway...here they are..
Why a child goes to "school" at 2 years old! What? We don't call it school in Canada..we call it day care:) I don't understand why people why parents (I have heard this in the celebrity world, as well) refer to their child under the age of 3 going to school. I am aware that there is pre/play school, which I guess kids at age 3 go to, but a 2 year old going to school? Umm..call it for what it is..DayCare!!
Smocking. Sorry, I just don't get it. I have asked my American friends about this, and they don't get it, either. So, it must be a Southern thing? I just don't see the idea of it. They don't do anything for the child. It just looks like a cloth draped over them.
How people (parents, whoever) can be busy. all.the.time. I am constantly reading on the things families do (even when they don't have kids), from going to peoples places for dinner, to going to the fair, to going here and there. I mean, it costs  money for that stuff. Yes, I do go places, but generally, it costs little to no money, and I do generally stay at home. I will often spend an evening computer-ing (yes, that IS a word!LOL) and watching tv. I just don't understand how people with kids can be going all the time!!!
Well, those are the concepts that I don't understand, but hey, it takes all kinds of people that make the world go 'round!!!
Now, if you will excuse, me, I have to go out for coffee with my new weekly magazines!!
Happy Friday!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The World needs Jesus...

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but upon seeing and hearing of the explosion at the Boston Marathon, I thought I would state the obvious: Clearly, the world needs Jesus...or, at the very least a hobby other than violence:( I am shocked (although I don't why) of hearing of yet another act of violence. Why does the world act this way? Why can't all the worlds problems be solved over a cup of coffee or tea? Seriously, I am just baffled by this. I am also saddened by the 8 yr old that died. Such a sad thing to hear. People dying at the cost of someones's violent acts.

To my American friends: Please know that your friends to the Norh are thinking of, and praying for you all. My heart aches for everyone that was injured and killed. This just isn`t right. Why do people resort to this awful act? Wasn't it just a while ago we heard of a stabbing, then before that, wasnt there a shooting at another school?

I just don't understand (see, this is the kind of thing that I would ask Jesus about over coffe!!). I don't understand why people have to die (especially young children) in the wake of other people's acts? And where does it get them? 15 minutes of fame?

I will be saying a special prayer tonight for the people of Boston.  This is a major event, and people come all over the world to attend this marathon. There were a few hundred people from B.C (or from all over Canada?), and our thoughts those families that are affected by this terrible tragedy.

I had this as my profile picture over Easter, and I thought I would post this tonight.  I felt it fitting.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coffe with Jesus, and Randomness!!!

So, I finished my last assignment today. It feels sad, relieving, and happy all at the same time!!! I only have one final test left to go, then I am done. I am still debating on whether I will be doing another year or not.

Country singer Thomas Rett sings a song called `Beer with Jesus``. It talks of him what he would talk to Jesus about if he could kick back and have a beer:) I don't drink beer, but I love the song. We got talking the other night about what it would be like if we could have a coffe with Jesus. First of all, woudl He be a coffee chain (Tim Hortons/Dunkin Donuts/Krispy Kreme/Starbucks) kind of Guy, or would He go the independent route? What would He order? Would He pay (probably!!)? Would He order non-caffienated drink, or something strong (you know, with having to listen to people's problems and all...)? What would we talk about? Would we talk about social issues? Would I ask him questions (actually, I KNOW I would)? Would I ask Him how He was doing? I would LOVE to have coffee with Him!!! Would He make me laugh? Would I make Him laugh? Would I complain to him about my friends and family, and hubby? Those are some thoughts in my head the last few days. But the good thing is, is that although it would be awesome to have coffee with Him in person, we don't need to imagine it..we can talk to Him whenever and wherever we want (and I occasionally do while I am out at Starbucks). That is what I LOVE about my relationship with Him! I don't need to go through a priest or a Rabbi, or through another third party (although there are parts of the Catholic and Jewish faith that I appreciate) to talk to Him.

Ok...on to the randomness....

