Friday, March 29, 2013

SUYL-Date Ideas, and a Weekly update

Happy Good Friday, and welcome to my blog! If you are linking/coming from Kelly 's Korner Blog, you will know that I will be talking about date ideas.

My hubby and I have been together for nearly 7 yrs!! We have been married 6 of those. We met online, and married within a year of meeting each other. Probably not the smartest thing I never did, but we did it!
Hubby and I at the Church's Vday Dinner Feb 2013

So, date ideas....I asked him about his favourite date ideas this morning, and he said the same thing I said, which I guess is a good thing! We are usually pretty broke, and boring, so we don't have the most exciting dates, but we do try to get out at least once a week. We find that the summer is easier to get out, as we can grab a Slurpee, and go to our faviourite park and sit by the Bird Sancturary (which is actually a pond filled with birds), and sit and talk. We also love taking road trips together. Some of our best visits have been when we were driving. We also love talking in bed, and in the morning, after he gets home from work, and if I don't have a school day, or am not busy, we can sit and talk for a few minutes. We als will sit and watch a C@nucks (or any) hockey game together. I rarely can sit through an entire game, but I will sometimes have my laptop, and that will keep me happy while the game is on. We also love doing errands together. We will do a few things, and grab lunch at a fast food place and just sit and visit. Sometimes, we will go for coffee at St@rbucks and read the paper together. We have also (tho I think only once) have re-created our first date. We also love taking trips together and camping (in a tent). You can learn a lot about sometime when you camp:)  Well, as far as dates go, I think that is about it:)

So, for an update..I haven't done this for here goes...

Yesterday, I told you about my ear infection, and about my day, so I won't talk about that again..Wednesday, I got up early, and I studied at the school with my classmates for a pretty major test. I failed the last one, so I was pretty stressed about this one. I hope I passed..I think I did..:) I was going to go home (which I probably should have done, due to my ear being sore) but I met up with my SIL at the mall (the only good one in town), and hung out with her for awhile.We exchanged her phone, and I got some clothes for Bebop for his bday. We grabbed a snack, and wandered around, which was nice. I got home, and I hung out on my laptop, and then my ear got bad again. I could barely get ready for bed.Tuesday, I met up with SIL for coffee at, you guessed it St@rbucks for coffee. I did a bit of studying for my sign language test that evening. I went to my DR to have him check out my ear. I went to grab something to eat, and went to the school to do a bit more studying for the test. I grabbed supper and came home. I just relaxed for the evening. Monday, I woke up early, and went to the school and printed off my paper that was due that morning. I went to my classes, and I  went to  a friends house to help her with her new business. That is when my ear started to hurt...bad!! I barely got home, and I shouldn't have been driving! I came home, and I went straight to bed (as I did on Wednesday). Sunday, we didn't go to church (I know..bad), and I went out and I studied for a bit. I came home, and we watched THE BIBLE (which is good, btw). Well, I won't go any further than that..b/c I can't remember what else happened:) Other than my ear infection, and being stressed over school, it was a good week.

I can't believe that I have 850 views on my blog!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Since when did Easter become a gift holiday?

Happy Maundy Thursday!!! I am sitting on my bed, with antiobotic drops in my ears, suffering from an ear infection. I went to my doctor on Tuesday, with a sore ear, that was itchy, then sore the day and night before. He said it looked inflamed, and gave me some cream for my excema that was apparently in my ear (I have had an itchy year on and off for years). Well, fast forward today (well, last night, actually) and my ear was throbbing SO MUCH, I could barely think straight. Well, this morning, I woke up around 6, as soon as DH left for work, with my ear is so much pain, that I wasn't sure about going to my practicum today. I really wanted to go, but not in the shape I was in. I laid in bed, glad that @dvil was doing (or rather, trying to) do it's thing. I nearly went to practicum, but I my ear wasn't 100%, but it wasn't super sore, either. It just had a lot of fluid in it, which in it's self isn't a big deal. Well, I hummed and haaaahed and decided to stay home. I thought I would make an appt wint my doctor, and depending on how I was doing, I may go up later for a few hours. I called my doctor's office at 9, and they promply said that there were no openings. ARRGH! When I was an MOA, we always fit people in who had small emergencies like that. Well, I just laid on the couch, and watched a movie, well, I slept through most of it. I decided to go to the WI clinic. Went there around 11:30, and was told to come back at 4. I came home, and watched some TV. I watched a movie I had borrowed from the library. Went back out with hubby, and got in within a few minutes. Sure enough, it was an ear infection. GGAHHH! Well, we had a few errands to run, and decided to grab some Chinese food for dinner. Normally, I love going out, but since I wasn't feeling well, it was a bit of an endurance contest. Hubby hardly ever likes going out, so I take it while/when i can:) We did have a nice chat, and the food was great!!!

