Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Re-Cap

As I am writing this, I have "The Sound of Music" playing in the backround. I love that movie. I watch it all during the year, not just at Christmas.

It also started snowing (again!) today, as I was out and about. As if we need more snow!! It does look pretty, though.I am still playing Christmas music...I may even keep a few back to listen to during the year:)

Well, our Christmas wasn't the greatest, but at least it was relaxing!! We left to go to Victoria EARLY Sunday morning. After stopping for breaky at McDonald's, we hit the road by 7. We made great time, getting to Tsawassen by 11, allowing us to get the noon sailing. We barel had time to walk around, before being called to get in our cars to board the boat!! I never even got my Starbucks!! We go to his sisters about 230. We had a good half day to spend together, so that was good. We ended up going downtown Victoria to look at the Festival of Lights, and we also ended up having a free carriage ride!! I think that was the highlight!!

We came home, and had perogies, after doing some grocery shopping. I had to laugh at the amount of groceries they got...the cart was a quarter full, and they said that they had never bought so many!! They sure don't eat a lot!!! Anyway...we just had a relaxing evening..we watched Miracle on 34th ST, which was great...and we went to bed. The next morning, I got up (Hubby had gotten up before me), and I watched The Nativity Story. We just hung out for most of the day...we did go for a walk to the ocean, which was really neat. Went out to watch the lights, and when we came home Miss G (8 yrs old) told us she had gotten carsick. Lovely. We ended up watching The Polar Express, which I actualy liked. We went to bed around 11 or so, after filling up the stockings.

Miss G had thown up in the night (twice), and they still insisted that it was carsickness. I am no dummy, I was pretty sure that she had the flu. Anyway...She came down, and we all opened gifts. Hubby gave me some boots, which I had wanted, but I can't wear the knee-length boots, b/c of my legs! I exhanged them yesterday, and the ones I have I really like. I got some earrings, ear buds (which I do need), and a lovely necklace. The rest of the day kind of bombed, though, as Miss G started getting worse. We had a late (and cold) Christmas dinner, and just hung out and went to bed. K said that we should go the nxt day, which kind of bummbed us out, but we didn't what G got, so we thought it best to leave, too.

The whole next morning was awkward. K wanted us to leave, and she nearly pushed us out the door. She made us a lunch, and quickly told us goodbye. I thought the whole thing a bit awkward, but at least we did something different, and the concenus is that we will spend every Christmas with my family, if we spend it others...Hubby has fit right in with everyone, which has been a blessing. The experience of being with his sister was (as always) a bit interesting...she NEVER lets us help, she barely lets us bring/buy any food to help out. Hubby brought chocolates, and I brought cookies, and they barely acknowledged his chocolates or my cookies...i mean, how rude is that? They barely say think you for things...or acknowledge that they have rec'd something from you. G got more pressies than any child should...she has no g-rents, or aunts/uncles (other than us), so I guess her parents feel that she needs to get 12 presents. G DID however, say Thank You, which she normally doesn't do.  They doted on her hand and foot..which was annoying!! She definitely has the spoiled/only child syndrome. I have never seen a child get her way ALL the time. Anyway, despite her being sick, they kept feeding her. Nice.

Anyway...the trip home BD went ok. We got on the noon sailing again, and we got lost trying to connect to the 1 Hwy. The road was fine until Hope, and then it got nasty. We made good time, though, as we got home around 630.

I will do a quick year cap when I do my new years post...if I do one:)

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Tragic Week

Last week was a very tragic week, not just in our valley, but in North America. My heart hurt for those children and adults who were tragically killed last Friday. These are the times where I question God, ask Him why bad things happen. I hope they will heal, and in time, bring hope to others. I was alos appalled at the two other shootings in the US. I just don't understand why people would do such a thing. At the same time as the shooting at Sandy Hook was taking place, there was a stabbing of school kids in China.The world definetly needs a Saviour!!

Last Saturday, I spent over 6 hours in the kitchen, baking cookies!!I had such a fun time. I sent some of them to our neighbours, gave some to friends, and family, and then a few to the church. The rest I will take with us when we go. I actually may make another batch of gingersnaps, since they are all gone, are easy to make, and they taste yummy!!