Yesterday, I spent half of the day with Bebop. We went out to coffee/...to an indpendent/local coffee shop this time. It is a bit more catered to families, and they have toys for little ones. He did awesome...and just said and drank his hot chocolate, and barely played with the toys. We went to the library. Got my magazine and took him home and put him to bed. I read some magazines while he was sleeping. Brother (his dad) came home and took him to pick up his mom who was out of town at a funeral. I went to SBX to finish off an assignment. I relaxed last night. I watched two movies.

Hubby woke up with a sore back this morning, so I think we have to say goodbye to our futon. I am on the lookout for a couch or sofa..or something, since our cushions, are not well, that cushion-y anymore.

I went to church this morning...a great service. I grabbed McD`s, and then went to the school and really finish off my last assignment. Yay!! It took me longer, because I hung out on Fb for longer than I should have. At least it is done. Now to study for my final psych test.

The plans this week are to clean my house (it is a mess...perhaps i should clean it), watch movies, read my mags from the library...and study.

One thing that I am actually amazed about is how many people have "open" blogs, who reveal the real names and pictures of them, along with their last name, and where they live. I am shocked that people aren't more careful. It is a crazy, scary world out there, and I don't think that revealing your families' true identity is the smartest thing do...am i being paranoid? That being said, I DO love reading other peoples' blogs. Which brings me to another point..why are we so infatuated with other peoples (especially strangers) lives? What makes us read other peoples daily and persnal thoughts, ideas, tips, and of course, pictures. I can see how a person would want a blog of their family's life if they had other famly members living far away, which was how I think that blogs got started anyway. But to read another strangers life? Interesting thought. My mom doesn't understand that at all:)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

SUYL-Heath Tips, and ISO of Canadian Bloggers!

Happy Friday!!!

I don't know about you, but I am VERYhappy that it is the wknd:) I also wish a had an entire wknd of nothingness ahead of me, but I have offered to look after Bebop tomorrow, plus I need to finsih off a couple of more projects for school. Oh well, at least I will be able to sleep in somewhat.

So, health tips..I am linking up with Kelly's Korner Blog for healthy tips. I actually wasnt going to particpate this wk, b.c I am not the healthiest person in the world, but there are a FEW things that I try to do that make eating a bit healthier.

I love cucumbers!!! I also love baby carrots, and baby tomatoes. Sometimes (not as much as  I should) I will cut up cucs and eat them with my meal..I will also eat baby carrots..that I do a lot..even if it is an unhealthy meal, I will add a few carrots, and I feel like I ate a bit healthier. I also dont need salad dresing when I eat raw veggies (except for broccoli and cauliflower), so I know that helps with lowering the calories (although I will eat them with dressing, but I just don't need to). THe other thing I have done lately is making smoothies! I know they aren't the healthiest in the world, but at least I get some fruit in the morning...I don't have a picture,but here is what I do..I know there are thousands of variations, and i have made a few of them, but here is the recent one...

Yogort, crranberry juice, ice, banana, frozen fruit (I use frozen berries), and I also use Epicure Berry Dream spice (but you don't need it), and I also have used sour cream..and some orange juice...Blend them all in a blender....the amount I make is usually enough for two people.It tastes yummy, and usally (tho not always) keeps me full until lunch.

Ok...on to the second part of my post..I am looking for Canadian Bloggers...I have seen a lot of American Bloggers, which is awesome, but I would love to "meet" up with some great fellow Canadians who are in the blogging world. If you are one, please leave a commebnt, and I will send you an email, etc.

Have a great wknd! It is cooold here today!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Panic, Stress and Fear.

The above feelings have been evoking me the last few days. As I near the end of my school year, quite frankly, I am scared. I am scared that I won't like my job (if i even get a job) when I get one. I am scared that I won't get a job, or not enough hours. I am panicked, b/c we need money..like YESTERDAY! I am very serious about going back to my old job that I had for nearly two years a couple of mornings a week, just to get some money to pay for our bills. I hated it, and I totally felt stuck being there, but it was quick and pretty easy money, and I am thinking of going back on my terms...salary, days, hours, time off if/when I need it, especially if I another casual position comes along. Those would be my conditions. I will go and check it out next week.