Back to my title. So, when I was growing up, Easter was never (physically anyway) a major holiday. Mainly it was because we were usually in lambinng seasons. When we were young, we would sometimes have an egg hunt, and that was it. I have noticed that throughout the last few years, that EVERY holiday seems to be, well..about the STUFF!!! I mean, when we were growing up, it was "Christ Arose", "He has Risen", and all that, and MAYBE an egg hunt, and of course, we would TRY to go to church (remember, it was/is our busy season, so we weren't always able to go), and that was about it. Sometimes,we would have a ham, but that was it. Now, it is CRAZY with gifts!!! I mean, don't get me wrong. Jesus' Resurrection is a great day to celebrate, but gifts?? I guess you could compare it to Christmas, in that area, I mean, we celebrate His Birth with gifts, but it was always (i mean, since before the Civil War days) celebrated like that. Easter never really was..was it? I mean, we never did anything. I just think that it is interesting that with every holiday, there has to be a gift. Valetines Day,(I am talking mainly about gifts for the kiddies) St. Patty's Day, and now Easter....:) I mean, what is wrong with a chocolate bunny for the kid, and they are good to go? I think the world is getting greedy...don't you?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1 or 2?

So, I have been thinking lately about laddering into another course. I am taking the Community & School Support Worker, which can ladder, if one should chose, into another course, called the Human Service Worker Diploma. I can go straight in the 2nd year. I am not sure if I want to go another year. I really want to start making money, and I barely did well in this year, so I dont know if i want to do another year or not. Hubby is supportive of my doing another year, which is awesome. I am thinking that as of now, I will work, for sure for the summer, and if I decide to, I will take another year. I really don't know if I want to be another nearly 12K in debt, just for a few more bucks an hour, and I may not get any more job oppurtunities. I may also jus takea year off, and work, and see how the job market is, and then do another year...that way, I can pay off some of my SL, before going for another year. Decisions, Decisions..:) If I do decide to go straight into another year (this fall), it will postpone our moving, which I really want to do. I want to have a two bedroom place, and have our own laundry. Just for kicks, I applied, and the lady who took my papers, verbally, tho not officially, said that I would probably get in. Can I really do another year??

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I don't want to be Me

I just came from a blog that I frequent, and I came away from it a bit ticked. I wil try to not be super rude, but honestly, nearly every time I read it, I get upset. I love this person. We were friends on FB. I have followed her and and her daughters' life since I started reading, but honestly?? It just makes me a bit sad everytime I read it.

She lost her daughter to anecephaly nearly 3 yrs ago, and she is trying to not forget her. I get it. I do. But she also has 4 other kids, and is pregnant again. I know she loves her kids. SHe is a great momma. I just wish she would enjoy her kids. She keeps referring to her daughter in nearly every post, like she is still there. I guess I would do that, if I were in her shoes, and everyone mourns differently, so, I shouldn't judge. She mentioned that she "Didn't want to be me". She doesn't like it when no one asks about her, b/c they know that they will be really talked to about her daughter. She doesn't like bringing her daughter up in convos, b/c she knows that people feel uncomfortable talking her about her. There is more I could say, but I will refrain:)

Well, guess what?I don't want to me be sometimes, either.

I hate that we can't have kids. I hate that I have to go to school, b/c we need more income, and that if I don't go and get some more education, I will feel trapped in my sad, childless life. No one (well, very few) wants to talk, I mean, really talk about infertility. I have stopped talking to people (my friends) about it, b/c everyone feels uncomfortable talking about it. Just because I haven't lost a baby, it doesn't mean I don't feel loss. I think in some ways, it hurts more, b/c I never got to know what it is like to be pregnant,to have a baby move inside you, to feel like the Queen, because you are pregnant, and the world should stop because you are (pregnant).

Don't get me wrong. I love my life (at times). I do:) I love that I can wake up when I want (most of the time), go whenever, wherever I want. I love that we can have popcorn for supper (or no supper at all). I love that we can have s@x and not worry about little ones running around. I could name a 100 more things. Last night (or the night before) we were talking about kids, and I was telling hubby that I was a bit mad at God because "he allowed me to get sick", therefore, not allowing me to have kids. Hubby said something that I thought was very wise. He said that God knew what was best. I didn't like his answer, but I knew deep down, that hubby was right. God DID know...HE knew that my body wouldnt take having a baby (probably even before I got sick), HE knew that we would be having financial struggles, and only being able to live in a small one bed room apartment. He knew that although my hubby is a great person, that he may not make the best father (actually, I don't know if I would make the best mom either) in part due to his disability. God just knew! But still, it makes me sad.

