Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Trip to the ER

Well, I know, two updates just two days apart. Shocking!! I really wanted to write more the other night, but I was just too tired!! The last couple of days have been interesting!!

Two nights ago, I decided to try a new recipe, called Shrimp Stroganoff (SP??). Anyway, it was good, but a bit spicy, but I can usually handle abit of spice! (BTW, the recipe was out of "Company's Coming" book "Fish and Seafood". Anyway, I started getting a stomach-ache. That part didnt worry me too much, but when I work up at 4am the next day, I had REALLY bad cramps!! Also, they radiated around to my back. I dealt with that all day, they would come in spasms, and then go away. I hardly slept. During the day, I did manage to get a few things done, but then it got worse, at about 5pm, I finally decided to go to the walk in clinic just down the road. He (at 8 pm) told me to go down to the ER to get X-rays, etc, done. He was afraid it could be a bowel obstruction. Esp w/ all my adhesions from my scars. So, armed w/ a magazine, I braved the long night in the ER. It was quite an adventure, let me tell you. I must say that it was a very interesting night!! It was a great time to people watch!! Anyway, I finally saw the doctor about 1:30 or so. By this time (well, even when I got there at 8), I was feeling better, as I had taken Tylenol, just to dull the pain. The pain wasn't as severe, and the spasms had all but stopped. I am glad it wasn't as bad, but, at the same time, it was frustrating, b/c you want the doctor to get a full picture on how you are feeling. Anyway, he finally said that everything looked ok, and that it may have been something I ate (why do they say that?? And they say it like you have just downed a full pizza, or something). I was not amused!! I am seeing my family DR tomorrow, and I really want an Ultra-sound. I had called my aunt, who is a nurse, earlier in the day, and she said it may be a gallbladder attack. The X-Rays didn't show anything, but my blood test had a hight WBC, which the DR didn't seem too concerned about. I felt kind of silly going down there, but at the same time, I am glad I did, cause if I didn't I may have gotten worse, or I would have just worried about it. I was told to just stick w/ bland foods, but I already had a sub today. Does that count??

Well, I am sure this is much too long of a post!! Maybe a bit too TMI?? Nothing I wouldn't tell you all in person, I don't think!!

I basically slept today, as I got home at 5 am:) I basically have slept the last couple of days away. I did go on errands w/ Anker today, and I could feel the pain when I walked. Oh well:)
It has been really sunny today, which has been great!! I wished I could have gone on a long walk! Maybe on the weekend.
Just a few other notes:I am attending a Ladies Bible study, which meets every Thursday. I am really enjoying that. I didn't go today, b/c of my not feeling well. I will be going to do my weigh-in tomorrow. I am not in KidsLife anymore, as my heart wasn't really in it. Also, w/ Anker's wierd sleeping and working hours, I just felt better to not be involved.

I have really being feeling the pressure (from myself), to get a job the last few days. (maybe this pain was from stress, but I don't think so).Unfortunately, w/ my being sick (my ear infection as well as this), I really haven't been doing alot. We need new brakes for the car, and we really want to enroll in Melaleuca. We both could use the supplemants. Also, I want to start saving for my insurance course, as well as just regular daily life. I hope to work on my resume this weekend.

That about covers it for now. I would write more, but I am sure you won't be inerested in hearing all about it!! LOL.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A long over-due update!

Hello All!! Yes, I am finally going to try to get this blogging thing up and running and again. I thought I would get to this all the time, but alas, I have not!!

Just a short note, as it is late, and I am getting sleepy!! It has been three months since I last updated you all of our lives. We are doing very well. I am now (as of this week) on regular EI. It also means that I have to start looking for work. I hate looking for work. It is almost worse than the work itself:)

I will be (Lord willing) taking an Insurance course in June, in Vancouver.It is only a week, so it is a pretty attainable thing for me to do. I can advance in my career, with more courses that I take. I am really excited about this. Unti then, I will just find something to help us through the next few months. I have been working w/ a wondeful career counsellor, as well as I took a course in nov/dec (3 weeks long), about decision making (careers), so that was very enlightening.

Christmas was a wonderful time. We spent it w/ my family, and we had a great time of laughter, and visiting, and of course, food and pressies!! And yes, it was a white Christmas. Anker said that he wants to spend every Christmas with them!! I guess we will have to work it around visiting his sister, and her family around that time, too!! Anker gets along great w/ my family and loves joke around w/ my younger brothers, or help out around the ranch, with Joseph, or whoever else needs him.

Speaking of Joseph, he is officially dating a WONDERFUL young lady, Cadence. They have been friends for years, and as of last spring (I think), my parents said that they felt that he was old/mature enough to spend more time (and time alone) w/ her. This is the first time my parents have had an under -19 yro child w/ a b/g/friend. I am not sure if they know what to make of it:) This is all so new to them. But they are very "for it", so that is great. Cade's family attends our home church, and is also homeschooled. The mom's have been friends for a long time:) She is only a few months younger than Joseph (Cadence, not the mom).

Vienna turns "Sweet 16" next month!! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday she was my live doll, who I played around with and dressed up. Now, I am feeling old!!

As of Jan 1, Anker is now working Full time at the church here in Kamloops. He works btwn 3-6 hours every day. Yes, sometimes on weekends. He also is working at the Dental Centre. He is very tired alot of the time, and goes to sleep around 7pm and wakes up around 3 am. For him, it works, for me? Not so much. He wasnt feeling well at the beginning of the year (well, actually, in Nov he started not feeling well), and we thought it was a wheat allergy, but he got sick two weekends in a row, and he didnt eat any wheat, so we went to the DR, and he (anker) got some more tests done, and we think it is now IBS. For the most part, Anker has been feeling better. Not sure why, as we really havent done alot of changes to his diet. So, that makes it a bit strange, too! I guess we are eating healthier.

Our first Valentine's Day as a married couple didnt go so well. The intent of the evening was good, but things happened, and the evening didnt end great. So, last weekend, I decided to take matters into my own hands and whisk him away to my parents B&B. It was a great weekend. We really needed it. Had a nice chat w/ my family. Everyone said we all looked better than we did at Christmas!! (not that i was feeling bad then, but I guess I look better now)

I have started (again) w/ Weight Watchers.I finally got sick and tired of being overweight. I have lost 6 pounds already, and, although it has been hard (we Moilliets LOVE our food), I feel that it is well worth it. I just need to up my excerise!

That is all for now..More stuff to come, but it is late, and I my eyes are drooping.