I am scared that I will have forgotten everything that I have learned (actually, I think I already have..lol). I am stressed about finishing school, and getting a good passing grade. I know I shouldn't feel this way. I KNOW God wanted me to go school, but that fear/panic/stress just keeps popping up. My big fear is that I get into a job (casual or otherwise) and really hate it. I have been in MANY jobs that I have hated...i have cried over the wknd, b/c I have hated the job so much. I want to start making a difference in people's lives. I want to start doing something that I enjoy. But what if I don't? What if the situation doesn't fit with my life? What if I get less than what I made my old job (trust me...I have seen a job where they were paying $9.62/hour for a 24 hour shift). I hope that the job I have is one that I can at least fairly enjoy doing:)

Also...another thing on my mind is that I wonder where God wants us. Does he want us here? Somewhere else in Canada? In another Country? Does he want me in a big role or in a small role? Does he want my hubby to get involved (working in a orphage overseas, for example)? I want to do and go where He wants. I say "I" because (not to sound ultra-feminisistic), I will most likely be making more money than hubby. He can get a job pretty much wherever we move to, so the move would be based on my work. Neither of us want to move, but if a job opens up somewhere, then I hope that that would work out for us. But as for the plans right now, we are staying here, but hopefully, we will move somewhere else in the summer.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How I Spent My Sunday (A School Update)

Normally, I really try to make Sundays my Sabbath day from homework. If it isn't Sunday, then I make it another day of the week, however, since I played hookey last weekend, and we are at the end of the semester/year, I KNEW that I had to tackle my school work!! I have a paper that is due tomorrow, and as of 6:30 this evening, I had barely started on it. True story. I also have a test first thing tomorrow that I had no where nearly studied for (ok, I did spend yesterday writing out the answers to the questions she gave us), so I had to that, too. Well,I think I scored my new personal record...4 hours from start to finish!! Other than a few little details, it is done! I am SHOCKED that I got it done. I thought that I would have to ask for an extension, or at the very least, I would have done it half-passed, but I actually did a good job (I think, anyway). As for my test goes, I am not too worried about it, as I am getting good marks, so even if i fail (which I probably wont) I will still probably pass. But that being said, I still plan on getting up and there early to study:)

I got up this morning with every intention of going to church. Well, for starters, I got in a fight (sorry, I do love to do this sometimes..lol)..ok, argument on 'friends' status on F@cebok, which took time, and got me upset..and I was still in jammies..you get the picture. I did go (late), and I did my @von for the people that had ordered (I brought what they had ordered), and I sat down, and I just couldnt concentrate, so I left. I went to St@rbucks, to grab a coffee, where I finished my personal journal, and then I went home to grab a few things, and went to Mcdon@lds where I proceeded to have the worst dinner/meal in awhile!I love it there (sadly). The food is cheap and good....and i thought I was hungry..I guess I was only thirsty..anyhoo..met my brother at school (he is in his 4th year), and we "studied" together. When I say "studied" I mean we talked, I looked out the window, and gazed at my test Q&A's, and he looked for bikes online:) Actually, we really did some studying, too, which was good. He left at 5:30, and I went to the computer lab to start my paper. I met another classmate was there, so we chatted, and talked about our papers and test...moved to another building bc the we were in was closing, and I plowed my way through it:) After moving up a floor to print it off (printer wasnt working downstairs), I got it printed off, and voila! I am home!!

Well, that was my Sunday in a nutshell:)

Yesterday was spent running errands, meeting up with people, visiting with a friend, hanging with Bebop and his mommy..where I bought us all drinks from St@rbucks -he loves the kids hot chooclate-and had a fun time visiting and playing...and then I went to school, where I did some studying..and home, where we had macnchesese, and we watched hockey! The C@nucks won:)

Now, on to my last full week of school!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

SUYL-Kids Books, and our Easter Wknd Recap.