I know God has a plan for us. I just do not know what that entails yet.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

25 Random things about Me - 2013 Edition

Remember a few years back when everyone on FB was doing this game? Well, this showed up on my friends blog yesterday, and I thought I would do another updated one:)

Here goes..

1) I am the oldest of 7 children.

2) I was homsechooled from the end of Gr 4 on.

3) I have am seriously addicted to my new Adnr@id Phone.

4) I also am addicted to Pinterest.
5) I love the Young and the Restless. I have watched it on and off since 1996
6) When I was a kid, i used to sneak down stairs, to where our tv was and watch various mom never knew this until I told her, about a year or so ago.

7) I usually get at least one weekly magazine (as in buy), and I usually go to St@rbucks and sit and read it right away.
8) I spent my 20th bday in Venice.

9) I went to an authentic Italian wedding, in Italy.

10) I use to watch Cooking shows as a kid..and I STILL love to watch them to this day.

11) I was in the delivery room when my little brother, Isaac, was born.

12) I have ADD, and I usually have to either be doing my phone or on my computer while watching a movie. I very rarely can just sit.

13) I am also addicted to St@rbucks, which is odd, b/c I don't like coffee. I only get their specialty drinks.
14) I have a nearly constant itching in my ears...but itis more prominant in my right. I have no idea on why.
15) I got chicken pox when I was 12, and we watched Jaws and Pollyanna over and over for a week straight.

16) I met my husband on a dating site. We were married with in one year of meeting in person.

17) Three years ag, I spent a month in the same hospital as I was born in, which wouldnt be a big deal, except that I am 4 hours from that hospital.
18) I spent the first neary two years in my life in that hospital.
19) I would love to have a coffee with Jesus at St@rbucks. I would ask Him SO many questions!!
20)  If I were to ever lost my Faith in Jesus, it would be because I don't understand on He lets children be abused and neglected.
21) We went camping on our honeymoon.

22) I am double jointed, and so is my hubby. I love freaking people out when I bend my elbow/arms.
23) I have lived in my current residence for nearly 7 years. This is the longest that I have lived in a place since I have moved away from home.
24) I don't like avacados They are gross. I would ask Jesus on how He made them:)
25) I don't have 3-D vision. I really have no idea on how I got my drives license.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

SUYL-Pinterest, and my phone addiction

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee!!! I have over 10K pins, so I clearly have a problem. But to be fair, I don't spend as much time on there as I used to when I first started (although I sure can at times). I have officially been a pinner for probably a year, but it took me awhile to really understand how I pinned the pins:) Then, last May, I figured it out, and I just took off:) Now, with school, I dont go on there as much, and to be honest, I can go a few days without even looking at it:) Anyway..before I forget, a hearty Canadian welcome to all who read here:) Especially if you are from Kelly;s Korner. (

I was looking through my many pins today, and I really cant find just one (or even a few) that I like:) I could spend hours here.., I dont know how to put pictures of pins here..sorry..but it is my "YesterYear" Board. Very addicting. I also love reading the funnies I find on Pinterest...well, those ones uploaded above where I wanted them to, But how do you add them directly from the site, like I have seen done? Hmmm....well, i will just save them and then post them here...:) I love shoes! Even though I can't where shoes that are higher than runners, I can still love them, right? Here is one I found yesterday...ok..again, it was added above..oh well..pretty, aint it? Anyway, I love it:) That is my addiction, and hey, at least looking is free, right?

Ok, well, now on to my phone problem. I have an addiction to my phone. A few weeks back I got an Android Smart Phone. YOu know, b/c I wanted to be cool. Well, I rather enjoyed it, until I decided to see if it would swim. It turns out that the protected cover they have? It aint that protective. Well, for the next 24 hours, we tried to decide what do to...and during that time, I HATED my old phone! I had to go back to it, at least for connecting and texting, but i missed my big screen, etc. Well, it was during that time that I realized that I had a problem. You see, I was always one of those people that clearly didnt understand people walking and texting, having their eyes glued to the screen, spending time texting when they should be doing other things (granted, I still think that texting while at the table is rude, unless everyone else is doing it). Well, I have become one of those. And that is just sad. We were watching THE BIBLE the other night, and I spent nearly the entire time on my (old-new) phone. Even last night, I watched the first half of a movie, and I hung out on my phone while the movie was playing. It just makes me upset..and wishing that I wasn`t "one of them". Oh least I am not completely glued to it. I do try to refrain from doing phone stuff while in class, and at church, although I DID text in church (at the beginning) the other day..I also am seeing them pop up in church a lot...that actually does annoy me..but I guess, i mean, what is the difference of your child playing a game or drawing? Really, not much.

