Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just a few more things I forgot to mention....

I am handing out resumes this week, and I did a bit last week, too. I am really hoping that this program works better for me..and they do their job, and help me find one:)

I really want to add some pizzazz to my life..good stuff, of course! While on our trip down to the coast last Thursday, Mom was talking about a book she was reading...I think I really need a life coach..but would probably do better getting some coaching from someone else. Our life is boring (ok..I know our day to day life is busy...but not our over all life), and needs more..well, LIFE to it!!

I am STILL losing my hair...I think from all the health problems. I am getting the home oxygen team to come (or me go there), to assess my O2 levels I seem to be having sore legs when I walk up hill.

I went to a wedding ceremony on the 12th of June for a daughter of some church friends of ours. It was very nice. I tend to not go to ceremonies where I am not invited to the reception, but I decided to go...Such a lovely service.

The next wedding we go to is for another daughter of some friends of ours. Her dad was one of our groomsmen. I do know her (the daughter) a I am sure it will be a fun wedding. It will b e here in Kamloops, so no travel plans needed.

The fact that I went with mom/dad saved us about $400:) We were charged by the camp site for our first night, and they were unable to credit we have a credit.

The Wedding

I know it's been a week since we've been home, but I just have been too lazy to post!!

I am doing ok..kind of blah. Anker's back is really bad..I may even go in and help him tomorrow for a bit. Things are just kind of blah all around. I am gaining a bit of weight that I lost, and I feel so lonely at times. I really don't have a lot of friends here. Maybe that is partially my fault. I have tried to be friends with people. They are either older, or younger than me. I know, woo is me, right??

SOOO....the weekend! Yes, we FINALLY got my brother married off, Praise Jesus! It was a fun wedding..AND SO beautiful!! We were all worried that the day would be rainy..or at least cold. The parents had been looking on the Internet checking weather for the last two weeks!! It such a simple but elegant wedding..totally Luke:) It was all outside, except for the dance.

Getting down there was a bit of a gong show...and I won't get into it.. but basically, the person that we thought was able to work wasn't able to. I think there was a lack of communication on both parts. I ended up going down w/ Mom and Dad, just in case Anker couldn't make the end, he was able to get Friday off, as he was able to get someone to clean for then, I was all set to go down w/ the 'rents, so we just continued with the plan. In the mean time, his sister was gradding from SFU, and he really wanted to go (originally, we were both planning on it)...but I didn't want to risk NOT going to the I went ahead. Anker did go to the ceremony, but I had urged him to come on Saturday. ANYWAY..he came over on the ferry as a foot passenger, and it was wonderful that he was there. We went back Sunday with our friends. They dropped us off where are car was (another story..won't get into it), and they went on their way. We went to IHOP for breaky, and ended up seeing his sister for a few minutes, and then we ended up going to a Scandinavian festival. It was a bit of a dud, but it was sort of interesting, and we got a cook book out of it.

Anker and I were going to camp, so since this didn't happen, I ended up staying w/ the fam. It was sooo nice...a lot of ppl have time shares, or live there, so a lot of the places were like appartments. The wedding was great..and beautiful weather. Dad married them, and did a great job, as always. Amanda's parents are sooo sweet!! I hope to get to know them more. The reception was lovely, and before we went into the dance (which was in a small room), we all went outside to see the sunset, and take pictures.

I had to cancel my appts on Monday, so I am not sure when I will book them again.

I thought I had a small babysitting job, but I don't think it's going to go through now. I am really disappointed by it.

I have gotten into the program at Open Door Group (formerly THEO B C), but I don't have appointment with them until July 6. I am still hoping for this week sometime.

We may go to my parents for the weekend. Not totally sure, though. I guess we'll end up camping. We haven't used our new tent yet. It may be the only time we go away all summer.

I am following a bunch of blogs right now..some of them are adoption blogs. Such sweet stories. One Momma has just picked up her son from Ethiopia:) What a neat story!! Some are getting children from Uganda, and Ghana. Some have already adopted, and are adopting another!! I would sooo love to adopt...but that won't be possible for us. Which brings me to another thing..due to my recent health problems..I have been advised by my GYNE that I really shouldn't have kids. I really wasn't surprised (I don't know why), but sad, just the same. He may send me to a Parinatologist, who will have the final say...but I am sure it will be a "no". BUT today, in church, we sang "Healer", and I was totally thinking about that God can HEAL my disease/conditions..and if He wants us to have a baby, then He will make it happen!! I think if one more of my friends announces their pregnancy on Facebook, I may just delete

We are going through "Grey's Anatomy" right now again. Our library has most of the seasons, but not season weird is that??