Yes, I am combining two posts in one:) I am busy, and I keep forgetting/been too busy to post much., so I thought I would do two posts in one.

So, SUYL  (www.kellyskornerblog.com)! This wk is Kids Books. Well, I don`t have any kids, but I was a kid once, and I have a lil nephew, so I do read the occasional kids' books. And with my going into my career choice that I am, I will and have read a few books. First off..I LOVE kids books. Possibly more than adults. I actually love ANY kind books. I am a very tactile person, and the Kindle, etc, don't interest me much. I love to have the book in my hands..ok...on to the subject at hand...

One of my favourite kids books is "I Love you Forever". It was given out when Mom was having the 4 younger ones..you know, in those baby take home bag things...and we read them, over, and over, and over again. I DO love it, though.  I don't cry much at books or movies, but if I did cry, it would be at this book..Love it:)

One of my faviourite books when I was a child was "No one But God". DId you know the guy who wrote that actually invented the game Twister, and never got any money for it? True Story. I actually found it a while ago, and now I read it to Bebop. He really does love it. I also love "A is for Annabelle", and "A child's version of the 23rd Psalm". That isn't the real name, but it is close enough. I also love Fra@nklin, B@renstein Be@rs, and although they aren't books, I love Veggie T@les. I do not like Dor@!! 

When my brother was going to be a big brother, someone got him a book called "Baby Dear". I love it:) It is such a sweet story. It is about a little girl that has just become a big sister, and she does everything with her dolly that her mum does with her baby brother.

Well, I am sure/know there are a ton more, but I can't think of any more right now.

So, on to our Easter Weekend. We left for the ranch around 3 or so. Enjoyed an evening with the young boys, as the parents were out for supper. We stayed at the B&B located on the ranch, which is awesome. It gives us some time away from the hustle and bustle, but still close to everyone.

The next morning, we helped mum clean up the yard. Well, "we" as in "me". True story. Ok, maybe not. We had a bon fire and roasted hot dogs. I went to C-town to get a few things. Came back, and had supper. We hung out and visited and then some of us watched October Baby, which was awesome.It is a pro-life movie, but even if you aren't a religious/spiritual person, it is a great movie to watch. Church the next morning, and it was a great service. I ended up coming into K-town with MOm, as we both had a few things to do. It was a beautiful trip in, and we got the stuff done that we needed to get done. We also picked up my sister, who was coming back from Alberta. We also had to bring back a few other people, so we had a car full of 6 girls!!

Monday, we slept in a bit, or I did:) Hubby went early to move the sheep down from the upper fields, down to where they will be lambing for the next month. As it was the 1st day of April , it was also the start of lambing on the farm. We only saw a one new lamb, but since I have seen it every year, I wasn't that disappointed. I wanted to do a little Egg Hunt for anyone that wanted to, and it just ended up being Bebop that went. We had fun hiding the eggs, and Bebop didn`t understand the full concept of looking for them, but he had fun!!
Bebop looking for eggs:)

And speaking of kids' books, I am going to put in a shamelss plug for my aunt, who wrote a book called "Jingle gets her Bell". It is about a gr 2 reading level, but can be enjoyed by everyone...so, here is a picture of my aunt selling her book on the first day of lambing (we have drop in, self-guided tours that come nearly daily)
If you are ever in the interior of British Columbia (especially in April) come stop by! The website is http://aveleyranch.com/ Or, if you are on Facebook, like the page "The Aveley Ranch" (there isn't supposed to be a 'the', it just got in there when the person made up the page).
Have a great week!! This is my last FULL week of school!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Over 1,000 Hits!

Thanks to in part of sharing my blog on www.kellyskornerblog.com, I now have 1144 "hits" or views on my blog:) I am soo excited!! We had a great Easter wknd, but I am supposed to be studying, so I will have to properly update this wk sometime...pls pray for me, as I am will be doing a lllot of all nighters, since I played hooky this wknd while visiting my parents.