We had some snow this week...a few times, but thankfully, it melted. I am having a hard time getting the motivation for doing my school work this wknd. I would much rather watch tv, fb, and play on my phone all day...oh well... thinking about limiting wheat to see how I feel...we`ll see....not sure, as I cant seem to get rid of the sugar and

Friday, March 15, 2013

SUYL-Faviourite Vacay Spots, and an update

First welcome to my blog, especially is you are coming from Kelly's Korner ( I was thinking about what I would say would be our faviourite vacay spot today, and I think that it would be a toss up btwn my parents' place, and Victoria, BC. I love, love, LOVE both places for different reasons. I love Victoria because it is peaceful, I love taking the ferry (from the mainland to the Island), and I love the quaintness that is Victoria. I could probably live there. True story. Ok, I just inserted the picture above, and I hoping that it would go

Yay! It is working! I can finally load pics on this blog! The first one is us while we were on walk by his sisters' place. The one below is us on the ferry, the one above is the Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria.
The other one would be my parents'. They own and operate a sheep ranch (incase you hadnt heard). It is 100 years old, and my siblings and I are the 4th generation. I LOVe going there just to relax (ok, it is isn't always relaxing, but it is sure different), and look at the animals, and just hang out with nature.
I love this old barn. I love taking pics whenever I am home.
The white/guard dogs leading the sheep at feeding time.
I actually have more, but they on FB, or on my old computer:( We will often stay in the heritage Bed and Breakfast my parents have. We love it. We play pioneer (with electricity) and just enjoy a bit of a break from the city.
So, and update:
My bad week is nearly forgotten, but I will say that I saw my OB/GYN and she told me that she got some info from my doctors in Vancouver (not my specialist, but the ones from the Maternal Medicine clinic), who strongly advised that it would be risky for me to have kids. I actully didnt know that they had said that, so I was quite sad when I found this out:( I guess I shouldnt be surprised, but I did feel sad and upset, and of course, surprised. It just feels like another nail in the coffin. So, I went to Starbucks to grab something that numbed the pain:) I KNOW that the Lord has plans for me (us), but I just don`t see it. I mean, I know I am going to school, but even at times, I don`t know if I am going to like it.
Well, this wknd is going to be stupidly busy...i have a major test to study for, friends coming over on Sunday, our house is a mess, shows on my PVR to catch up on, am supposed to be going to a Steeped Tea Party get the picture.
So, last wknd, my sisters bday. We had a nice time, and I even enjoyed helping mom make the ganache/mousse for the Mock Black Forest Cake. If you haven't stayed up until 10 pm making ganache/mousse, you should! She enjoyed all her gifts, her time with family, etc. I enjoyed time with everyone as well. The trip out there was great, and it was a very quiet and nice trip back.
Well, I don't seem to have the writing skills tonight, so I will try and update again soon.
PS...I managed to bite my tongue (hard!) at lunch today, and I dropped my cell phone in the, it seems to be hooped....arrgh!

Friday, March 8, 2013

SUYL-Show us your grandkids OR nieces/nephews

Welcome everyone, especially if you are visiting from Kelly's Korner Blog (

This is the 2nd SUYL in a ROW that i have done:) Like i said, I don't usually take part in this, mainly bc I dont have anything in common with the SUYL topic, but the last couple of topics I actually have some things in common with, so, here goes!!

I actually don't feel comfortable with sharing my nieces and nephews pics on here, but I will gladly tell you about them! (besides, if you are my friend, I have tons of pics..too many, probably..on my FB page).

First (for privacy, I will only use their first initial followed by a nickname that we use for them sometimes), G (MonkeyFeather) is 9 (oops, I am such a bad aunty, I totally forgot to send her something) as of the other day. She is on my hubby's side, and I have known her since she was 2 (actually, i think younger). She is a ball of fire, and is STUBBORN!! I am not sure what she will be like at 13, but she definitely know what she wants and how to get it! She is an only child, so she she has all of her mommy and daddy's love. We usally see them about 2 times a year..sometimes more.

H (Bebop) will be two in May, and is such a cutie. I usually see him once a week, and I go through withdrawls if  I don't. We had him over to our house a couple of weeks ago, and he and Hubby played with a helium balloon for nearly an hour! True story!!! He is definitely in the terrific two's stage, and goes from morning till night (thankfully with a nap) running!! He keeps us all on our toes! It is nice to have them living in the same city as us.