I have been really busy the last few days. Between cooking, running errands, cleaning, and packing, I have barely touched a book, although I did start and finish the new Danielle Steel book. I actually have had a few days where I havent been feeling well, and or tired. So, last night, after my errands, I just hung out in our room and relaxed. I really needed it. I started feeling better almost immideately. Monday I spent most of the day watching Christms movies. I loved it. Tuesday, I spent most of the morning cleaning up, and getting rid of books. Wednesday, I got up early and met with my practicum supervisor. I did a few errands, drove my brother to the airport, and ran a few errands. I met up with my mom, and a friend who I hadnt seen in months. Thursday, I just ran some errands, and hubby and I spent some time doing last minute Christmas shopping. Yes, it is ALL done!!! I am not sure that I have ever been done this early. Sadly, two of hubbys pressies (which I had ordered thru eBay), and to be fair, I didn't order it until just earlier this week), won't be here for Christmas. Oh well...I have one pressie for him to unwrap, anyway. And for once, I think that hubby surprised me and bought me something that is a surprise! Ok, I do have some idea, but it is quite rare that he buys and wraps something up for me. I think last year my gift was the camer and older laptop, and another year, i saw what he got me...and another year, I knew that he would buy me the current season of ER that I wanted.

Today, I just basically lazed around, didnt get dressed until 3, and watched Christmas episodes of ER!! It was such a fun day. I then braved the weather and parking lots to grab some magazines for the trip, and of course, a trip to Starbucks!

I guess that is all for now.I am glad that we all survived the end of the world!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, I really ought to be in bed, but I came on to the computer, to see if I had "won" a gift for hubby that I had bidded on, and I did:) I guess that means I have to pay it now!

This week has a been a bit blah. On Sunday night, a well-known and liked couple from my home town were killed coming back from Kamloops (I am assuming that that was where they were coming from). My family knows his dad, and one and probably more of them knew Skye. They were both teachers (she was actually my friends little boys teacher), and she was pregnant with their first baby. I don't usually get upset about things that aren't directly linked to me. But this really got me. First, anything sad that happens before Christmas is sooo, well, sad. Second, they could have been anyone of our family members driving! A and K go so often btwn the towns, and it just could have been so easily them!Well, any of us, really. I hate driving on bad roads (which these were), so now it just makes driving even more stressful. I thought about them all day Monday (which was when I heard about it) and Tuesday.

Today, I feel a bit blah. I ran out and did a few things on my own. Again. I LOVE getting out and doing stuff solo, don't get me wrong. But there are a few times when I would also love to have someone come with me. I guess the thing that ticked me off the most was that I honestly cannot remember the last time that someone called (emailed, whatever) me up and askd me SPECIFICALLY for me to come for coffee, or shopping. Yes, I will say that I have met up with people (ok, one my SIL's called me up to meet her on saturday at the mall), and that has been fun, but I guess today, I wasn't feeling the love. To be fair, I think if I had waited a few more hours, hubby would have come with me, but I had to meet up with someone to give them an Avon product that they wanted. I ended up reading at Starbucks, then I went into Chapters, and read my book from the library for a bit. I went to the pool, which was nice, but I don't like going there alone. I went to the mall, and grabbed supper,then came home. I dunno, I just don't have a lot (or even really a few) ppl that I can call up and hang with. Yes, I have my lady friends from our church, but I don't really call them up to go to the mall. I did ask two people to come with me (well, three, actually), but they were busy. I just HATE always being the one that initiates things. I mean, I know we are all busy, but so am I! I have asked one of my friends about going for coffee, even telling her to bring her kids, about 20 times, and she is always busy. Yes, Hubby and I do things together, and I love that, but I love to hang with my GF's, too!!! Ok..end of rant!!