I am reading a couple of books right now by Danielle Steel..yes, I know..mainly fluff books..but they are fast and easy to read.

I got a Cineplex Gift Card for my bday, so Anker and I made use of the a few days after my bday. We watched the movie "Killers". It was like a "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", but not as violent.

I guess that's it for now..not much happening..just errands, and times in the park spent reading...

Oh yes..on Friday night...some of the women in the church had a sleepover. We do this a couple of times a year. We ate, played Tennis and Bowling on Wii, which was a first time for me. Watched a worship DVD, and watched the first part of "The Blind Side". We had a pancake breakfast the next morning!

Enough for now, I guess! Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

34 is just a number, right?

Well, today is my birthday, and I have to admit, I was dreading just a bit. But it was a very nice day. I was taken to Starbucks twice by my friends (two different ones), and I ended up spending the rest of the time at SB reading my book. Then I headed to the library, where I found not one, but TWO US Weekly NEW (ish) magazines, where as I usually have to have them place them on hold for me. Came home and quickly got ready, and helped Anker put everything into the car. He had made supper and we had a small dinner party for me at the church. Fun times. I got some lovely gifts, and came home around 6:30. (We had to have to early, b/c of Bible Study that is held there). I also had ppl call me today, which has been lovely. I was taken out to SB for the second time today, by my very good friend...came home and Facebooked the rest of the evening away. I also spent most of the morning on Facebook..I loved all my bday wishes:) Anker isn't feeling the greatest, so he is off to bed..where I will go soon.

This has been a bit of a busy week. Monday..I didn't do much...but yesterday, my 2 aunts came into town, and they took me to lunch for my bday. One of my aunts' birthday is just before mine, so we each exchanged gifts. I then went off to get my license renewed. After getting a small slurpee...I went to the park and I spent about 2 hours reading and watching the children play in the water park. It was such a beautiful day:) Today it was rainy..oh well

Tomorrow I am seeing my DR, b/c I think I am getting some of the same symptoms I had back in Feb/March. There not at all as bad as they were..but I must keep on top of these things. I had this appt booked awhile ago, and I have since seen him for what I had orignally booked it for..but I thought I might as well keep it. I joked to the receptionist that I should make sure that I have a booked appt every week...but I think I am partially serious ab out this. I am also seeing my Internist at the end of June. Just in case that I feel that my fam. doctor did the proper tests, etc.

Friday, I am volunteering at the Y again (I usually do this on Wed, but I wanted to not do it on my bday), and then on Friday, we (or at least me) are attending a wedding ceremony of a young couple in our church. I don't usually go to weddings if we (I) are not invited to the reception..but I decided that we should...then I am seeing my Dermatologist for my (still) shedding hair. Mom did say that i had more hair than in Feb, and my g'f has noticed more hair growth..and today, I suddenly noticed that my bangs needed a hair cut. When we were leaving the church tonight..a friend who had come for Bible Study had noticed my shedding I told her what was up. I also told her that I had gotten my iron and my thyroid checked, and everything seemed ok. The interesting part is....that I never lost hair while I was in the hospital..hmm.

All the while, Anke is finishing a project at the Dental Centre, which, when he is done, will give us money for the wedding!! Speaking of which, our travel plans have changed somewhat, but will post all that after we get back.

My oxygen got taken away, but I am thinking that I need it back..maybe for my hair, and other things..will discuss this tomorrow. I may have to ask for blood gasses..which are NOT fun! mom's brother and his wife are coming through town on the way to the wedding, and they are stopping by to see us, and her nephew and his wife, on her side of the family. They are taking us out for dinner..YUM!!

So..I can't believe I am 34...I still feel like a child sometimes...and not really grown up. I see people(women) with babies, and homes, etc, and I (still) really want that...but I guess you can't have everything. Yesterday, I was sitting in the park, and I thought "I love my life", b .c at times, I do..I mean..I can get up when I want, and do whatever I want during the day, with no time restraints. I can go the park (or wherever) and go for coffee (when money allows) and read, or whatever. But other times, I struggle. I am not really where I want to be..I mean..I am married, and i love that..but I wish had kids, or that we had a house of our own (or even larger place), and maybe even job I liked, or that we had more money...BUT I am aware that God is bigger than our dreams. I know things will get better..I hope to have a job in the summer. Sometimes, I feel so But other times, not so much.

I have lots more doctor appts coming up this spring/summer/fall. I have come to the conclusion that Dr's either do too much or not enough. I am seeing a doctor who thinks I may have a metobolic problem, due to my lack of breathing..ugh!

I think that is all for now...