N (Rosebud, or Dolly) will be a year in July. I wish we saw her more often. I love seeing her pics on her mom's FB page. I am hoping that they will come out this spring, so that she can see the lambs. I think she is crawling, and she has cut some teeth! Her parents take a TON of pictures of her, and she loves to smile and ham it up for the camera.

There are a ton of other "nieces/"nephews" in our lives, but it would take hours to name them all:) My hubby also has a half sister who lives in the states, and she has a daughter (I think she just has the one) who is married and who has a few kids. We connect with them on FB a bit.

Well, that is all for now..I know I need to update you on my bad week last week..but I will try and do that this wknd. Enjoy the kids in your life..whoever they are!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vancouver Trip

I thought I would post about my Van trip, since hubby is watching the hockey game, and I am sort of watching it. Hey, being in the same room watching the same show counts as time together right?

I also have to post about my cr@ppy week (well, starting since last Friday), but I will do that maybe Monday night.

So, I had a nice sleep (but not on the greatest bed) on Sunday night. Monday, I got up, had breaky (it is a great B&B, btw), and packed my stuff up. She was great in letter me chk out later, since there was no one else around, and not a lot of ppl coming that day. I left around  12, and walked the few blocks to the hospital. I had my morning Starbucks (there are 4 in two blocks..true story), and walked the City Centre Mall, or whatever it's called. I got somethings I needed at Safeway, and went for my breathing tests. I did really well, and my AbG's (blood gasses) came back great (for me). I had an hour or so btwn appts, so I ran to Sbucks (actually, I really didn't want to, but I felt like an iced tea), and sat in the Lobby people watching. I saw the Dr, who claimed that, for me, I am healthy, and i don't need to see him for 16 months! Yay!! I felt very good about that, and I think he felt good, too.

Went back to get my stuff (they are great at letting me store my stuff there), and walked (with great difficulty, I might add) the Sky Train to my friends place in Surrey. If you remember my telling about Baby T, who died when was born prematuraley at 23wks, well, I went to see his Mummy! And he has a little sister, N, who was born (also premature, but she was further along) last July. We had a great time together, the three of us. I got to really meet her hubby, as I had only met him once at our wedding.

We had a nice Tuesday, shopping, going to Olive Garden, and wandering around. We had a nice visit, and I wish we had longer, but I had to get home. On Tuesday evening, we did manis/pedis and watched TV, while we visited. Of course, I got lots of baby cuddles in:) I left Wednesday morning/afternoon, but not before going to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme on the way out:)

It was a nice time, and i may go back in April after I am done school for a couple of days.

That is all for now..I still have problems trying to upload pics on here...I will attempt to do it now..:)

Have a great rest of your weeknd:)

Show us your Life-A Day in the Life

EDITED Sunday, March 3

I don't normally do things like this, but I thought I would join in on the fun this time, and hopefully, I can get a bit nore exposure to my blog.

My blogging "friend" (i say "friend", bc I dont think she knows I from does this SUYL every Friday, and she invited people to link their blogs to her site. I usually join, but this time I thought, why not..this is something that I could do. Even though I dont have kids, I still have a day, right?

Since my most "boring", and "normal" day is Saturday (especially since I am in school), I thought I would do, well, today!! (ok, today isnt officially done yet, but it is done enough:))

So, this morning, I slept in, and stayed in bed until 9 or so. I got up and went through some of my magazines that I got from our local library, as some of them had to go back. I also had a breakfast smoothie that I like to make in the morning sometimes. It isn't overly healthy, but it has a serving of fruit in it:) I did dishes and washed the kitchen down.

At 11:00, I got dressed, and got my books, my school work, etc and left for the day. Hubby had woken up from a nap, so we chatted for a bit before I left. I went to Starbucks, to journal, and wait for my friends from the church who meet once a week for coffee. I had a snack, and enjoyed the sites and sounds til they came. They arrived at about 1, and we had a nice visit. I left earlier than I usually do, since I had to get studying.

From 2-5: I went to the library, and I studied...well, I studied and I DID get a few things done, so that was good.

5:00: I picked up my SIL, who is living here (with her hubby, my brother) for a few months while he finishes up his welding course. I picked her up, and we went grocery shopping (I know..real exciting), and then I dropped her off to where JT was. I came home around 630, and we watched some Judge Judy's that I had PVR'd, while we had a fish and chip supper.We are now currently watching the Kings vs the Canucks Hockey game.

EDITED: Sunday, March 3: I spent the rest of the evening watching JJ, and Fb'ing, and I chatted online with some friends. Hubby went to bed around 9:30. I went to bed about 11 pm

I just realised that I have not really talked about my Vancouver trip, so I will do that next post:)