Ok...I wanted to quickly say something about a Bible Study that we ladies at our church were doing. I hope I can explain it properly. We had been doing a video/bible study by Ray VanderLaan. He did this series from the Holy Land. Something he said really struck me...He talked about PS 23, and how "green pastures", and having "enough for now". When sheep are grazing in the Holy Land, most of the places (or at least the places we saw) were all rocks, but underneath the rocks (and around) there was grass, etc growing. They would walk from one rock, to another, feeding on the right amount of grass. This totally made me think. Even at home, my dad doesn't like to put the sheep in a HUGE amount of green pastures...why? Because they can eat too much, and either get sick or die. In fact, a lot of the time (if I am corrected) he will let the sheep graze in a field that has either just been hayed, or that maybe doesn't have a lot of green grass yet (or after the horses have been there). Anyway, I thought that was such an interesting conept..just eat enough for now. I really needed to hear that. I am so stressed with life, my marriage not being what I thought or want it to be, finances, no babies...but I think if we are given too much at a time, we get sick. We get complacent. We greedy, and fat (lol). We stop relying on God. Or we think we have it all..that we are the perfect Christian. If we SOLELY rely on Jesus for our needs, then we don't need to worry where or how they will be met. I hope this makes sense for you. It did to me.

So, I got my final grades for this semester. I got a C+, C, 2 A-'s, and one A. I felt pretty good about them.I hope next semester, I do a bit better. All in all, I think I did ok, for someone who is in her 30's has a slight learning disability, and who hasn't been to school in 20 years.

I can't remember the last time I wrote in this, so I will very quickly cap off my wknd. I am sure that when I am done, you will wonder WHY I said what I said was very people orientated.

On Thursday, and Friday,I looked after Baby. We had a fun time, as usual. On Friday night, my friend Jill came into town, and we went to Starbucks and Walmart, just like we used to do, when she lived here. Fun times. Saturday, I went to coffee with my ladies from church, the library, then I met up with my girls from school. We had a nice lunch, but it was very quick, as I only had parked for 2 hours, and i had parked 10 minutes from the restuaruant. Met up with my Sister, and sister in law at the mall. I came home, and we just hung out and had a quiet evening . Sunday, church, and then we went to the TVCO Christmas concert. We usually do that every year (but I think we skipped last year. We came home and just hung, that was my (our) wknd.

I think that is all for now....I have cancelled my specialist appt for Monday, as we really can't afford me going on a trip when we are going there again barely a week later.

My newest article is out in the Kamloops Momma Magaszine if you wanted to have a look.. Just type it in Go0glle (or look it up on F@acebook) and it will give you the URL.

If I don't write another post before Christmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families and friends!

Oh...we are doing things a bit different this year, as we didn't feel like puting up a tree, etc. I did find a small tree at dollar store, and i put some lights around it. That was all...oh, and i will put up my Nativivity scene tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Warning: Harsh Post Ahead!

Well, don't say I didn't warn you. This post will probably cause a few deletions of "friends" on FB, but I really don't care.

Today, I have the case of the grumpies..partly due to hubby, partly due to our house, partly due to school (final exam is tomorrow..eek!), but partly due to childlessness. I am also anxious tonight. I hate that feeling:(

Where do I start?? First of all, I hope people don't think that I am two-faced (being nice to them on FB, and "telling them off" on here), because I really do love these ppl (in a Facebook-kind of way). I guess I am just frustrated that they are griping about seemingly frivolous things! I mean..YOU HAVE KIDS!! Enjoy them!!

One of my friends (who I have talked about before) was stating that they were celebrating her dead baby's 2nd bday. I was frustrated in seeing this, b/c THEY have someone to remember. I can;t have a cake for the day that we found out that we couldn't have kids. I was also thinking who celebrates their dead baby's birthday? Who would go that? Would it be strange if I had a party for the day that we found out we couldn't have children? Probably.Would anyone come? Probably not.

The other friend who has 4 kids already (including one adopted), is awaiting for their 5th baby from China. She was stating that she may not be able to enjoy Christmas this year, when they have a baby boy waiting in for them in China, for which they won't be able to travel to bring home until next summer. I wanted (and I kind of did) scream..YOU HAVE 4 OTHER KIDS! FREAKING ENJOY THEM!!! YOU CAN HAVE MORE KIDS (I think)! GO HAVE ANOTHER ONE! Arrrgh! I did nicely state that at least they will be able to at least hold that baby in a years' time. I dunno, maybe I am wrong. I probably am. I am being self-centered, and rude. But that is how I feel.

Yesterday, was a good day, until I went to church. I didn't go our regular service, because the morning got away from us, and hubby didn't want to go. I did studying, ran some errands...made supper. I ended up going to my SILs church. As soon as I got in, I knew it was a mistake (on one level..on another, it was a great service). There were about 200 ppl there, and about 150 of them were young kids, and the rest were pregnant moms. True Story. I was standing near no fewere than 3 pg ladies. And that was what I saw...there were probably more. I nearly left. There was a family who were sitting in front of us who clearly had more than her fair share of kids..4 kids under 4...aand she looked amazing! I actually started crying a bit..and I leaned over to her, and said "you could have warned me about the kids". She apologized. But I was still having a bit of a hard time. It's funny. There are times where being around pregnant momma's and babies doesn't phase me a bit. Then, at other times, it very nearly kills me!!  I could be having a great day...with not a care in the world, and then see a pregnant lady/or a baby in a stroller, and then have a meltdown (in my mind). It is funny how our mind works!!

This evening, I was chatting with a family member, and something they said kind of made me upset..I wont get into it, incase they read this (friends are one thing to tick members are another!!). I was just..I don't even know the word...hurt?? something she said. Again, it just made me feel inferior to myself not having kids. Yah, Yah, no one can make you feel inferior without my great quote, btw), but I just felt that I was misunderstood. Oh well. won't be the usual hoopla of decorations at our house this year. Hubby has too much of his hobby stuff laying around the house, that he isnt willing to put away, and I don't feel like a) nagging him to put it away for a few weeks, and b) I don't feel like putting it up with his stuff laying around. We also don't know our ful Christmas/NY schedule yet, as if we will be here, etc. And, I also just don't feel like hauling the stuff from our storage unit, bring it all in, put the tree up, and decorate..only to have no one come and see it (although I DO love gazing at it at night, while reading magazines, etc, so I will definitely miss that!), only to take it all down a few weeks later. We will put a few decorations up (some are already up), and outside lights (already up, thanks to hubby!), and we did put up a small Xmas tree that I found at the dollar store. I found it yesterday, and I must say, that it is really cute. I think I will go and buy some cheap ornaments to put on the tree. I may even go and get a few small decorations (more lights, rubbon, etc) to put up:) I may ask hubby to clean off the top of our entertainment unit, so that i could put up a garland, and any cards that we get. Speaking of which, we haven't gotten any yet (ok, we did get a picture card). I still plan on doing some Xmas baking, and am listening to Christmas music, and reading Christmas books/magazines. So, I havent gone entirely all - Scrooge! Oh, and I have been recording a lot of Christmas movies, in hopes of watching them starting tomorrow!!!

Last Saturday,  my SIL and I took Bebop to the Santa Clause parade. Neither of us had been, and it was really kind of fun. Bebop was pretty overwhemed by the whole thing, but it was fun to see all the participants, although, I do think that it was a bit of an advertisement Took way too many pics, and we had coffee afterwards.

I am enjoying looking after H once a week. He is such a cutie, and he knows it! But he is a good lil baby, and seems to really enjoy babysitters, which is a good thing. I usually take him for a walk..and we usually go to the library, and to Starbucks:) I actually babysat him three days this last week!! We always have a fun time!

Oh, Hubby and I went to a WHL game last Friday (not this last one, but the one before that). We had such a fun time. We very nearly went on Saturday, but we were just too tired, and couldn't really justify it in our budget. We stayed home (after Babysat H), and watched a Christmas movie.

Enough for now!!! I also want to write about a few things that we were learning in Bible Study, but it is late, and this is a long post, so I will try to post again in a few days. AS WELL as, my article in Kamloops Momma Magazine is out (digitally). I dont know how to copy and paste hyperlinks on here (ok, I tried..hope it works!) if not..please Google Kamloops Momma, or find it on FB, and you should get a link.